You Are What You Eat, So…

you-are-what-you-eat-so-dont-be-fast-cheap-easy-or-fakeYou’ve probably heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” And quite literally, it’s true. The food that we consume is used to build our bodies; each of the 75 trillion cells in your body is made from stuff that you once ate. It’s pretty crazy if you think about it.

Today, I heard a great variation on that old quote:

You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap or fake.

It’s funny. But it’s also true.

I’ve mentioned that I exercise because I’m passionate about life. If you’re passionate about life, you want to keep the vehicle through which you experience life (i.e., your body) tuned up in good working condition. I want to have the best, most amazing experience possible on this planet – and working out helps ensure that goal by minimizing disease risk, extending longevity and giving me the strength and energy to do everything that I want to do.

I feel the same way about food; nutrition is really the other side of the equation. And truly, nutrition is just as important as exercise. Some might argue it’s even more important. Any benefits from exercise can be quickly undone with a diet of ice cream, cookies and fried foods.

When I spend time preparing dinner for myself – even when I’m eating alone – it never feels like a chore. In some ways, it feels like an expression of gratitude. It’s a way to thank and reward my body for all that it does, and it’s a way to thank the universe by honoring the life it has given me. I feel more connected with the source or the universe or God (or whatever label you might use) while cooking than I have ever felt in any church or at any shrine.

There is no one in the world more deserving of your time and attention than yourself. This isn’t selfish, because as you invest in yourself, you’ll have so much more to give to others. When you’re the best version of yourself, you’ll light up the world with your greatness and lift up everyone around you.

P.S. I will add that cooking healthy is probably faster and cheaper than most people think. Sure, it might not be as efficient as a drive-thru at McDonald’s, but there are plenty of ways to cook healthy on a budget and with a tight schedule.



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