2nd Heart Attack Grill Victim Collapses Mid-Meal.

Back in October, I posted about the newly-opened Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. The restaurant celebrates gluttony by featuring such menu items as the quadruple bypass burger, flatliner fries (deep fried in pure lard) and milkshakes made with butter. You can even buy a pack of unfiltered cigarettes with which to enjoy your meal. And, if you’re over 350 pounds, you eat for free.

The restaurant is trying to make a jock about America’s obesity epidemic by celebrating overindulgence – but, personally, I don’t see the humor. With millions of Americans dying of heart disease each year (it’s the leading cause of death in the United States), it’s not really a laughing matter. We don’t joke about cancer, suicide, accidents or strokes – so why are obesity and heart disease the exception?

All that aside, just over a year ago, the restaurant’s 575-pound spokesperson died of obesity-related illness. Then, in February, a man collapsed of a heart attack while eating his meal. This week, less than two months after the previous incident, a woman in her 40s collapsed mid-meal. She was consuming a double bypass burger, drinking a margarita and smoking cigarettes.

It’s worth noting there’s no evidence that eating unhealthy food can trigger an immediate heart attack. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped people from debating: Who’s at fault? Though the woman doesn’t plan on suing, is the restaurant to blame? Or is it a matter of eater-beware?

Personally, I think the Heart Attack Grill is a terribly toxic establishment. But I don’t think the owners are to blame; individuals need to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. If I make the decision to speed – and, as a result, get in a debilitating car accident – then I wouldn’t turn around and sue the car company. The decision to speed was mine.

What we eat is a choice. Smoking is a choice. How we treat our body – and whether or not we make time to exercise – is a choice. All of these choices have consequences – and, for those, I think all of us need to take ownership.

But what do you think? Who is at fault? The woman? The restaurant? Both? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I think its eater beware. You should be smart enough to make sensible choices. Heart attacks normally happen after long term bad eating habits. Smoking doesn’t help.
    Just because you may pass a bakery everyday doesn’t mean you have to get sweets everyday. Same with bad eating habits and restaurants like this.

  2. You’re right. The individuals involved need to take ownership of their bodies.

    But at the same time, I fault the owners. They are trying to market being fat as sexy. What they do is play to people who probably already are overweight and tell them that it’s okay, being overweight is good.

    I suspect most fitness buffs will avoid this place. But the restaurant hooks in the ones who know they’re overweight, don’t have the motivation to do anything about it, but still want to be reassured that they’re okay.

  3. The ONLY person to blame is the customer.

    We need to stop placing blame on anyone other than the person who’s shoveling the unhealthy food into their mouths. If the customers WANTED healthier food, there’d be no way such a restaurant could sustain itself.

    But then that requires discipline, and pointing fingers at everyone else for our own bad behavior is just so much easier.

  4. If anything they should charge you more for being over 350lbs, this is horrific davey and I completely agree with you, the fatty food that, in my opinion, destroys our bodies is not 100% to blame as you say we make the choice to eat those burgers and flatliner fries. I don’t understand why heart disease is a joke, In the UK you can not buy unfiltered cigarettes there is a good reason for that! They will kill you!
    I hate to say it, but only in America could this be normal, over here I could not imagine seeing this on a menu at a restaurant to be honest? I think the most unhealthy meal I could find would be a McDonalds Big Mac which pails in comparison to an American Big Mac.
    I think both are to fault as well as the fact it seems that in America it’s completely acceptable to be this overweight? As a medical student, I just can’t understand why people do this to their bodies, treat your body well its the only one you have and it does a lot for you! Be sensible!

  5. Actually there is medical evidence that a fatty, unhealthy meal can trigger a heart attack. We found this out when my husband had his first heart attack. No, I’m not saying, one meal is the cause of the heart attack, usually several years of poor health and poor choices contribute to the event, but yes, one high fat meal can set off the event. It’s the choice of the individual that is at fault. Smoking, drinking and eating terribly rich, fatty, unhealthy foods can all contribute and obviously do to a fatal or near fatal heart attack. I’d love to see this restaurant go out of business simply for lack of customers. That would speak loudly that people care about their health more than their unhealthy desires.

  6. Grammar Nazi says:

    “The restaurant is trying to make a jock about America’s obesity epidemic”

    A joke or a jock? 😉

  7. It’s too simple to always blame someone else. We need to take responsibility for all of our actions, all of our choices. Shirking away never fixes anything. Not to say that people should not be helped, but you can’t help anyone unless they want to first help themselves. And a society where people always try to blame others for whatever happens to them cannot grow.

  8. I think is about 98% the customer’s fault and about 2% the business

  9. Because I saw the episode on the travel channel with this place and the owner claimed to bea legit doctor but everything abosut that place screams deadly did you guys know that they use pure lard instead of mayo? But other than that it it’s all om the consumer.

  10. Bustersdad says:

    I wonder how many of their 350lb patrons look anything like the guy on the poster… I doubt they are few and far between! Vic is correct, the owners of the restaurant are attempting to make extreme weight sexy and unfortunately it seems to be part of a business model that is truly harming people.

  11. Of course it is the customer’s fault, but that’s not really the point is it? American marketers have turned the act of eating bad-for-you food into an act of protest, co-opting the notion of individual freedom to mean the freedom to line someone else’s pockets by wilfully consuming at an irresponsible rate. It speaks to something in the culture itself, much deeper than just one restaurant. Something is terribly broken in the land of the free.

  12. Dennis Oliver says:

    Ditto to all of the comments above. I’m glad someone mentioned the guy in the poster. He looks like his weight is due to long term body building. He would know better than to set foot in that place.

    Make you choices carefully.

  13. It’s eater beware. In the society we live in, there’s no way people don’t know what’s good for you and what’s not. They have to make the decision for themselves and if they want to slowly kill themselves eating at places like that–well, it’s there funeral.

    That having been said: I do think it’s horrible that something like this exists. It’s an interesting concept, but they are encouraging people to be as unhealthy as possible and to hurt themselves and I don’t think that’s a good thing. Treating your body like that has serious consequences. If that restaurant is smart, they’ll have people signing waivers at the door that say: “I understand that by eating at this establishment, I may be risking my personal health. I am fully aware of the risks associated with eating here .[insert signature]”

  14. I think the whole notion of setting up an unhealthy eating place for the obese is outrageous. Shame on the proprietors and shame on those who ‘eat’ there.
    The whole notion is harmful!
    Here in the UK, there is a similar problem with growing rates of obesity, growing rates of inactivity/lack of exercise and the raft of health problems that follow from this combination.
    Here, we have a National Health Service that has been the envy of the world…….However, at the current rate of decline of the general health of the population, more of the health budget is progressively being spent on health issues which are the result of peoples lifestyle decisions -or perhaps lack of them!
    Clearly the NHS cannot sustain ever increasing spending on what is effectively self harm!
    Of course people should take responsibility for their own behaviour, however, those of us making the effort shouldn’t have their efforts undermined by such daft ‘enterprises’

  15. If the restaurant wasn’t open, these people would find another place to make poor food choices. I think the restaurant is actually helping bring awareness with their theme. These people know that eating the food is bad for them, and the restaurant is advertising truth. No one has to eat there, and so the choice lies with the consumer—at least at Heart Attack Grill, they know what they are in for.

  16. For what I know, sugar and cigarettes almost instantly thicken the blood and raise your blood pressure. Fat is digest later, but has long term effect. I think we are all responsible for what we do. That means that the clients are responsible for what they eat. But I also think that it is immoral to target individuals who are more vulnerable concerning their food habits.

  17. I think this is not so different from other fastfoods. The idea behind this kind of fastfood is simply brilliant – it displays that it doesn’t what it fastfood dish is called or under what brand is it sold, it is still the same garbage you shouldn’t put in your mouth. if you are sane.

    actually, lard was proven to be healthy

  18. Hi Davey,

    I recently saw the original news article concerning this restaurant posted on YouTube. I was both shocked and appalled at what I feel is a complete disregard to public health – just to make a few bucks and gain a few headlines!

    –> Though one thing I did immediately notice was the contrast in size between most customers and their ultra-skinny waitresses… strange that!

    In the UK we have what is regarded as a world leading national health service, which is currently imploding partly due to people’s irresponsibility to health. In fact, in recent years there’s been a lot of work and progress made towards healthy eating both in the home and out-and-about, so a place like this might actually/probably be illegal here – maybe for the best?

    Thus, I completely agree with your statement concerning responsibility – as the ‘victims’ should not take legal action against the restaurant, because they are the ones who ate BY CHOICE. However, at the same time, we need to look at the merits as to why an establishment like this has been able to open knowing it might (eventually) lead to illness and death – especially when humans as a species can give into temptation and peer pressure so easily…

    Would I eat there… No.

    Also, the owner should take off the doctor’s uniform out of respect to the profession.

    Kind regards,
    Jamie. xx

  19. christopher says:

    its all customers fault.everyone should avoid this place.then they might go out of business-open up a healthier option.

  20. Paul Cummins says:

    Personally i think everybody is responsible for their own eating habits, its easy to get into a fast food lifestyle buts its so bad for you. I was one of those people who would take the easy option and get a take out, I lost 4.5stone which is roughly about 60lbs I’ve changed my whole life style. Food establishment’s like that would not be allowed open up here in Ireland with all our food codes and health legislation it would be closed before it even opened. McDonald’s here were told to take off certain size meals from there menu. This is either good or bad depending on your point of view, i think it is good because Ireland has a severe obesity problem not as bad as america but were heading that way. So my point is that everyone is responsible for their own decisions however sometimes its the lack of education that prevents people from understanding what they are doing to their bodies!!!

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