Wide Grip Vs. Narrow Grip Bench Press.

Mr. McMuscles demonstrates the narrow bench press grip.

The bench press is one of the most common strength training exercises around; it’s tried, true and extremely effective. Though the bench press primarily works the pectoral muscles in your chest, by changing the width of your grip, you can change the focus of the muscles being worked.

Standard Grip

Though many Olympic barbells come with etched guides for your hands, a standard grip is different from person to person. Generally, a standard grip results in a perfect 90 degree elbow angle in the starting position of the exercise. In addition to your pectoral muscles, the standard grip will also result in some activation of the deltoids and triceps.

Narrow Grip

To use a narrow grip, exercisers must start with their hands shoulder-width apart (as depicted in the accompanying photo). This is several inches closer together than in the standard grip. With this grip, and by keeping your elbows in towards your hips as you lower the bar, you shift the focus of the exercise more into the triceps.

Wide Grip

To use a wide grip, extend your hands a few inches beyond the standard grip. While widening your grip will reduce the range of motion in each repetition, the focus of the exercise will primarily be on the outer portions of your pectorals. Since this exercise puts considerable stress on shoulder joints, it’s not for everyone. In addition, it’s generally recommended that exercisers only lower the bar 3 – 4 inches from the chest – and not all the way down.

By changing your grip, you can change the focus of the muscles being exercised. But for most of us, a standard grip is safest and sufficient. Still, it’s always good to occasionally mix things up and to keep your workout fresh.

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  1. i HATE benchpress.. it kills my elbows!

  2. christopher says:

    i say -standard-narrow-wide-grip-mix it up-you do all three-do three sets-standard-narrow-wide-you get all three-and all areas of chest-inner-outer-get the effect.i shall try it-this evening-and tomorrow.all three ways-are beneficial.anyway-results are bound to happen.

  3. My entry-level bench at home puts the support bars too close to the bench such that they are in the very spot on the barbell that I want to place my hands. I therefore have a choice between narrow-grip and wide-grip and nothing in between. I do mostly wide-grip and definitely feel it in the outer pectoralis.

  4. Good description. I love make out the print Martha

  5. Agreed that the benches with supports at the standard grip width totally suck, leaving me to choose between wide or narrow grip.

  6. 70 years old and use the wide grip


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