Is Pole Dancing a Good Workout?

Haley Star and Davey Wavey pole dancing!

Is pole dancing a good workout? Just ask my thighs. Or my arms. Or my abs. All of which are incredibly sore after my first pole dancing class.

Yesterday, Haley Star and I filmed a video at a local pole dancing studio for my main YouTube channel that I’ll be posting in early January. While filming the video was a lot of fun, I didn’t anticipate how much of a workout that I’d get from climbing up and spinning around the pole.

Truth be told, pole dancing works a full range of muscles – and even provides a great cardio workout that incorporates elements of high intensity interval training. In pole dancing, some of the poses involve isotonic contractions wherein opposing muscles (such as the biceps and triceps) contract to produce a controlled movement. For other poses, isometric contractions are incorporated by holding a static position without joint movement (as in the photo).

From what I can tell, one of the great benefits of pole dancing is that you can accomplish something each class. There are many different moves to learn at so many different ability levels. It’s very rewarding to accomplish a move – and the sweet taste of victory may even make you want to exercise.

Beyond being addicting, pole dancing is also a lot of fun. People often tell me that exercise is boring. In my humble opinion, only boring people have boring workouts. Spinning around a pole to your favorite beat is exhilarating… and even a bit liberating. You may find yourself awakening the sexy vixen or stud within – and unleashing your new-found confidence on the world around you.

At any rate, I’m definitely hungry for more.

Have you ever tried a pole dancing class? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I tried it… once. Sadly, the pole did not survive my attempt and it had to be removed soon after. May he rest bent.

    Lame jokes aside, no I haven’t tried it. I’ve seen a few poledancing shows and what those girls (and one guy) pulled off was both mesmerizing and startling at the same time. Might give it a try someday. Good to see you and Haley had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I used to do aerial silks at a studio near me, and pole classes were offered in the same studio. I tried it a couple of time and LOVED IT! I’m no longer going to that studio, but I’ve been wanting to get back into pole ever since. Oh my god, the pain though… Hurts so good…

  3. It is quite a workout. One of my male friends teaches it. The next time you are in the LA/Palm Springs area for some lessons/practice. Like yourself, he was/is a gymnast. Here is a video of him in action in a duo act at a competition in Sweden:

  4. That should be ” the next time you are in the Palm Springs/LA area you might want to contact him for lessons/practice”. I am sure he could give you a great workout!

  5. christopher says:

    ive only seen pole dancing in a strip club.pole dancing requires flexibility-seems to be good exercise.