Revealed: Davey Wavey’s Workout Routine.

Curious to know how I hit the gym? I don’t mind sharing my secrets ๐Ÿ˜›

First, keep in mind that our goals probably aren’t the same (I focus heavily on arms) – and neither are our bodies. Having said that, I divide my routine into four days. Each workout takes about 90 minutes – maybe a tad more. I exercise six days a week.

Day 1:

  • 3.75 miles on the treadmill @ 9.5 miles per hour. Takes about 30 minutes with warm-up and cool-down.
  • 20 minutes of abs (I switch between lower abs, obliques (side abs) and general core). Watch a 5-minute version of my ab workout.
  • 25 minutes of chest exercises: 4 sets on bench press; 4 sets on incline bench press; 4 sets on decline bench press; 4 sets on pec fly machine; 4 sets of pec fly with dumbbells; push-ups, if time.
  • 15 minutes of shoulder exercises: 4 sets each of 3 different shoulder cable exercises; 4 sets of shoulder press with dumbbells; 4 sets of shoulder rotation exercise.
  • 5 minutes on elliptical or stairmaster.

Day 2:

  • 15 minutes of sprinting on treadmill. I do 90 seconds at 7.7 miles per hour and then 60 seconds at 11.3 miles per hour. I repeat this cycle until my 15 minutes is complete. Takes about 20 – 25 minutes with warm-up and cool-down.
  • 20 minutes of abs (either lower abs, obliques (side abs) or general core).
  • 35 minutes of back exercises: 4 sets on lat pull down machine, 4 sets of dead lifts (occasionally), 4 sets on hyperextension machine with weights; 4 sets of barbell rows; 4 sets of t-bar rows (occasionally); 4 sets of reverse flies; 4 sets on back extension machine. I really tend to switch my back workouts up, by these are some of the main exercises that I use.
  • 10 minutes of forearm exercises: 4 sets each of various forearm cable exercises; 4 sets of dumbbell forearm curls.
  • 1-mile run (6.5 minutes) at 9.5 miles per hour.

Day 3:

  • 3.75 miles on the treadmill @ 9.5 miles per hour. Takes about 30 minutes with warm-up and cool-down.
  • 20 minutes of abs (either lower abs, obliques (side abs) or general core).
  • 25 minutes of leg exercises: 4 sets of squats; 4 sets of squat variations; 4 sets of calf raises; 4 sets each of various leg machines.
  • 15 minutes of triceps exercises: 4 sets of overhead triceps extensions; 4 sets of triceps dips; 4 sets of triceps pull-down on cable machine.
  • 5 minutes on elliptical or stairmaster.

Day 4:

  • 15 minutes of sprinting on treadmill. I do 90 seconds at 7.7 miles per hour and then 60 seconds at 11.3 miles per hour. I repeat this cycle until my 15 minutes is complete.
  • 20 minutes of abs (either lower abs, obliques (side abs) or general core).
  • 40 minutes of bicep exercises: 12 sets of various bicep curls and variations; 4 sets of bicep curls on cable machine; 4 sets of pull-ups; 4 sets of bicep curls with barbell.
  • 1-mile run (6.5 minutes) at 9.5 miles per hour.

The weight and number of reps in each exercise varies depending on my goals for that muscle group. I don’t want my tits to get any larger, so I focus on lower weights and higher repetitions. I am building my back muscles, on the other hand, so I do fewer reps with heavier weights.

Keep in mind that I’ve been working out for more than a decade. I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying my routine if you’re just starting out. Work up to it. Moreover, it may not be realistic for you. I’m a personal trainer – this is what I do. Fitness is a huge part of my life.

Let me know what you think in the comments below – I’m always happy to field your questions.

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  1. Robert Rowse says:

    You are definitely commited. I would at least like to work out as often as you, maybe not to the extent though. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Thanks for sharing that information, you is amazing, your blog is great! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. FrankG360 says:

    how do you do that =[ i’ll never get fit ='[ at least i’ll still be able to ogle at pics of you though =]

  4. nathan armonta says:

    I have a heart problem (Atrial tacycardia) and currently on medication that slows down my heart would lime to know diffreant cardio workouts that would get my heart stronger and that would boost up my motabolism and get rid of belly fat if there is any thanks.

    • Nathan, I’m sure there are some great workouts that you could do – but you’d want to work with a specialist to put together a safe routine.

  5. Hey Davey, first off, wow, your work out, My breathings getting short just reading it! haha I admire you sir! Im a big guy and was wondering if youve any tips on what kind of work out to do to burn fat but not get SUPER muscular but tone so my skin doesnt sag after losing the fat! HELP!

    • Virak, you have to do a strong cardio workout and some strength training. With strength training, go more for high reps and light weights. You won’t bulk up too much!

  6. Damn id probably die trying to do all that lol i cant afford the gym at the moment, i’m 16 stone and i love to swim and my favourite machine in the gym is the treadmill. I usually do intervals on it (3 mins run at 7.0, 1 min 30 walking and repeat that for half an hour) i used to run for 8 mins flat but i don’t think i’m ready to go that long as i usually feel drained after that, doing intervals helps me go for longer. I lost 2 stone of my weight from swimming (that was the easy weight lol) now it’s just so difficult to come off, i am needing atleast 4 or 5 days now i think to budge this off. Anyone whos reading this who wants to start getting fit i recommend you start at swimming first just something a bit easier that’s not too hard on your joints, it helps get off the easy weight first, just the cleansing period as i like to call it lol, then hit the gym because it starts to get harder for the weight to budge. Any tips on what to eat Davey? and the portion size? i am so confused with what a smaller potion size looks like (as my family make a tremendous amount of food which i hardly ever eat any more, i tell them to put it on a small plate or in a small bowl) the other problem is they make too many carbs and that’s all i seem to eat everyday is carbs (probably the reason my weight isn’t budging off fast enough).

    • I wrote an online book with a nutritionist called “Eating for Fitness” that you might want to check out:

      One of the best tips is “eating like a caveman” ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Davey but i cant even buy a book ๐Ÿ™ what would you say is the best thing for eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner?. I had a free trial for a personal fitness instructor and he said best thing to eat before working out is low carb and low GI food or fruit, is he right?. Lunch mostly people say eat something that’s not carbs and for dinner some meat, salad and a little bit of pasta or something but not too many carbs. Is that all correct? i’ve been trying that for the past months but that doesn’t seem to work so i’m thinking it’s probably wrong.

  7. Christopher Wood says:

    Hmm Hmm Hmm!!! Maybe one day I will be up to what you are doing Davey! I started working out 5 days a week about 2 months ago and have been keeping my heart rate around 120 on cardio only. Now I am starting to run on the tread mill which gets my heart rate up to 144 (that’s that max it hits). I am setting up an appointment with a trainer at my gym (Planet Fitness BTW…) and will get a routine set up that will now start to include strength training as well as cardio. I have lost 10 lbs in the last 2 months doing just cardio but now I feel it is time to pick up the pace and start mixing my routine.

    You are an inspiration both physically & spiritually. Your blog posts make me want to be a better man….You have moved me (floating wish paper).

    Thanks Davey!

  8. I noticed that you do abs every single day. I’ve read over many sites (including your own I believe) that you should treat your abs like any other muscle group and give them resting days. What are your feelings on this and why do you hit abs every day?

  9. Christine D says:

    What would you recommend for weight loss AND muscle gain? I’m not talking about extremely large, muscular definition but I would like to have a toned look (and abs would be nice, not necessarily a 6-pack). My goal is to lose around 10-15 pounds but I also want to look good and in shape. Thanks Davey!

  10. hey! i horseback ride and swim and my trainer tells me i should work on my core . and i wanted to no if you could do that without getting abs ( im a girl) i have a flat stomach thats kinda strong but i want to be more toned.. any suggestions?

  11. Thanks for sharing your regimen with us, Davey! Now when do you also put in time for your yoga practice? And about how long is each session or class?

  12. Curious about your concentration on arms. Do you think you need more development there? Love your chest, btw.

  13. Hey Davey,

    First off I wanted to thank you for your site, you and Alexander Skarsgard are my new found motivation for hitting the gym.

    I would like to tone up, but exercises (mainly ones that target arms and chest)seem to trigger my Carpal Tunnel. In the past this has caused me to stop working out for fear I’m doing damage to my body.

    Is there anything you could recommend?

  14. HEY! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I noticed you do both cardio and weight training in one workout. I’ve always heard to split them up… what is your take on this?

  15. I’m gonna try this out …. I’m ready to up my game! Do you have an opinion on what time of day is best to workout. I prefer evening, but I’ve heard morning is better for you body and overall progress. Thoughts?

  16. Hi Davey! This was posted nearly a year ago, please can you post an updated version with your current routine?

  17. so, once you get to day four you just start over again with day 1, then take a break on the 7th day or how does that cycle work with the one day break mixed in?

  18. Danny Best says:

    This is why you’re such a beast. Way to work!

  19. Hey Davey, I’m 15 yrs old and I run track. I’m not out of shape but just looking to build muscle mass in my arms to increase speed and also to compare to some of the older guys ;). The only times I really work out are during track period in school (we do 3 sets of bench press, 3 sets of squats, and 2 sets of powerclean), and at home where I do moderate amounts of ab/back (i.e planks and etc.) So basically I’d consider myself a “beginner”. Can you give me some tips that you think are crucial and what areas you think I should focus most on considering I’m in run track? I really would like to build my arms(bicepss and triceps), shoulders, back and core. thanks so much!!

  20. Hey hey, The best results that I have ever had was with Red hot slim (just google it) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.


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