What is Wealth Without Health?

As an investment in their future finances, many adults make use of 401k plans, social security, pensions, etc. Each and every pay period, these forward-thinking individuals set money aside so that they’ll have income during retirement.

But what is wealth without health?

A 53-year study on the measurable benefits of physical activity will be published in the October issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Researchers found that individuals who were active younger in life performed better later in life. According to lead researcher, Rachel Cooper, PhD, “Increased activity should be promoted early in adulthood to ensure the maintenance of physical performance in later life.”

In other words, the exercise performed today has a cumulative beneficial effect that is enjoyed for decades to come.

There are many aspects of aging that are beyond our control, but physical activity is one important variable we can manipulate. By moving more when we’ll younger, we’ll increase performance and strength during our elderly years. And as it turns out, increases in performance and strength improve not just the quality of life, but also decrease the risk of debilitating (and sometimes fatal) disease and loss of independence.

In the same way that financial advisers tell us to save¬† for our retirement when we are young, so too must we invest in physical activity and exercise. And while 69% of Americans do save money for retirement, only 30% exercise regularly. Let’s change that.

Your future self will thank you.

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  1. christopher says:

    with health you havw=e all your wealth-a Mercedes Benz-BMW-Cadillac-Lincoln MKZ-ETC ETC A YACHT-a Chalet in Switzerland-like Gstaad-etc etc,without our health-we have no wealth.i work my f-ing ass off at the gym -i sweat like a pig-im losing the kilos/pounds-i luv my friends-they luv me.and they so so say the positive/they hit the best points of my life.i dedicate my push-ups sit-ups-you name the free weight exercise-what more can i say-to the people who care and luv me for whomi am-a child of God-who doesnt make mistakes.you do know my sincerity-ive never lied to anyone since 37 yrs old-im now 56yrs old.say say say -its true.i so much covet my best friend-needed to give him a gift of my luv and appreciation-i waited till he got out of work-i missed him in a Chinese Fire Drill-his boss spotted me walking on Howard St-in Elk Grove Village Illinois and Arlington Hts Rd.-i so so much wanted to surprise Alex-with a gift of my affection.i wait tomorrow to express my gratitude.im receiving a second interview-and tell the world-shout to the rooftops-my joy.Lord knows the world-you and i need that.i pray tomorrow will be a better day than tomorrow.this i pray.

  2. Besides the direct benefits of being more fit, able, independent, and healthy, there’s another side to this. And it’s directly related to the tagline!

    When you are more healthy and require less medical care later in life you are saving the money you’d be paying for that treatment. This can come down to personal savings on your own Health Insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses, as well as how much you’ll cost your government (and kids and grandkids) down the line.

    Remember, education and health at the two best investments anyone can make.


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