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Can You Get Fit Without a Gym? | Davey Wavey Fitness

Can You Get Fit Without a Gym?

Dear Davey,

I’m new to working out and want to build my muscles.

Here’s my question: Can I get fit without a gym? Thousands of years before gym existed, there were strong warriors and athletes. So is it possible to achieve a muscular build with just push-ups, pull-ups and so on?


Hey Tarooj,

Actually, gyms did exist in ancient times. The Greeks are credited with inventing gyms; they were state-of-the-art facilities in which their athletes trained for public games.

Having said that, there are many great exercises that require no gym equipment. These bodyweight exercises – combined with cardiovascular exercise – can yield some fantastic results for beginners and avid exercisers alike. In fact, my Jock Workout is an equipment-free workout that anyone can use at home. These bodyweight exercises are great for a lean, ripped and defined look.

However, bodyweight exercises do have their limitations. For one, building your muscles necessitates increasing the amount of resistance you’re working against. At a gym, for example, it’s very easy to progress to a heavier dumbbell. But with a push-up, you’re always working against your own body weight.

In other words, it’s harder to make the same gains with bodyweight exercises. If you want to add a serious amount of muscle to your frame, having access to equipment, dumbbells and barbells will result in faster, more efficient gains.

Since you’re new to working out, you’ll likely see some amazing gains doing bodyweight workouts. But, if you feel like you’ve reached a plateau, I’d recommend incorporating some dumbbell, barbell and equipment exercises into your workout. Many exercise enthusiasts – myself included – enjoy routines that include both bodyweight exercises and gym equipment.


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  1. paul sherman says:


    Please do your older readers a huge favor by doing a workout vid or post on how to get rid of the dreaded man boobs, moobs, he-hooters or whatever you want to call them! I once had a sculpted defined chest but gravity seems to have gotten hold of my chest and is tugging those titties down! No matter what workout I try, I seem to have extra tissue on my left pec that won’t dissolve or go away – help me Davey!

    Love Paul

  2. christopher says:

    well said DW.bodyweight workouts are good-but i will take a gym workout anyday.added resistance is proven to add muscle.every workout i warm-up-go through my routine-alternate upper body workout-with lower body workout-and free weight-finish off with threadmill.thats what i know works-thats what ive been told.excuse me now-for its off to the gym-and my daily workout.

  3. Melina Beltramo says:

    AS much as I love exercising I have a problem with resistance. I have no strength in my upper body. I’ve tried to do push ups many different ways. Even breathing right I’ve tried. But no matter how long I try I still cannot get past 20 push ups. Let alone anything else.

  4. I’ve been avoiding gyms most of my life and have been able to stay fit. Commitment to an exercise routine is important; and so is mixing up that routine to keep your body on its toes. I’ve started practicing parkour and have gotten great tricep, leg, and abs results. Plus it’s more fun than a gym! I do agree though, that without some extra weight you can hit a plateau. On top of parkour I make sure to keep up a varied free weight routine to work some neglected muscle groups.

  5. is it imp to have acces to gym.?
    i have been itraining at home for past 6 months and i have got some results on my biceps triceps chest and shoulders but i still have medium sized fat belyy..
    i want to make up abs
    moreover i have built up my arms but there are no cuts on them i want the V- cut on biceps nad tricep just like urs…. and does the age matter (i am 15 and 6’2 160pounds)