This Is What The Average Body Looks Like.

There’s no such thing as normal. But average is another cup of tea entirely. Using huge sets of available data, researchers have calculated the statistics for the average American 30-something male.

He’s 5′ 9″ tall and has a 39″ waist. His body mass index (BMI) is 29, just one short of the medical definition of obese. Based on the data, here’s what this average American male looks like:


It’s no secret that the average American male is becoming increasingly round. Just 50 years ago, the obesity rate for men was just over 10%. Now, the obesity rate is around 30%. Yikes.

Of course, the average American male isn’t alone in the world. He has some buddies from other countries. Here’s what they look like and how they measure up:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.14.15 AM

From left to right, it’s the US, Japan, Netherlands and France.

In Japan, the average BMI is 23.7. In the Netherlands, it’s 25.2. In France, 25.55.

The average American male, especially when compared to his counterparts, can serve as a reminder about the importance of exercise and nutrition. And who wants to be average, anyway? By moving more and eating smarter, you can certainly beat average – and dramatically improve the quality of your life.

What do you think of the average American male?

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  1. The average man has the ugliest underwear i’ve ever seen.

    • Haha^ yes.

    • Fernando says:

      Im agree with Alex these underwear are absolotely .. Ogly about men averace … Hnmm is sll depend , u can always work out on ur body nd try to fix a litlle bit , of course whatch out what u eat is all about food .

  2. I wonder how the average Canadian compares.. People should not accept the average and get off their average butts

  3. I’m taller and slightly thinner than the average american male, but he has a thigh gap, so…

  4. Damn… I’m 6’2 130-ish… I need to eat MORE! Lol

  5. with regard to BMI, the japanese diet is far healthier than the american diet. 50 yrs ago everyone smoked. and in all fairness, the french and the hollandaise do.. smoke. moar. see what i did there?

  6. Netherlands looks fit!

  7. He’s not American, he’s fuckin’ Chinese!

  8. This is the original article, not given credit, that has more information.