3 Exercies to Correct Uneven Shoulders.

Dear Davey,

I was looking in the mirror the other day and realized that my right trapezius is larger than my left and it is noticeable. My friend recommended that I do shrugs whilst having a heavier weight on my left until it balances. Is this right – or is there a better way of evening my muscles out?


Hey Kieren,

First things first, the trapezius muscles (often called “traps” for short) are the large superficial muscles that extend up the back of your spine, out toward your shoulders and down your spine (see image). They help move the scapulae and support the arm.

Having uneven muscles is very common – and it’s fairly easy to correct. Whether it’s uneven biceps, glutes or traps, the strategy is very similar. Ditch the machines (unless they are iso-lateral) and barbells in favor of dumbbell workouts. Barbells can be a great part of any workout, and they’re particularly useful when working with very heavy levels of resistance. But with barbells, you’re able to favor one side over the other – and thus experience an uneven workout.

As an example, look at the barbell bench press. If my left pectoral muscle is weaker and less developed, I’m able to shift more of the weight onto my right side when performing presses. If I were doing chest presses with a dumbbell, on the other hand, I wouldn’t be able to shift the weight – and both pectoral muscles would be getting an equal workout.

With machines, it’s also easy to favor one side over the other – unless the machine is iso-lateral. With iso-lateral machines, each side moves independently of the other – and so, these can be used to correct muscular imbalances.

Doing dumbbell shoulder shrugs is a great way to build up your traps. Since you’re looking to build size, use the heaviest weight that still allows for 8 – 10 successful repetitions. You should experience failure on your last repetition. Do up to 4 sets as time allows.

Also consider dumbbell upright rows and reverse dumbbell flies.


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  1. OMG CAN YOU PLEASE DO ONE ONE HOW TO GET AN EVEN CHEST??? My tits are uneven ๐Ÿ™ i don’t know what to do.

  2. LMFAO!!!!! i mean how to get perfectly chiseled and even pecs like Davey…

  3. i’ll level with you , i had a pornography addiction for like 2 years after splitting up with my nimfo girlfriend and not being able to find a new girl, it left noticable muslce difference on my arms and shoulders ,my biceps are now even and my left arm is just as stong as my right but the left shoulder/top of arm isnt as round as the right and its realy buggig me , i dont like lieing either so i dont bother making up exuses when people notice which doesnt help ,,, one bit of advice for anybody who thinks they might have a simliar problem ,

    Alternate , for the love of god Alternate

    • That might not be the real reason your traps are uneven. I masturbate carry groceries left handed only and my left is still much smaller than my right. In my cast, I think my right grew much bigger since I carried my book back on my right shoulder throughout school. There may be other reasons even.

    • If you think it’s because of masturbation then switch the other hand for masturbation it will be well balanced

  4. I have a similar problem to you arthur. It is really uncomfortable. My right trapezius muscle is more developed than my left and it was all down to the same crap. Porn is a cancer and masturbation a disease. Can anyone advice properly on how to even out my trapezius muscles without having to over work my left just so it can catch up because i dont want over developed trapezius muscles.

  5. Mir Anwar says:

    I also have the same condition. I have been working out for the past 8 years and never knew why this happened. After extensive research I found out this happens usually to people carrying bags on one side of the shoulder which constantly compresses the muscle and makes it bigger. Apart from doing what’s mentioned above you should start carrying a backpack on both shoulders instead of one. Or you could switch carrying your bag on the other shoulder until they both become equal in size.

  6. i am not able to lift as much weights in my left hand as i can with my right hand be it in chest ,back or biceps or any excercise.Because of this my left bicep is smaller.pls advice so tht my left parts strength are as same as my right ones..

  7. yea .. pls hlp

  8. i have uneven shoulder and as a result the stronger shoulder is take more of the load of my chest whilst doing bench and i also have an uneven chest , what can i do

  9. so are u still only working the small side

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  11. vijayarajan says:

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  12. John Carter says:

    Yo davey
    I apreciate your help
    But my problem is
    Even though I just started working out and I have the abs tricepts back bicepts and everything
    I can’t do much
    Like I can’t do more than 25Lb arm curls abd my chest and shoulders are uneven from jav…

    How can I correct this problem?

  13. I just noticed that my right shoulder is a little bent than the left one and came to this article to see how it can be fixed. Now I am going to ditch the barbells and start working out with dumbbells. I hope that the alignment will be fixed.

  14. Rana Shadab says:

    Thanks Mr. Davey Wavey… Well I am 17 and I’ve got an uneven shoulder….Normally I perform body weight exercises…Can Putting more weight on the lower shoulder help ???

  15. Rana Shadab says:

    I mean during push ups ???????

  16. dinkledorf says:

    I’ve just turned 40 and over the last decade, I’ve really noticed my childhood injuries catching up to me. Hit by a car when I was 5 and now I’m seeing why people should sue for large compensation. My mom didn’t get shit, but now that I’m older, my quality of life is being affected because of these delayed deformities. I’m really struggling to keep myself in balance. My entire leftside is underdeveloped, to the point that I even suspect one of my muscles in my neck is completely gone.

  17. Nisheeth says:

    Hey…MR.Davey..I have some assemetry in shoulders…my right shoulder and trap and biceps are biggeer than left one please suggest me how to make symmetric body

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