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Dear Blog Buddy,

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you start a workout routine and stick to it for a couple of days, maybe even a few weeks, then just as you're starting to feel healthy, something comes up and you can't make it to the gym, or you go on vacation, or there's a huge project due at work or an exam at school.

Before you know it, weeks have past since your last workout and you feel out of shape again.

Getting into a workout routine is hard, and it can be expensive with the price of gym memberships, and expensive workout equipment.

But what if there was a way to workout from home or on the road, and finally make a workout routine you can stick to?

Honoring Your Body is about Honoring Your Life.

I created Total Body Assault because I was sick of people wasting their money and time on pills and schemes. I hated seeing websites claiming quick fixes with dubious marketing. None of that actually changes you - what you look like or how you feel about yourself.

My vision is a program that enables you to look great and feel great.

Let me tell you about myself. I created Total Body Assault because first and foremost I want you to be happy with yourself. I know from personal experience that when you are fitter and in better shape you feel better and people start paying attention to the real you.

There are plenty of scientifically proven benefits of working out. And they reveal that you'll have a richer, fuller, longer life by finding a workout routine you can stick with.

I created this program to help you create the ultimate workout routine once and for all. I've taught countless gym classes, led many boot camps, and shown thousands of people how to get defined, rock hard muscles -- leading to a healthier body and a healthier you.

No More Schemes

I created this complete program - workout videos and guides - because you've been deceived. You've been told lies by drug companies and people who think that supplements and dietary drugs are the answers.

Some people will try to sell you exercise equipment that costs thousands of dollars.

I was pudgy once. I thought that perhaps these fancy programs and expensive equipment could help me.

But let me tell you something: There are people out there trying to sell you diet scams and lies. Our society loves quick fixes and it's not your fault that you haven't been able to find a workout routine you can stick to.

When I started learning all the proper exercise techniques and spent thousands of hours perfecting workouts, I learned exactly what I needed to get defined muscles.

Once I gained this knowledge I wanted to share it. I started teaching classes at my gym. Honestly, my only goal is to help you get in better shape and start feeling great about yourself.

Here's what people are saying about my workouts:

"Though I have been using the programs only for a short time I have already seen amazing results in my core strength, muscle tone and definition. I couldn't be happier with the results I'm getting from Davey Wavey's 20 Minute Programs and 30 Minute Ab Workout. What I see in the mirror is all the proof I need to know this is THE trainer to follow."

David Adams, Washington D.C.

You're Probably Asking Yourself: "What is Total Body Assault?"

Total Body Assault is completely different from other workout routines because it's a complete program that focuses on fitness for men. And you don't need an expensive gym membership or a weight set.

Here's what you'll get:

The Guide to Total Body Assault

A 12 page ebook detailing everything you need to know to guide you through the Total Body Assault videos and program.

Total Body Assault Video 1: The Complete Abs Workout Video

A 30 minute professionally filmed abs workout helping you get killer abs.

Total Body Assault Video 2: Ultimate Total Body Workout Video

20 minutes of intense full body work. It does it all: cardio, legs, arms, chest, back and core! This workout will get your heart rate up and your muscles working. The workout requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

Total Body Assault Video 3: Power Arms Workout Video

Works everything from your forearms to your biceps to your triceps, and everything in between. As an extra bonus, this 20 minute workout includes a bonus stretching session to get you warmed up.

Total Body Assault Video 4: Ripped Chest and Back Workout Video

Focuses on the pecs, upper back and lower back. This workout will kick your butt, though the exercises can be modified for any fitness level. You'll love it!

Total Body Assault Video 5: Ultimate Leg and Butt Workout Video

My favorite (and sweatiest)! From first-timers to the advanced gym enthusiast, this is a great workout for all ages, targeting calves, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps.

Total Body Assault Video 6: Abs 2 Video:

If the 30 minute ab workout wasn't enough, this is a powerful and commanding workout that targets the abdominal muscles and obliques.

Top 25 Fitness Secrets: Davey's Top Fitness Secrets

25 Secrets you need to know before you start your workout routine. Obeying these secrets will help you see results up to 10 times faster.

8 Workout Mistakes

Davey's top 8 workout mistakes and the solutions to fixing them. Mistakes can cancel out all your hard work, so I'll help you avoid these costly mistakes.

That's 6 workout videos totaling 160 minutes of hot sweaty workout routines for men and two ebooks packed full of workout secrets. And don't forget to check out the bonuses below for more.

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How is this program any different from the other workout programs?

I realize you might be probably skeptical and wondering how this program can be different.

Let me tell you what makes Total Body Assault Different:

1) This program is a FULL BODY WORKOUT. It's NOT about one specific body focus. We focus on getting ripped abs, a muscular chest, defined arms and legs - the COMPLETE PACKAGE.

2) I SHOW you exactly what to do. Unlike other workout programs that just send you some ebook and a couple of photos and expect you to figure out the rest, I actually show you through videos the proper technique to help you get the body you want.

3) I show you a VARIETY of workouts. I don't just send you a video about abs and leave the rest of your body to suffer - rather we have a ton of workout routines that vary - you'll never get bored.

4) There are NO pills or supplements with this routine. I actually show you some of the foods I eat that help me stay healthy.

5) No equipment needed. You can do all of the workouts without any equipment.

6) Workout from your own HOME. You don't need an expensive gym membership to get a hot body. All of my workouts are created to be done anywhere you like - your living room, a hotel room, even a park.

7) Holistic Approach. What I care most about it that you get healthy. I don't just give you workouts, I share with you nutrition tips and recipes, goal worksheets, meal plan ideas, and fitness journal outlines. This course was created with fitness for men in mind.

Check out this free preview of the Complete Abs Workout Video

Another email I received about my workout videos:

"I have been using the Davey Wavey ab work out for the past year now and not only have I seen results; Davey makes it easy to do. Davey packs all kinds of different movements and work outs into one package and really allows you to customize what part of your abs you need help with.

The simple instruction and ease of all the exercises makes it easy for me to do anywhere. When I am on the road or travelling from different locations.

The downloaded version is convenient and goes everywhere my computer goes, and that really is everywhere!

I look forward to buying more in the future!

Thanks Davey!"

Jacob, T. Toronto, Ontario
Those are the core focuses of the Total Body Assault program.

But you'll also learn how to:

Bulk up your workout routine with a few drops of water

How forward and backward steps can make all the difference

Expensive equipment substitutions - no more buying expensive equipment

How a pillow can give you defined pecs

A heart healthy recipe for guacamole - a secret after workout snack guaranteed to help you build muscle faster

90+ workout exercises that can be customized for you

Nutrition recipes that actually work and don't leave you starving

When to workout for your optimum benefit

Ask me workout questions through a special email address just for workout buddies

And more

In 31 pages and 160 minutes of workout videos you'll learn secrets that will start help you feel fitter and healthier today.

Not only will you get all this, you'll also get the bonuses listed below.

More thoughts about my workout videos:

"I have many of Davey Wavey's amazing videos. Starting college it was hard to fit in a good workout around classes, but with any of the 20 min. workouts I could come back to my room get a great workout in between classes. These videos motivated me and helped me go from FLAB to FAB. "

Jack, Helena, MT
And another email:

"I bought Davey Wavey's videos and lost 10 pounds in the first month. I hope to lose the other 30 pounds. These videos are great. I can do a full core workout at home and in just my underwear, the Davey Wavey Way!"

William K., South Beach, FL
And another:

"I recently purchased all of the work out videos, and have put them into a daily rotation in the evenings after my morning workout. As short as they may seem, they are each very intense and get the job done! If you’re already active, these videos are a great way to switch up your workout and get your body, and yourself motivated again! I’ve been using them for about two weeks, and I can already feel myself hitting muscles my other workouts had neglected! Bravo Davey! "

Sebastien, Wales, UK
By now I hope that you've realized that this isn't another gimmick or marketing scam. I truly want you to succeed in getting the body, health, and happiness you deserve.

Don't waste any more money or time on gimmicks that wont work.

I know that you've got what it takes to look and feel amazing.

When you Order Today I have these amazing bonuses to offer you:

BONUS 1: Ultimate Workout Scheduler: 3 Workout Schedules Customized Just for You. Turn your workouts up a notch to the highest level of intensity. For beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Normally $37.

BONUS 2: Boot Camp Workout Video: 20 Minutes of Boot Camp is a powerful workout to tone and build muscle across your entire body. This army-style class will kick your butt while working each muscle group. Normally $57.

BONUS 3: Stick to it Goal Roadmaps: Get the body you want by knowing where you want to go. Value $37.

BONUS 4: Fitness Journal: Keep track of your workouts with this easy to use fitness journal. Normally $37.

BONUS 5: Davey's Favorite Recipes: Get recipes for Davey's favorite healthy "junk" foods. Normally: $27.

That's $255 worth of programs for just $97 $67 $57 dollars. As my blog buddy you get a discount that no one else gets! This is far cheaper than a month gym membership or a few hours with a personal trainer. And with Total Body Assault you get the tools you need to make your routine last.

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Please Note: This is a downloadable program which includes downloadable ebooks and videos. You will NOT receive a physical package -- including dvds or a book -- shipped to you in the mail. After ordering, you will be able to immediately download all of the program files and bonuses. You won't find Total Body Assault in Stores; it's only available through this website.

30 Days, 100% Money-back Iron Clad Guarantee

That's right 100% of your money back.

This isn't a gimmick or scheme. My workout videos and program have worked for hundreds of people and will work for you too.

Depending on your situation you may not get the perfect body within 30 days, but I guarantee that if you stick with my program you will see and feel results.

If you don't, you'll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. That's why I offer this 100% guarantee to help you workout better.

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It's your choice: do you want to continue to be stuck in a rut, never feeling healthy, or do you want to be on your way to a happier, fitter you?

To Your Health and Happiness,

Davey Wavey

PS Don't sell yourself short by putting off getting in shape today. You deserve a healthy body and I'm confident that you can achieve it. Take action today.

PPS Don't forget that you're getting instant access to hundreds of secrets, 7 workout videos, and amazing bonuses with this customized program. This is less than you'd spend on a month at the gym or a few beers at the bar. Instead you'll get the tools you need to get in shape, reduce stress, and honor your life.

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