Shoulder Workout You Can Do at Home.

Looking for a great shoulder/deltoids workout that you can do at home? Look no further!

You do this powerful workout at home (with two relatively light but identical objects) or at the gym (with a set of free weights).

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  1. AXOLOTL15 says:

    I’ll try it out, I really need some new shoulder exercises because ugh, my least-favorite day at the gym is shoulder/legs day. Shoulder exercises always feel awkward and most of the time feel much more strenuous. My deltoids also seem like the muscles that I’m least seeing improvement on. Plus, I ride my bicycle five times a week and I have pretty toned legs, so I feel I’m wasting my time by doing leg exercises.

  2. Hey DW. Sorry either I’m missing something or you didn’t think this through.
    What day to day household items are you proposing that weigh 10 pounds or so?
    Surely not those flashlights.
    A large 2 liter bottle, completely full, would be less than 5 pounds. Anything bigger would be seriously unsafe to hold and use and is way too likely to fall and break your foot.
    So it’s dumbbells right? Not really a do it at home exercise…

    • It depends how advanced you are. Whatever you select, you should do it 8 – 12 times until it’s too heavy. If flashlights are too light, try a large canned good or a something else. If that’s still too light, you’re probably already going to the gym – and just use the dumbbells. I do this with 15 or 20 pound dumbbells at the gym.

  3. How long to I hold the rotation at each position? Currently doing 5 seconds, is that enough? I did 20 with an iPad, i’ll switch to a 1.5L bottle tomorrow?