5 Tricks: How to Lose 5 Pounds & Lean Up for Summer.

How to lean up for summer...

Not everyone is looking to drop a significant amount of weight. With summer just around the corner, a lot of people are looking to just drop a few pounds and increase their definition. And for other people who have already lost weight, those last few pounds can be particularly pesky and stubborn.

If you’re looking to lose 5, 10 or 15 pounds, know that it’s best done through a combination of both increased exercise and modified diet. No surprise there, but here are a few helpful tricks:

  1. Evaluate your goal. Do you really need to lose those 5 pounds? For people that have already lost weight, maybe the quality of your life has already improved. Is another 5 pounds really necessary? Leaning up – even if it’s just a few pounds – requires changes in lifestyle. It’s not always worth the effort, and is often only temporarily sustainable. If you really do want to drop those extra pounds, keep reading.
  2. Increase your workout oomph. Pumping up the fitness side of the equation is important, and it can be done by increasing the frequency of your workouts (i.e., go to the gym 5x a week instead of 3 or 4), boosting the intensity of your exercise (i.e., running faster, steeper inclines, etc.), changing the type of exercise (i.e., swapping out biking for running intervals), or increasing the time spent exercising. A small change in your workout’s frequency, intensity, type, or duration will add up over the course of several weeks.
  3. Pick a diet plan, and stick to it. Basically, you can either reduce your carbohydrate intake or decrease your overall caloric intake. Both work. It’s just a matter of finding which works for you. If you love your burgers and steaks, a low-carb diet may make more sense. If you’re unwilling to give up bread and pasta, a low calorie diet is probably a better fit.
  4. Eliminate hidden carb/calorie sources. If you are decreasing your overall caloric intake, be mindful of portion sizes. Plates can be deceiving (big plates make portions look smaller!), and so measuring your food is a safe and fool-proof bet. Both carb and calorie counters must both pay special attention to beverages, as they’re often a hidden source of empty calories and carbohydrates. Yes, that means no soda, sweetened iced tea or lemonade. Cheeses, dips, spreads and salad dressings can also be hidden calorie bombs. But remember – there are plenty of delicious healthy choices for you to eat, and it makes a lot more sense to focus on what you can consume rather than what you can’t.
  5. Drink lots of water. I sound like a broken record player when I espouse the benefits of hydration. But drink, drink, drink your daily allotment of water. It will keep your metabolism racing, and a glass or two before a meal will help curb your appetite.

There really isn’t any secret to losing 5, 10 or 15 pounds of stubborn body fat. It just requires some time (give yourself 4 weeks for every 5-ish pounds) and dedication. For some extra help, download my Ultimate Guide to Working Out. Use promo code “summer” during checkout to save $10 before March 12.

Are you trying to lose a small amount of stubborn body fat? What’s your current approach to releasing the weight? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Iv been going to the gym for about a month now, been trying to go 3 times a week. i haven’t lost much weight, but i feel like my tummy has gone down, but overall i feel better about myself, and am more confident:) Thank you Davey Wavey, you inspire me not only to be a better person, but to have a healthy life style!

  2. Murray Soper says:

    Hi Davey

    I lost over 35 pounds last year, at the rate of 2-3 pounds per week, this happened by taking up cycling to work, so 22 miles daily (11 each way) over 5 days – I built up slowly 3, then4, then 5 days per week. As I got fitter and lighter it got easier and I was drawn to better foods naturally.

    This summer I want to shed another 14-16 pounds, to get back to the weight I was befire my father died 13 years ago – so I have added rowing to my excercise regime – I joined a club and row on the Thames 2 x per week, plus one gym session geared towards rowing technique every fortnight.

    I believe that for me it is great to be doing active things that are good in their own right, and have the added benefit of helping me lose weight and tone up.

    I think also its a case of doing the right things, and the right things will happen – i.e. taking positive action each day (when I can) and letting the results look after themselves. Patience is required as sustainable change takes time to occur, and the things in life that are really worth having, take longer to acquire.


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    It would really help me live my best life if you gave me an all-expense-paid trip to Montreal.

  4. christopher says:

    in the past few months ive lost 38 lbs and i feel great..im well to my goal-no doubt.i did pick up a bit during the christmas holidays-i seem to always do this.then the warmer weather came upon me-and im walking more and the two dogs Otis and Cassie have put me through a workout to say the least.consistently i walk with them-1.5 miles per day-takes just under 30 minutes-some days its a challenge-but everyday i accomplish the task.today-for instance was more of a challenge-but i made it.that in my estimation-is a very good thing.i look forward to tomorrow.results are showing.you know im into it even more than Otis and Cassie.im going to win this battle-i can taste the victory.

  5. Great article Davey but #2 was driving me nuts! Not the actual rule itself but your using of “i.e.” instead of “e.g.”

    Here’s a funny little comic I found which explains it better than I would.


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