Why Pilates is for Everyone.

Today is the last day of my week-long Pilates adventure in the south of France.

Pilates isn’t part of my normal gym routine. For the most part, my workouts focus on building or maintaining lean muscle mass with free weights and intense cardio sessions – and so I’ve always thought of Pilates as something that wasn’t necessary for me. And indeed, Pilates participants often skew older and female.

By the end of the first class, I realized how wrong I was. Pilates isn’t just for women or an older population – Pilates is for anyone that is.

While I am strong, fast and muscular, I quickly learned that my body was ripe with dysfunction. My feet and knees pigeon outward; my pelvis angles incorrectly; my shoulders pull forward. While my primary muscles are developed, my much smaller stabilizer muscles are weak and rarely used. Almost everyone has structural issues like these with their bodies – and it is through Pilates that we can begin to correct them.

At our Pilates retreat, we’ve started with the basic. As a foundation, we learned how to breathe properly. And from there, we learned how to activate the smaller stabilizer muscles in our bodies. It’s baby steps, but even after a week of two Pilates sessions per day, my posture is improving and my body moves with greater ease and efficiency.

Pilates alone might not give you bulging muscles or a glistening six pack – but it will improve the way you move your body and it may prevent issues (i.e., the need for a hip replacement, etc.) down the road. For these reasons, Pilates is truly for everyone.

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  1. Pilates is great! If you are in London and want to try it out, check out S.A.L.T Pilates in Chelsea at http://www.saltpilates.co.uk. My best friend and pilates instructor Trevor Schoonraad works there and at a studio in Clapham (www.pepilates.co.uk)and Battersea. Check it out. Well worth the effort.

  2. So Davey, what I’d your take on the Pilaties vs Yoga argument? The gym I go to offers a few different styles of yoga which I greatly enjoy. But is Pilaties better? I’ve never done it, and to my understanding they have many similarities. I thought you may have an answer since you released an Underware Yoga DVD.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚