5 Tips For Healthier Burgers.



Mmmm. Burgers.

According to The Economist, the average American eats 3 burgers per week. That adds up to 40 billion burgers annually. The problem is, most burgers start with fatty cuts of meat and then go from bad to worse with unhealthy toppings.

By upgrading the nutritional value of our burgers, we can take a huge step in the direction of a healthier diet. Here are a few simple and delicious tips for getting more out of your burgers.

  1. Start with lean meat. While turkey can be leaner than beef, it really depends on the cut. The USDA defines ‘lean’ as meat containing less than 10 grams of total fat, 4.5 grams or less of saturated fat and less than 95 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams cooked serving. You can also opt for extra lean for further reductions. If beef is your choice, grass-fed provides nutritional benefits over conventional beef. To cut down on calories per serving, I like to sneak lots of veggies into my burgers. I’ll chop up an onion and a few cloves of garlic to add into the meat mixture. Alternatively, a marinated Portobello mushroom burger can also be perfection.
  2. Select a whole grain bun. A wheat bun isn’t the same thing as a whole wheat bun. Whole grains contain all parts of the grain kernel; they contain more protein, fiber and nutrients. Read the ingredients to ensure that the first item listed has the word ‘whole’ before it. You can even ditch the bun and sandwich your burger between to lettuce leafs.
  3. Opt for healthier condiments. Mayo, BBQ sauce and ketchup are tempting. But the first is loaded in unhealthy fats and the second and third contain huge amounts of sugar. In fact, ketchup is 25% sugar. The good news is that all of these condiments are replaceable. Use a thick slice of tomato instead of ketchup. Avocado is another great condiment upgrade.
  4. Load up on the good stuff. Don’t stop with tomato and avocado. I love adding microgreens to my burgers. Sun-dried tomatoes and olives are also nice. You could use salsa and cilantro. Or red onions and spinach. Sometimes, I even top my burgers with an egg. Yum!
  5. Grate the cheese. Cheese has some health benefits, but it’s calorie dense and often loaded with unhealthy fats. If you absolutely must include cheese on your burger, opt for grated cheese. By grating your cheese, you reduce the portion.

The good news is that burgers can be a part of any healthy diet. It’s just important to be mindful of the ingredients you select. And if you have any tips for building a better burger, share them in the comments below!

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  1. I love this, I work at a Gourmet Burger Restaurant in Ontario, Canada and we have both Healthy and unhealthy burger combos tops. We also have healthy sides to pick from as well. Love this Davey good job