How to Work Inner Pecs.

Hey Davey,

Quick question, when working out my chest how can I gain more muscle in the inner/middle of my chest? I have pretty good pecs, but I have a little bit of a valley between my pecs and they are kinda separated so I almost have the appearance of “moobs.” Any ideas of how to fix this?


Hey Adam,

Many men strive for chiseled, balanced pec muscles – but working the inner area can be a real challenge. In fact, there’s actually some debate whether or not you can actually target this area of your chest through exercise. Ultimately, it’s going to take additional research to settle the debate once and for all.

In the meantime, I do have a few exercises and techniques for you to try.

  1. Close-grip bench press. When performing bench press exercises, changing the width of your grip changes the muscles being used. A wider grip targets the outer portions of you pectoral muscles, while a closer grip brings the focus inward. With your arms fully extended, try gripping the barbell with hands shoulder-width apart. As you lower the bar toward your chest, you’ll feel it in your inner chest and triceps.
  2. Flies. There are a number of ways to perform pec fly exercises. You can use a machine, dumbbells or a even your own bodyweight. While the machines are great, dumbbells provide more of a challenge. Recline on a flat bench with a dumbbell in either hand. Keeping your arms straight, extend them outward from your sides. Using your chest muscles (and keeping your arms as straight as possible), pull your arms straight up in front of your face. Lower, and repeat.

    If you don’t have access to weights, you can do slider push-ups on the floor. On a flat and smooth surface, press your palms against the floor in a push-up position. Place a facecloth under each palm. Keeping your body in a push-up position, slide both hands out to either side. Then, pull back in. Repeat.

  3. Cable cross-overs. Though I don’t usually do cable cross-overs, they are a great exercise – and you will feel them in your inner pectoral region. Stand equidistant between two cable towers with the handles close to the top. Grasp the handles and pull in front of you. Bending a bit at the elbows, cross one hand over the other and complete the exercise. Repeat.

Whether or not these exercises will specifically develop your inner pectoral region, they will build and enhance your chest. And fear not: Pectoral muscles are notoriously slow to develop, so keep with it! And make sure that you continue to increase the levels of resistance to keep your muscles building!


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  1. As to the question, “Seriously, I thought a valley was the idea? What are you trying to develop, a monopec? No, I’m joking, I know what you mean. Unfortunately we’re all built differently, and whatever you do, you’ll probably have a bit more of a space there than most. You’ll probably have to learn to love yourself for what you are.”
    As to the answer, “Don’t forget the Pec-Deck. Also, one should try exercise at different angles (incline, flat and decline) for best overall result. I have noticed that many guys get the incline wrong by setting an angle which engages more shoulder muscles than chest. Your gym may also not have decline benches (someone decided these are dangerous??) In that case it is even more important to do the cable X-overs Davey describes and the pec-deck can be used by setting the seat a little higher than the grip or pads, so that you press somewhat downwards. Nothing really makes up for decline benching though.”

  2. Oh yes, the other exercise that is helpful (particularly if there is no decline bench) is pec-dips. These are tricky, and you should get someone to check your form until you get it right, otherwise they are less than useless.

  3. christopher says:

    all three suggestions are most helpful-but as mentioned-developed pecs take time to achieve.more emphasis-isolation might be the key.

  4. Take three plates and sandwich them together. 10s should work while you get used to the exercise. Then while standing keep them together vertically at chest height with flat palms like you are praying. Pull the plates in close to your chest and then extend them straight ahead. do 3 sets of ten. You will feel the burn in your inner pecs and give you supporting shoulder muscles a run for their money too.

    • GREAT TIP! I hadn´t heard about this exercise, just tryed it out and totally felt the burn. Thanks for sharing it!!

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  6. My whole chest has been hard to built but seems like the inner part is the furthest from being complete. Everybody, thanks for all the great tips!

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