6 Tips to Run Longer!

Hey Davey,

I’ve always loved running but I tire out quickly. How can I run longer distances (more than a mile) without slowing to take a break?


Hey John,

As an avid runner myself, I do have some advice for you! Try these 6 tips to boost your running endurance.

  1. Create a goal. First things first, it’s helpful to set a goal. Since it sounds like your goal is distance-based, you may want to target something like 1.25 miles.
  2. Slow down. Reaching your goal may require that you slow down a bit. It’s very difficult to maintain a sprint pace, for example, but much easier to maintain a jog. So, if you’re overexerting yourself – it may be beneficial to take your pace down a few notches.
  3. Decrease breaks. Even after slowing the pace, you may still find that you need to take a break to catch your breath. That’s fine. But once you catch your breath, start running or jogging again. Get back up to your pace speed. Over time, slowly try to take shorter breaks – and eventually eliminated them altogether.
  4. Train regularly. Most importantly, you’ll need to stick with it. Running endurance can be built fairly quickly – but it also fads fast. Make running part of your routine, and you’ll notice that you’re able to build on your gains.
  5. Mix it up. Every now and then, switch up your distance-based cardio workout with something different – like interval training.
  6. Modify goal. Eventually – once you reach your distance goal of 1.25 miles – you may want to work on slowly increasing your pace. Or, you may want to extend the distance to 1.5 miles and go from there. Set a new goal for yourself.

If anyone else has any tips to run longer distances, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

I hope that helps!


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  1. Danie Bello says:

    this is a great recommendation, but swimming is the most rewarding full body exercise available that doesn’t have the wear on the joints like most other workouts like running.

  2. iPod with music you love. I run 3.5 miles every day and could not do it without music.

    • I agree. Music makes all the difference. Don’t know why, but without my iPod I tend to do some brakes. With the music on, I can, literally, go for miles :p

  3. I guess I would ask John why he wants to run more than a mile without a break also. Is it bad to take a break after running a mile? I take a break after a mile and am able to continue running after that, with breaks as I need them. My goal is to run longer and run faster, which I work on. Breaks are a part of building up my endurance and my speed. In fact, if you over-exert yourself, you will not be able to run as far and you will risk injury.
    I definitely agree that music helps run longer and with more of a rhythm. I used to run in high school and I always ran better when the band was practicing! Now, I just bring my band along in my ears.
    Also, I started running because I just couldn’t get into swimming. So, for people that have it available to them and get into it, I am sure swimming is great. It just isn’t for everyone.

  4. I used to be able to do an hour on the treadmill, alternating between level 6 and 8, like it was nothing. Now, regardless of what I have in my ears or watching, the most I can stand is 20 minutes before switching to the elliptical or some other machine for another 20 or so. I have the stamina, just not the attention span. I blame the internet, technology advances, and social media. I would love to be able to say I ran a full marathon, but I just don’t think I have it in me. Do you, Davey?

  5. I would recommend NOT taking breaks while you run. But definitely slow down. Find a comfortable pace where you can run the entire distance that you’re going for without stopping. That’s how I did it when I decided to work on distance. I hate running, but had to do it for the military, so my first goal was to run the full 3 mile course that we ran, without stopping. At first my pace was about 14 minutes per mile. Eventually I got down to about a 10 minute mile. I could run intervals a bit faster, but I would slow to my 10 minute mile pace when I needed a break. I was never a strong runner at all, but I was fairly pleased that I could sustain that 10 minute mile for great lengths (longest I ever did was 6.25 miles).

  6. Used this yesterday and noticed a significant difference. By slowing down, I’ve gained an additional mile and my joint don’t ache as much as they used to. Currently at 5.5 miles 3 times a week with a goal for the end of the summer of 8 miles 2 – 3 times per week. Thanks ~ Scott

  7. The best way for me to be motivated to run further was to set a goal and then come up with a plan to achieve it. If you want to boost your miles, sign up for 5K that will happen 3 months from now. Then google 5K training programs, find a program and stick to it. Then you have a goal with a specific date that you need to achieve it, and no one really wants to be that person that has to walk a 5K, which should be motivating.

  8. Davy – we should go running together. Come back to NY and I’ll take you on my preferred route along the West Side Highway and through Central Park.

  9. Well i run on tread mill so is et up a calorie goal, like 150 calories to burn, no mater what the speed, inclination, distance my goal is calories .

    plus think about stuff that you normally dont have enough time to, forexample as a writer i think of what to write next. i have noticed as my mind is occupied i dont realize whether i am tired or breathing fast till i reach max level…

  10. Yeah, like most people are saying in the comments, music is great when running. It let’s you zone out and you do less thinking about how tired you are/you’ll get.

  11. I set ‘no walking zones’ for myself, once I get past those my mind might tell me I’m tired. To ignore that thought, that I focus on the music from my ipod or think of something totally unrelated to what I am doing. It works for me and over time I’ve actually increased the length of my no walking zones.

  12. Hey hope you see this…..

    I started running the other day, did 2 miles out of the box, then did 2.5 at a faster time the next day, took 1 day off and today i finished with 5miles, my best advice is to get an application on your phone that tracks your run, if you want to do lets say 2 miles run 1 mile away from your house 🙂 now you have to do 1 miles to get home = 2 miles 😀

    Good luck

  13. Vi-ren malik says:

    should take some soyabeans before running it helps u a lot

  14. controlled breathing have a goal volition without willpower is all in vain’ll never reach the goals that you have

  15. I like music too, have a nice list that pumps me up when running. Have any hot weather tips? Thats my biggest problem now in the summer

  16. Ni hao, here from yahoo, i enjoyng this, I come back soon.