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Davey WaveyDear Friend,

Most people don’t realize that I wasn’t always healthy and fit.

Many years ago, I was chubby, out of shape and unhealthy. Moreover, I was unhappy. I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I was not honoring my body or my life through the choices that I made and I wanted to change. I needed a transformation.

And so, more than a decade ago, I embarked on a fitness journey that has taken me to where I’m at today. As I trained my mind and body, my entire life was transformed. I found my strength—and now I’m committed to helping others find theirs.

Eventually, I became certified as a personal trainer. I feel great empathy for other people looking to transform their bodies and their lives—and I’m hoping that you’ll invite me to be a part of your fitness journey.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I’m always amazed by the amount of misinformation out there. There are scores of quick-fix infomercials, expensive gym equipment and programs that just don’t produce results. Moreover, so many people are stuck in dead-end routines that aren’t producing results. Others aren’t even sure where or how to start.

I created The Jock Workout to weed through all the myths, misinformation and lies. I built a powerful workout program that targets all of your muscle groups. It is infused with proper nutrition and supports the advancement of your unique fitness goals.

The Jock Workout will transform your body—and your life. I have no doubt. And best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home.

You're invited to transform yourself with The Jock Workout.

The Jock Workout is a no-nonsense fitness program that combines time-tested exercise knowhow with equipment-free exercises you can do at home, while traveling or even at the gym. It’s the type of workout that you’d experience as an athlete (hence the name!), but it’s been appropriately modified for all levels of fitness.

I want you to be happy with your strength, health and fitness—and The Jock Workout will take you there.

The program targets every muscle group through a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Regardless of where you’re at, you’ll find this program informative, affirming, beneficial and enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable!

When I created this program, I built it to help people with any (or all) of the following goals:

  1. Losing weight
  2. Building muscle
  3. Increasing definition
  4. Improving overall health

Whether you want to lose some body fat, increase your muscle mass, enhance your definition or just improve your overall health, The Jock Workout was made for you.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink.

The Jock Workout stands on its own. It’s a 100% complete program. It includes three 20-minute videos, a detailed e-Book to help you customize the program, a nutrition guide, sample exercise routines, healthy recipes, an exercise guide, mobile videos and instructions. It includes everything but the kitchen sink.

There’s nothing else to buy. The only equipment you’ll need, you already have: a chair, a set of canned goods, a pillow (yes, a pillow!) and a willingness to transform your life. If you already have dumbbells or weights—great! We can incorporate them. If you don’t—no need to worry! They’re not needed.

Here's what people are saying:

"I just cant thank you enough for what you have done for me. I have found a confidence that I thought had die in me a long time ago. I have been following your advice and doing your workout for the past couple of months and already lost 27 lbs. I’ve never looked leaner or felt as great as I do today. You are a true inspiration to us all. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."
- Chris

So, what is The Jock Workout?

The Jock Workout is a total, complete and balanced workout program (it includes cardiovascular exercises, strength training and goal-based nutrition planning) that I designed from scratch to help you achieve the results you want.

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Jock Workout e-Book—A beautiful 21-page e-book with everything you need to know about The Jock Workout—and how to customize the program for your fitness goals.

The Jock Workout Video 1: Lower Body—A 20-minute professionally filmed, high-intensity workout that combines stationary cardio and strength training. Targets the muscles in your legs and rear-end, including the gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps, soleus and gastrocnemius.

The Jock Workout Video 2: Core—A 20-minute professionally filmed workout for your abdominal and oblique muscles. You’ll definitely feel the burn with this one!

The Jock Workout Video 3: Upper Body—A 20-minute professionally filmed workout video that cycles quickly between various strength training exercises. It targets muscles in your chest, arms, shoulders and back, including the trapezius, lats, pecs, deltoids, biceps, triceps and forearms.

The Jock Workout Nutrition Guide—Everything you need to know about nutrition, and how to connect proper diet to your fitness goals!

Check out this free preview of The Jock Workout:

What makes The Jock Workout so special?

I’m glad you asked. And with all the misinformation out there, it’s a fair question.

The Jock Workout is different because:

  1. There is NOTHING else to buy! You get it all! There is no additional equipment, a monthly membership fee, etc. The Jock Workout includes everything you need in one complete program.

  2. I’m a certified personal trainer with more than a decade of exercise and collegiate sports experience. This isn’t a fly-by-night operation—fitness is my passion.

  3. The Jock Workout hits every muscle in your body. It’s not just about building a bigger or leaner chest or tighter tummy—it’s about developing each muscle in your body to the extent that your goals require.

  4. The Jock Workout tackles nutrition. Most workout programs just focus on exercise. And though exercise is obviously very important, nutrition cannot be ignored. Proper nutrition can make or break your results—and The Jock Workout addresses detailed nutrition planning for a wide variety of goals including weight loss, muscle building, muscular definition and general health.

  5. You can do it anywhere! The 20-minute workout videos can be performed at home, while traveling or at the gym. There’s even a mobile version of the workout videos that you can add to your phone.

  6. The program grows with you. Your goals change over time—but you’ll never outgrow The Jock Workout. The Jock Workout can be modified as your level of fitness changes and as your goals evolve.

  7. I show you everything. There is no guesswork. It’s not just photos and descriptions—it’s actual video demonstrations of the exercises that you’ll perform.

  8. I hold your hand. Let’s face it: Starting a new fitness program can be scary or intimidating. But I like to think that I make a pretty good workout buddy. I understand where you’re at and the changes that you’re looking to make. I support you through the whole process.

"As a business professional, I don’t have the time to wade through the endless amount fitness and nutrition websites only to struggle with not knowing where to start or really what to do. Davey Wavey uses a simple and educational format. He delivers relevant information quickly, with great motivational tips and insight. It doesn’t hurt that he seldom wears a shirt, but that just shows he knows what he’s talking about! Thanks DW!"

- Evan

In this program, you'll also discover:

More than 50 different equipment-free exercises that you can do anywhere.
How to properly define—and plan around—your fitness goals.
How much protein, carbs and fat you should be eating.
A quick way to calculate your daily calorie targets.
How to modify the exercises to support your goals.
Easy, great-tasting recipes that support your workout goals.
Ways to incorporate The Jock Workout with your existing gym routine.
Sample workout schedules for varying levels of fitness.
Why progression is so important—and how to make it work for you.

In addition to everything above, you’ll also get 4 great bonuses!

"Davey Wavey is fun, positive and encouraging; Davey's workouts are tough; but most of all, Davey is very knowledgeable both in nutrition and exercise. I know if I was doing all of this on my own I would stop after half an hour but his positive motivation and energy keep me going!"

- Spencer M

“Anything Davey Wavey puts his name on is rich in knowledge of the body and mind, expertise of muscle function and nutrition, and most importantly, pure love. His website alone has changed my life with tips for eating healthy, workout tips, and general feel good statements on the importance of loving and respecting yourself.”

- Tyler K.

"I have always been overweight and suffered from acne. So when Davey said his clear skin comes from sweating at the gym by pushing himself, I though I would try it out. Not only has my skin cleared up and continues to be clear, my clothes are starting to fit better. I love how I feel and how I look in the mirror!"

- Brian

"Davey has managed to single-handedly simplify fitness without all unwanted and unnecessary jargon. He makes fitness easy to understand and implement. Davey has helped me understand the needs of my body as he explains clearly that every individual must customize a fitness lifestyle according to his/her body responses."

- A.B.

"Because of your belief and love for me, I began to believe and love myself. With your guidance and inspiration, I have shed 85 pounds of self loathing and self doubt. For the first time in my life, I actually have a six pack that isn't Pepsi." 

- Todd

The Jock Workout is a powerful program that produces great results. I hope you will put it to work for you.

Order today and you'll also get these great bonuses!

BONUS #1: The Jock Workout: Building Your Routine - Sample Routines—A guide with 12 different sample workout schedules (beginner, intermediate and advanced) based on a variety of goals.

BONUS #2: 7 Jock Workout Recipes—Created especially for The Jock Workout by New York City trainer and chef Nick Kindrick, these seven recipes feature protein-rich options (with and without meat) to help step up your nutrition game! They are easy and delicious.

Bonus #3: The Jock Workout Exercise Guidebook—A guidebook with pictures and descriptions of the 50+ exercises in The Jock Workout.

Bonus #4: The Jock Workout - Mobile Workout Videos—If you are on the go, load the mobile version of the three, 20-minute Jock Workout videos onto your phone. This makes it super convenient to use The Jock Workout while traveling or at the gym.

With The Jock Workout, you get more than $250 worth of programs and videos for just $67. For less than the price of a gym’s joining fee, you get my three 20-minute workout videos, The Jock Workout e-Book, a nutrition guide, sample routines and schedules, recipes, an exercise guidebook and mobile versions of the videos. That’s an amazing value for one very low price.

Please note: This is a downloadable program which includes downloadable e-books and videos. You will NOT receive a physical package—including books or DVDs—shipped to you in the mail. After ordering, you will be able to immediately download all of the program and bonuses through a link sent to your email. You won’t find The Jock Workout in stores; it’s only available through this website.

30 Day, 100% Money-back Iron Clad Guarantee

Text Box:

That’s right! You’ll get 100% of your money back if you’re not satisfied.

This isn’t a gimmick or scheme. My workout videos and programs have worked for thousands of people—and they will work for you, too.

Depending on your situation, you may not get the so-called perfect body in 30 days, but I guarantee that if you stick with my program—you will see and feel results.

If you don’t, you’ll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

It's up to you. You can continue with more of the same (and get more of the same results), or you can commit to taking your health and fitness to the next level. I’m ready if you are.

Much love,

P.S. A year from now, you will wish that you have started today. Don’t delay!

P.P.S. Don’t forget that you’re getting access to tons of information, three 20-minute videos, The Jock Workout e-Book, a nutrition guide, sample routines and schedules, recipes, an exercise guidebook and mobile versions of the videos. All for less than the joining fee of a gym! Honor your life with this great program.

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