3 Ways Halloween Candy Is Healthier Than You Think.

Trick... or treat?

The scariest part of Halloween may be having those tempting bags of candy a little too close for comfort. But, I was able to pull together a few science-based reasons to allow yourself an indulgence. As if you needed the encouragement.

  1. Researchers from Louisiana State University found a link between fruity candy (i.e., gummy bears, etc.) and smaller waists and lower body mass indexes. It sounds like a fake headline – and it flies in the face of exceptions, so how can it be true? There’s no question that fruity candy is terribly unhealthy; it’s loaded in sugar, empty calories and devoid of nutrition. But participants reported eating an average of 1.3 ounces of candy – a fairly small quantity. So it may speak to the importance of moderation and allowing for the occasional splurge.
  2. Eating dessert more often can help you lose weight. The University School of Medicine in Athens concluded, based on their research, that people who ate four low-calorie desserts a week lost 9 pounds more than those who had only one larger splurge. In other words, don’t deprive yourself. Instead, recognize that some desserts and candies are healthier than others (eating dark chocolate, for example, has some tremendous benefits) – and have only a few bites.
  3. Cutting up your candy = eating less. We know that we can make optical illusions work for us when trying to eat right. Using a smaller plate, for example, causes people to consume less. Similarly, it’s wiser to eat out of a bowl or off a plate than straight from the bag or box. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, cutting up candies results in 60 fewer calories eaten. It tricks the mind into believing more candy has been consumed, and thus the sweet tooth is satisfied sooner. You can also use this with other snacks and treats, too!

There’s a common thread in all of this: Moderation is more effective than deprivation. When we deprive ourselves of the foods we crave, those cravings get stronger and stronger until we break under pressure. Instead, it’s perfectly fine – and healthier – to occasionally indulge responsibly. Tonight, give yourself permission. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Kyle Norton says:

    I completely agree with these tips/facts Davey! You are such an inspiration that it’s undeniable and truly happy to have you as a friend “from a distance” so to speak lol.. After tonight I’m starting my resolutions early so I can prepare myself for a better year and hope to hear from more tips in 2012 =]

  2. christopher says:

    these are good tips considering candy and chocolate.i have removed myself from meds to treat type-2 diabetes.i havent taken avandamet now for over two years.i am still a sceptic-i could have occasional chocolate or a sweet-but i am so used to staying away from these things-its ingrained in me.i do however substitute candy and chocolate-with fresh fruit.a couple of apples-a banana-an orange satisfy my sweet tooth.eating an apple or two per day-they are high in fiber-has made me regular.combined with over 75lbs weight loss-i have 23lbs to go to my total ideal weight/height proportion.and ive never looked back/never regressed.i will substitute a couple handfuls of dry roasted no salt peanuts-the fruit and my strict diet-and do this-it works for me.a sliver of milk/dark chocolate-wont ever kill me.as it may have-a few years ago.thanx-for the info.