What Is The Murph Workout?


Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy

This week at my CrossFit gym, we tried something that I’d never done. It’s called the Murph.

The workout is named in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. It was one of his favorite workouts – and it’s one of the more difficult CrossFit challenges. It’s a true test of strength, focus and endurance.

The workout is timed. And the idea is to get the lowest time possible.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • 1 mile run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 200 push-ups
  • 300 squats
  • 1 mile run

For an extra challenge, it’s recommended that the workout is performed wearing full body armor or a 20-pound vest. While wearing armor or a vest, aim for a time under 60 minutes.

It’s also worth noting that you can partition the pull-ups, push-ups and squats. For example, some Murph athletes break the exercises into 20 sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats. That’s just one of many combinations.

Regardless, the Murph is a workout not for the faint of heart; even for a seasoned athlete, it’s extremely intense. If you’re not there yet, fear not. Being able to complete the Murph workout (in any amount of time) is a great fitness goal to which it is worth striving.

If you try the Murph, let me know in the comments below. That is, if you have energy left to type…

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  1. I’ve been doing Crossfit for several years now and we complete Murph every Memorial day. It’s a tough workout, but remembering the sacrifice our service men and women make every day gets us all through it.

  2. We did Murph on Monday as well. Took me 57 minutes, and it was definitely a challenge. We broke it up into 10 rounds of 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats. Pales in comparison to what he did for his fellow soldiers. RIP Murph.

  3. David S says:

    Completed the Murph in 58:27 with the weighted vest and blue band pull ups. This was my second time doing it and was the first WOD I had ever done even before joining CrossFit over a year ago. You can also get a shirt through the Murph website and I believe some of the proceeds go towards the memorial fund. The only thing I love more than the Murph is burpees! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It just sounds like a bad idea to “rush” exercises, especially ones like squats. This is something I’ve ever only seen in CrossFit and it just seems disastrous.

    • Elijah Hassertt says:

      You’re right. No one ever rushes a 10 sprint, mile or marathon. Iron Man’s are done at easy paces and no one is competing for a faster time. It’s so absurd that Cross fitters would choose to move faster. Strongman events of AMRAP of squats or Deadlifts in 60sec. Definitely means you shouldn’t rush. Powerlifting meets with Max reps in 1min if 405lb Deadlifts are done at an easy pace, right? Oh wait, almost every single sport is done for time in some manner.

  5. Tom Hunter says:

    This is a great challenge, even for those who consider themselves to be in shape. I cannot complete 100 push-ups in a row and can only do a few pull-ups. I guess I need to step up my game.

  6. Elijah Hassertt says:

    20lb backpack.

  7. Wow so you actually did it? What was your time Davey?

  8. Just found this page yesterday when searching for a new and challenging workout. I gave the Murph a shot – it kicked my butt!
    I did it though – took ~74 mins, and felt like an old man.

    Guess it’s because men like Murph gave their life so I could grow old.