3 Secrets to a Stronger Body and Better Health.

1489246a642711e2901122000a9f1939_7If I had to sum up the secrets to a strong body and better health in six words, it would be:

Move often. Eat smarter. Love more.

These three concepts are the absolute foundations for a healthy lifestyle and can fundamentally shift your experience on this planet.


Despite the obvious truth that our bodies are made to move (we have between 640 – 850 muscles and as many as 360 joints), most of us are far too sedentary. We find ourselves on the couch and in front of screens far too frequently. Give your body the movement it craves by going to the gym, working out at home, talking a jog or a walk, doing yoga, climbing a mountain, taking a new fitness class, dancing or by engaging in countless other endeavors. Through exercise, you can strength your body and experience a full spectrum of benefits – like improved energy levels, a stronger immune system and lower levels of body fat.


When most people think of healthy food, they think expensive, bland and time-consuming. The truth is, all of us can find small, simple, delicious and inexpensive ways to improve our diets. And those small changes, when made over and over again, can radically transform the way we look and feel. Cut back on sugar. Opt for complex carbs instead of simple carbs. Replace soda with water. When you eat nourishing foods and make smarter choices, your body will thank you.


At first glance, it may seem silly to talk about love in reference to a strong body and healthy lifestyle. But what happens on the inside is inextricably linked to what happens on the outside. First, there’s the love of oneself. If you cultivate a more loving relationship with your body and your self, it becomes much easier to make those decisions that honor it – like moving more and eating smarter. Second, there’s the love of others. If you spend less time hating and more time loving, you free up a tremendous amount of energy in your life. That energy can be applied to other, more beneficial pursuits. And as you release hate and anger, you remove a powerful toxin from your life – and your body will respond. Don’t settle for anything less than love.

Move often. Eat smarter. And love more. These are the foundations for a stronger body and healthier lifestyle. Apply these concepts and you’ll be well on your way to living the best version of yourself.

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  1. I enjoyed this piece of information. I must state that if only we take it serious it will go a long way to help many of us with sedentary life style

  2. Damn good advice, especially that last part. You will never get the body you want until you learn to love it.