Dear Davey: Help Me Get Rid of My Belly!

Hi Davey,

I am 5′ 8” and 173 lbs. I used to weigh 194 lbs. I started to diet and exercise, but I have not managed to loose any weight on my stomach. I have this little pot belly that I just can’t get rid of. I have tried cruches, side bends. It will not come off.

Can you please give me any hints as to what I can do to get this belly off of me.


Dear Kenny,

First of all, thanks for the email and congratulations on the weight loss.

Second, you’re in good company. Turns out, most of us can’t crunch our way to a flat stomach or six pack abs. That’s just not how it works.

If you want more muscular arms, doing strength training arm exercises will do the trick. We can target muscle growth to the areas we want. But the same is true with getting rid of body fat. We can’t pick and choose those areas of our body from which to release body fat. It comes off in a predetermined and often unbalanced order – and yes, the belly is often the last place where men lose it.

The best way to release body fat is to use a workout that combines cardiovascular activity and strength training. The cardio (I always recommend interval training) gets your heart pumping, and the added muscle from strength training burns calories all day long. Oh, and don’t forget about nutrition – that is, of course, the other side of the health and fitness equation.

If showcasing your six pack is a focus, know that you’ll have to achieve a very low body fat percentage (probably 6% – 8%). Even the smallest layer of body fat will prevent your abs from popping through.

Doing crunches or side bends alone won’t really do much. At the very most, it will create some strong ab muscles that will be hidden under your belly.

Hope that helps!

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  1. I’m 5’7, 52 years old 215 lbs and have lateral (left side) Cerebral Palsy. I walk on a treadmill . Can’t run on it . I eat as best as I can but really need to get to 180 lbs. Ideal weight . Ideas for excercise guys? I bought Daveys stuff and it’s reall good but hard due to my left side. Thanks boys and Davey:)

    • jeff…
      i am not a doctor.. not a physical therapist either.. im just an gay athlete.. i dont really know the extent of your special needs…. but i found this article and several others….
      i hope it is helpful…

      seems like aquatic exercise is really a great way to go…
      find a gym, fitness center, recreation facility, or jr. college with a pool….

      ~ cheers…

  2. I am about the same height but weigh 135-140. I try to keep it in that range. I have a budding six pack by just doing military like exercise that doesn’t include weights or any equipment. But it will take awhile to get back down to a healthy weight. I am so happy you are conscious and are trying. Being on target is so important for your health. Plus people find it more attractive as well.

  3. id like to ask u why everytime i start working out about the second week of training i get really sick? i am really concern about that

    • Joshua Delaney says:


      It sounds like either malnutrition/dehydration, or over exertion. I would up the fruits and veggies you eat, increase water intake, and start off slower.

      When you first start working out, your body freaks, and it trying to get used to your routine.

      I would also trying to rest more, so your body can keep up with you.

      I’m not a professional, or anything just my thoughts.

  4. Shouldn’t “But the same is true with getting rid of body fat” be “is NOT”?
    “But the same is NOT true with getting rid of body fat

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