Sprinting Vs. Jogging for Weight Loss.

Spriting: It's not easy... but it is effective!

Are you looking to lose some extra weight or burn off some excess fat? A good and balanced workout routine contains a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. But when it comes to cardio, many well-intentioned exercisers opt for long periods of jogging rather than short, intense sprints.

In the last few years, we’ve been learning a lot about the benefits of quick but intense exercises like sprint intervals. Over the weekend, I was delighted to come across a recent study published in the International Journal Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism and featured in TIME.

For the study, researchers compared results from eight male students. The students, divided into two groups, performed either 30 minutes of endurance cardio (i.e., jogging) or two minutes of extremely intense sprint intervals. The exercise was repeated three times per week for a six week period. During the exercise, and then again after 24 hours, researchers measured the students’ oxygen consumption.

Though oxygen consumption was 150% higher during the endurance cardio versus the sprinting, researchers discovered something very interesting: After 24 hours, total oxygen consumption was nearly identical between the two groups. In other words, this study suggest that intense sprint intervals can boost your metabolism over the next day just as much a longer jog.

And that’s just with two minutes of sprinting.

Though the study was conducted on a small group of male-only students, it does support what we’ve come to know (and love) about short bursts of intense exercise. Not only does intense exercise require less of your time, it results in a longer metabolic boost. It’s the whole idea behind high intensity interval training (called HIIT for short) – and it’s the guiding philosophy for my Get Ripped Workout videos.

The bottom line is this: If you’re really serious about losing weight or incinerating some extra fat, it’s not the amount of time you need to increase in your workout so much as the level of intensity. Of course, you need to push yourself when engaged in high intensity interval training. It’s not easy, but it is worth it – and it’s great news for all of us not looking to spend half the day in the gym.

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  1. J Ascher says:

    Based on what I read, it seems the endurance cardio is the better overall exercise to do. First, there’s a much larger oxygen uptake immediately afterwards versus the sprinting. This is easily attributable to aerobic versus anaerobic nature of the exercise types. Second, the oxygen uptake levels are nearly equal between the groups a day later, so it seems the aerobic exercise routine would be a better choice for a fitness routine.

  2. Hi Davey,

    I was wondering about endorphins and their role in exercise, specifically motivating people. I’ve spoken to some people and learned that they don’t feel the same rush of endorphins (or none at all) that I would after jogging.

    Does how someone experience endorphins motivate them to exercise? Say, someone who is on the “not really” end of things being less prone to exercise.

    Thank you and take care,


  3. christopher says:

    i go with jogging-30 min-per day.works for me.

  4. An ultra trail run is one of my favorite treats. Thirty one miles of heaven.

  5. This is good news for me. I’m a 15 year old, roughly 260 LBS not muscle, only fat.

    Granted most of it is gained from Hypothyroidism, but regularly taking my medicine and working out when I can will help me.

    Dieting is not an option for a kid like me. I would love to start a diet, but it will only do me bad.

    And my absolute favourite thing to do, is sprint. Not run, sprint. All I need to do is adjust my lungs so it doesn’t hurt as much, and I’ll be all set. I can run fast, and I mean fast. I can run far too, lack of energy has no effect on me. It’s the pain caused be short, heavy breaths.

  6. Thanks for great post. for example-Sprint workouts for weight loss are the most effective types of workouts for weight reduction. Studies have shown that high intensity sprints tend to be more beneficial that a lower-intensity workout. A higher intensity sprint workout combined with the right diet will burn off fat at a high rate.