Lagging Muscles? Specialize Your Workout.

Use specialization to balance your workout.

Every Thursday night, I work with a Pilates instructor to help improve my flexibility and correct muscular imbalances. During last night’s class, we worked to identify some of the weaker muscles in my body.

Like many of you, I’ve spent a lot of time exercising and building stronger muscles – but not all of my muscles have developed evenly. As is fairly common with frequent exercisers, some of my muscles have become stronger than others. When working out, the problem is then compounded when those stronger muscles are used to compensate for the weaker ones.

For example, my shoulders are very strong. Even when training other muscles (such as my lats), my shoulders tend to fire and want to do the work. Of course, this only makes my shoulders stronger and my lats weaker. In order to avoid activating my shoulders, I really have to pay attention to my body’s movements. Moreover, without activating my shoulders, the amount of resistance that I’m able to use is greatly decreased.

Specialization is a technique that targets specific muscles that may be lagging behind others. It often means introducing new exercises that target underdeveloped muscles specifically. And, because you won’t be able to use a lot of resistance, it’s important to check your ego at the door. It’s better to perform the exercise properly with less weight than incorrectly with more.

If you have trouble identifying lagging muscles, try examining your body in the mirror – or consider hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions. Even if underdeveloped muscles aren’t visible, the trainer should be able to identify them through an evaluation.

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  1. christopher says:

    this is a problem i brought to attention just yesterday.i alternate upper body and lower body upper body circuit training seems to be over im not seeing the gains-i really should be looking for.changing up my routine-yes.i need good advice as well.i wish i could afford a personal trainer-that would probably solve my problem.

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