5 Tips to Eat Dessert Daily and Never Get Fat.

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eating just one of the pieces.ย  ~Judith Viorst

Yeah, yeah. We all know two things:

  1. If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, it’s important to keep tabs – even if it’s roughly – on the calories you consume.
  2. Desserts tend to have a shitload (that’s a technical industry term) of calories.

The Great Wall of Chocolate from P.F. Chang’s, for example, has 2,200 calories. More modest desserts in more modest portions tend to average out in the 300 calorie range (see here for a more detailed calorie listing). It’s no surprise, then, that I found the following tip posted in a fitness forum:

Limit yourself to 1 dessert per week – Go from 7 to 1 day to decrease calories by 1,800 (300 per dessert) per week. 3,500 calories burned (more than consumed) equals 1 pound.ย  So you can lose 1 pound every 2 weeks and 26 pounds in 1 year this one tip alone!

Talk about buzz-kill. Beyond the importance of calorie counting and the unhealthiness of most desserts, we also know another thing: Life is better with dessert. And so, dessert is one thing that I’m not willing to give up.

Don’t get me wrong: Nutrition is crucially important for a healthy lifestyle. But I refuse to subscribe to the mentality that I must deprive my taste buds of ice cream, apple crisp, pie or anything else pleasureful. Life is too short not to indulge responsibly; remember all those men and women on the Titanic that waved off the dessert tray.

If you’re like me in your unwillingness to deny your sweet tooth, then here are a few tips:

  1. Watch the portion and eat consciously. Your dessert desires can be satisfied with just a few bites. Consciously and fully enjoy each bite. You don’t need an entire pint of ice cream or thick slice of cake. It helps to put the portion on a separate plate or bowl (i.e., not eating ice cream out of the carton).
  2. Mix healthier options into your dessert selections. All desserts are not created nutritionally equally. While I’d never ask you to ditch chocolate cake entirely, occasionally opt for things like fruit salad, yogurt, mixed berries, cut mangoes or bananas drizzled in chocolate. Need more ideas? Here are some healthy dessert recipes you may want to try out.
  3. Work it off! Better and more effective than cutting calories to create a caloric deficit is to increasing the amount of calories you are burning. Starving yourself to lose weight tends to backfire. If you want to lose weight and you are unwilling to cut dessert, make it up on the treadmill. I burn 425 calories in 20 minute on the treadmill. I’d run an extra 20 minutes if it came to that or dessert!
  4. Balance it. Nutritional balance isn’t holding a cupcake in each hand. It’s eating well – most of the time. If you know that you’re going to indulge with your dessert, then cook (or order) a healthier man course. Instead of the double bacon BBQ cheeseburger at The Cheesecake Factory (6 zillion calories), order the Bang-Bang Chicken and Shrimp (only 2 zillion calories). I follow the 80/20 rule of eating healthy 80% of the time.
  5. Enjoy it. For fuck’s sake, enjoy the dessert and don’t feel guilty about it. Worst of all, don’t feel guilty about feeling guilty. Guilt is not a powerful motivator. Dessert is one of life’s simple pleasures. Eat up and enjoy.

So yes, when it comes to dessert, you can certainly have your cake and eat it to. If God didn’t want you to have chocolate, then she wouldn’t have invented it. Just indulge responsibly.

My question for you: What’s for dessert tonight? I’m having apple and pear cobbler.

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  1. I’m soo with you on this one! I love chocolate, but I never EVER love it more than once a week. While I am trying to GAIN weight right now, I’m trying to gain muscle, NOT FAT! Finding that healthy medium is difficult, but only at first. You still get to enjoy, just not overindulgence!!! XOXO -Stu

  2. Last night was a couple of chocolate chip cookies, so tonight will be Grapes!

    • Rimmer66 says:

      Actually tonight you should skip the grapes too ๐Ÿ˜› Or better limit the grapes to about 10….These are medium to high glycemic index gotta be careful. Try berries instead.

  3. I am having homemade (from scratch) apple tarts and apple pie…we just went apple picking!!!

    Can’t wait

  4. I have fallen ever so in love with Dolphin Chocolates. http://www.dolphinnatural.com/viewContent.asp?idpage=4
    I LOVE the dark chocolate. Eat one a day later at night when i get a craving. It’s about 3 bites worth and i just let each one dissolve in my mouth. No sugar and no dairy makes this vegan boy rather happy. IT’S 140 Calories but considering i used to eat a slice of vegan cake every night this is a much better alternative. I have also fallen in love with Tofuto Frozen Fudge bars. Only 30 calories!!!

  5. I think/know that the problem people need to work on is control. Train yourself in control, and it makes dessert so much easier to eat. Eat it slow and sensuous, taste every bite try to make it look sexy; don’t just dive in. Same goes for every other meal, if you take your time you will 1. fill up quicker = less calories 2. enjoy yourself more.

  6. This all makes sense. Now I understand why one of my former cycling (spinning) instructors taught six classes or more a week – she was unwilling to part with her nightly rendezvous with a bowl of ice cream. I concur.

  7. im having dinner for dessert ๐Ÿ™‚ and dark chocolate w/ almonds for dinner

  8. Good advice and links to solutions Davey. Thank you!

  9. i had an apple, specifically a gala apple for dessert…

    – cheers…

  10. Davey,

    I think one of my biggest pet peeves (*pets the peeve* -_-) is when people are offered a delectable array of desserts and they snub their little noses and kindly refuse. This usually happens when a group of friends feel pressured not to eat more because they are all sub-consciously competing with one another over their trim figure. Indulge a little bit. Split dessert with a buddy. If we all denied ourselves the right to chocolate, we would have nothing to work off. Give yourself the chance to feel something, truly. Start off with letting the whip cream dribble down your chin so someone can catch it.

    Yes, dessert works in more ways than one.

    Who wants ice cream?


  11. Perhaps it’s my ego that thinks the posting on my blog that I wrote about desserts this weekend inspired you to write this entry. If so I am honored to have given someone the inspiration to share their unique perspective! I embrace the position you take on desserts because it seems to sincerely give you joy! However, not all of our bodies can process sugar in the same way. I have diabetes in my family and I have been hypoglycemic since I was a child. The reason I have worked hard to lose nearly 60 pounds this past year is because I was running on my treadmill after eating a handful of M and M’s and began to sweat profusely, began to lose my vision, consciousness, and started to shake. I was used to a milder form of this throughout my life, but the reactions to sugar were getting more severe. Now it was happening every time I had something with any form of sugar in it, including maple syrup. I knew that I was beginning to become a diabetic. I refuse to be forced to inject insulin and stick myself all day with needles in order to eat junk food. My body gave me a clear message that I had to eat healthy food. So although it doesnโ€™t work for my personal wellness to have 20% of my food to be bad for me, I can see how that could be a viable way to live for some people to feel well. Since I have been eating healthy food 100% of the time I feel well 100% of the time and I havenโ€™t felt diabetic symptoms for nearly a year! I still enjoy desserts, but it has to be ones without sugar.

  12. Mosaic Dave says:

    Having once weighed 400lbs it’s taken a lot to maintain my ideal weight of 170lbs. After having a gastric bypass that was ‘too successful’ my Dr. told me to do whatever I could to gain some weight back. For nearly a year I ate a pint of Haagen Dasz and a 2L bottle of coke every day. That year I gained 15lbs to bring me to my ideal weight; a real tribute to the surgical procedure I had because any normal person would have gained 100 lbs from all those calories.

    I rarely eat desserts anymore of my own accord. If there’s a box of Timbits at work (donut holes for the Americans out there who may be unfamiliar with Tim Horton’s) I’ll have a couple. If there’s a bake sale I’ll contribute. But I almost never keep sweets of any sort at home and I never order dessert at restaurants. Not only am I a little desensitized to sweets but they have little nutritional value and with my new physiology it behooves me to focus on those foods my body requires to function well.

    Dessert s great and I would never deny myself something that I want. I think denial is a recipe for disaster. However I choose to focus on maintaining my health and that means that I exercise moderation when it comes to desserts. And I’m happy with that. I actually have some sense of personal responsibility for once in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. “then cook (or order) a healthier man course.” – #4

    hehehe ^_^
    id like to order a healthy man course too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. oh…em..gee..how do you burn 425 calories in 20 MINUTES!!!???!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!

    • Rimmer66 says:

      How the bloody hell do you burn 400+ calories on the T.M. for 20 minutes ! F* me sideways, are you running 10 mph on a 15 degree incline ??????? I barely manage to lose 220 cals on the treadmill and that’s at a 10-15 incline and 5-5.5 mph. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Well fuck me sideways – How the bloody hell do you burn 425 calories on a treadmill for 20 minutes, Christ are you running on a 50% incline ? lol ! I barely burn 240 cals on the treadmill for 30 minutes of alternating run/walk/15% incline/walk (6.5-7..0)/run, etc.

    A trick to lose weight (it’s difficult at first) is to try to figure out your own base metabolism and try to figure out your glycogen storage needs based on your activity….keep a balance between your sugar intake and exercise, making sure you are depleting your storage but also replenishing what you need ! Avoid foods high in glycemic index, you want to avoid the insulin rush, that is what inhibits fat storage in the first place. What makes you fat is NOT fat, and remember it is the combination of fat and sugar that is bad.

    You are not going to lose weight at the gym before you deplete your glycogen storage, then it’s the fats …. but you need to exercise at the right intensity / HR, for ideal fat burning (in the 25-50% of MHR zone). if you are addicted to sweets and stuff your big face with sweets all the time, your 20 minute session on the treadmill will do fuck all for you mate, you will just be burning from your sugar stores and there will be lots of it left, unless you are working your tits off at the gym, on a daily basis …. the weight you are likely losing is water weight and depleting glycogen storage……..you will keep your fat belly unless you make some changes in your diet. Just stuffing your face and treadmill is not enough!

    So next time instead of stuffing your face with that triple fudge pie and whipped cream – find yourself a good fuck buddy, then have a nice ripe banana + apple sprinkled with cinnamon and 16oz of spring water.


  16. BTW I would like to wish you and the faggots of AOF (now closed – long overdue but the owner did not have the balls to say goodbye or say he was shutting down) so to all of you here and the faggots of AOF, Merry Xmas and happy new year! Many good FUCKS in 2013, less drama and a better world…….