The Gym Intimidates Me: Advice.

Dear Davey,

I really want to go to the gym… but the idea of going scares me. I don’t think I’m comfortable enough to go, even though I really need to lose some weight and get into shape.

Do you have any advice?


Motivation-quotesHey Kris,

Last year, I wrote a popular blog post inspired by a conversation with an overweight gym-goer. She was new to the gym and felt like everyone was judging her. “Women like me don’t belong in places like this,” she told me. The truth is, she does belong at the gym. We all do. And rather than judge her negatively, I suspect most people feel quite the opposite:

Most gym goers would be quick to recognize her bravery. And they’re probably impressed by her willingness to make a positive change in her life. Rather than a “look at her” mindset, I bet most people would think “good for her” – if they’re going to think anything at all. In reality, most people are too engrossed in their own workout and their own iPod playlist to really give any of it much thought.

I’m not the smartest or wisest person in the world. In my short life, I haven’t learned much. But if there’s anything I know, it’s this: The magic rarely happens inside your comfort zone.

In order to experience the scope of what this world has to offer, it requires stepping outside the normal. It requires deviating from what we did yesterday – and the day before. Sometimes it means doing things that scare us or that make us nervous. REAL life starts at the edge of your comfort zone.

This holds true for going to the gym – and many other aspects in life. The feeling of nervousness that you get when stepping into the unknown is an evolution of yourself. It’s the feeling of expansion as you learn, try and discover new experiences. It’s the feeling of growth.

If you’re nervous to go to the gym, then that’s great! It’s all the more reason to go. It means you’ve got a lot of growing to do – and that you’re about to expand your life into a whole new dimension.


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  1. I users to feel the same when I started going. But, it gets easier the more you go!

    Also, you never know which of the “hard bodies” was once where you are now. You’ll get nothing but respect from those people.

  2. It does get easier the more you go! I was DEATHLY afraid to go, not because I’m bigger, but because I’m so tiny! I’m the little 115 pound boy who wants to go to get stronger. I always felt like I’d be judged by the guys there who were bigger than me. (Who I also have an attraction to, ’cause muscles’….)

    All in all, it’s like the Nike shirt, “Just do it”. It’s not gonna get any easier thinking about it, and you’re not gonna get any sexier worrying. Go with a friend, go with the music so loud you can’t hear anyone, or go when no one is there, like me >.< but JUST DO IT!


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