Exercise to Build Body Confidence.

I'd like to get more than my car serviced at this car wash...

If you exercise and eat right, it’s no secret that you’ll transform your body. You’ll be stronger, fitter and healthier – and it will certainly boost your confidence. But I think the reverse is true, too.

Hear me out.

Let’s pretend you get a new car. It’s your pride and your joy. Because you really enjoy this car, and because it’s something you value, you take care of it. You wash it regularly, clean it – and maybe even apply a few layers of wax. You change the oil and have it serviced regularly. You might even fill your car with premium fuel. Because it’s something that you appreciate, you invest time and energy into it.

I think the same is true for our bodies: As I learn to value and appreciate my body, it’s easier for me to make decisions that honor it. Because I value my body, I want to treat it right.

I’m grateful for my body and the functions it performs. As such, I want to keep it in prime condition. Fueling my body with candy or fried foods becomes less appealing; my body deserves so much more. And because our bodies crave to move and to stretch and to play, going to the gym is a wonderful way to honor it.

Yes, exercise and nutrition can make us feel better about our bodies. But feeling better about our bodies can also inspire us to exercise and eat right. In other words, it’s an incredible and empowering feedback loop that you can put to good use.

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  1. Great post Davey Wavey. I liked it so much I re-posted it on my FB page.
    That is exactly the same mentality we have at GetFitPod.com
    Thanks again!

  2. I totally agree. Once I started going to the gym on a daily basis, fast food and chips became less appealing. Another reason to cut off my daily consumption of unnecessary fat is that it takes me so much effort to wake up early in the morning and go to the gym two hours to kill all my effort with one bar of Sneakers.

    Thumbs up to all those taking care of their mind and their body.

    Cheers from Mexico City!

  3. trouble is, that (as a Dutchman???) I treat my car like a thing on four wheels that brings me from A to B. not like a treasure. And as you describe it I should treat my car like a gem. Well, I get your point, put still…….

  4. christopher says:

    when i workout at the gym everyday-i think of it as fun-ive not lost my intensity-i do the treadmill-do circuit training-weights etc etc.this will be done by me till the last day i live-till i die-they will carry me out of the club-to the funeral home and burial.i owe this all to Davey Wavey-im so so indebted-for life.my life expectancy has greatly increased-im stoked.i luv this life.

  5. Davey,

    This an awesome post! I’m truly inspired by the mentality of how we should always honor our bodies!

    I’m training 60 obese servicemen, hoping to bring them up to shape to serve and protect her people. This is something that I would share with them.

    Thank you for the added inspiration!