Best Triceps Exercise for Muscle Growth.

Dear Davey,

I want to get bigger triceps. What exercise would you recommend that I try at the gym?


Dear Michael,

The tricep (short for triceps brachii muscle) is the large muscle at the back of your upper arm. It’s responsible for extending your elbow joint and straightening your arm.

My current favorite exercise is performing drop sets of tricep rope pulldowns (sometimes called the tricep rope extensions). Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Locate a cable machine at your gym and adjust the pulley so that it’s as high as possible. Use a rope attachment as pictured in the animation below.
  2. Select an amount of weight that will fatigue your triceps after 8 – 10 repetitions.
  3. Grip both ends of the rope with thumbs facing up.
  4. Keep your arms locked in at your sides, and pull the rope down.
  5. Fully extend your arms and pull the ends of the rope 6 – 12 inches apart at the bottom (for an extra contraction).
  6. Slowly return to the starting position and complete the remaining repetitions until muscle failure.
  7. Immediately reduce the weight by one level on the cable machine and complete another set until failure.
  8. Then, immediately reduce the weight again by one level. Continue until weight amount becomes insignificant.

Once you’re done, take a break and try doing the whole drop set all over again.

While the tricep rope pulldown is a great exercise in and of itself, combining it with the drop set technique will leave your triceps screaming. It’s absolutely great for muscle growth – and I think you’ll be pleased with the results.


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  1. Hi Davey!

    Thanks for the tip! Always a pleasure to follow your blogs, videos and comments! ^^

    Great drawing by the way! Do you know the artist and/or the model? ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Peter Richards says:

    Hi Davey
    Beautifully explained, as usual! Just one thing to add. I recently got a hernia, not from this exercise although it is one exercise that I do quite often. When I went to do tricep extensions I noticed quite a bit of pain in the hernia. which is low in the abdomen to the left of the centre of my body. This made me realize how engaged one’s core is when doing this and how important it is to keep the core and abs tight while performing it properly as you have explained. Along with this is proper breathing, exhaling as you contract the tricep or as you are pulling the weight down. Holding one’s breath is one of the causes of a hernia when using heavy weights. Of course, proper breathing and engagement of the core are important in any exercise. I hope this is of some use. Keep up your great work Davey!

  3. You can put smaller muscles (like the triceps) under greater stress by subjecting them to heavier weights, which can only be done using compound lifts. Become proficient enough at compound pressing movements (bench, dips, etc.) and your triceps will grow.

  4. christopher says:

    i will try this exercise soon-ive dropped 4 waist sizes-my newly purchased paisley shorts are now too big-by one size.swelling in my feet have downsized immensely.pitting edema has gone away-dissapated immensely-i get minimal 3/7km walking per day-no swelling of legs after this exercise-i totally feel great.i need to drop three waist sizes-but need now to develop that v-taper-those tris-bis-shoulders-back-chest-pecs-they need to be developed-then i can be the object of desire-i most certainly needweights-cardio-etc etc will bring out the best of me.DW-is my total inspiration.guys i work with chris-brad-alex-i dedicate every step-muscle crunch-etc etc-you are all gifts of God-every move i dedicate to.if you exude confidence in yourself-OTHERS-have confidence in are leaders and followers-achieving the same God given achievements he gave us all.Gods doesnt make mistakes-we just need to make the right choices.

  5. Mohd Aslam says:

    Nowadays I am doing triceps exercises like lying triceps of four sets of 10 reps than one arm side dumbles triceps & than pullypushdown &lastly kickback.when I did these exercises i got pain in my both elbow.What should i do. Please suggest program for me.I am doing good exercise about ten years. Please advice me.

  6. JONNY ROCKET says:

    what about penis strength? is there an excersise for that?

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    When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it
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    Other then that, great blog!


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