6 Absolute Worst Foods You Can Ever Eat!

Please promise me that you will never order the Aussie Cheese Fries at the Outback Steakhouse.

I scoured the globe to find the 5 absolute worst foods that you could ever put into your body based on nutritional content. The winners are:

  1. Soda. Soda is loaded with calories, steeped in sugar, overflowing with artificial ingredients – and without any nutritional benefit. Soda is the ultimate example of “empty calories.” Just how much sugar is in a can of soda? About 40 grams – the equivalent of TEN packets of sugar! Yet the average American drinks 51 gallons of soft drinks each year. If we could cut that number in half (and replace the 25.5 gallons of soda with water), it would add up to more than 30,000 calories (the equivalent of 8.7 pounds of fat). It would take 57 hours on the treadmill to have the same effect.
  2. French fries. I recently requested the nutrition information for the “Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing” at the Outback Steakhouse. I was shocked; it contains 2,900 calories (much more than a day’s worth) and 182 grams of fat (65 grams is the typical recommendation for an entire day). Potatoes on their own are bad enough – they rate low on the gylcemic index. Their simple sugars are absorbed very quickly by the body. Once deep fried, their trans fat content goes through the roof. Avoid this gastrointestinal disaster at all costs! Opt for a salad, some rice – or pretty much anything else on the menu (and whatever you do, don’t smother them in cheese and ranch dressing).
  3. Chips. Traditional potato or corn chips face the same trans fat issues as french fries. Fortunately, the times are changing and some companies are making healthier alternatives – even baked chips. I do my best to substitute chips with carrot sticks; you get the same crunch but without the heart disease and clogged arteries.
  4. Mozzarella sticks. “Mozzarella sticks” is just another way of saying “fat fried in fat.” Cheese is full of fat. Deep fried, it’s even worse. Sure, there is some calcium in the cheese (and Mozzarella cheese is one of the lighter cheeses), but you’re much better off eating some spinach or yogurt to get the same calcium intake.
  5. Doughnuts. What’s worse than starting your day with a bowl full of sugary cereal? Reaching for a doughnut. High in trans fat and sugar, doughnuts are a true artery clogger devoid of nutritional benefit. Yet the average American consumes 35 doughnuts each year! Doughnuts are the one food that you will NEVER catch me eating – I just can’t justify it!
  6. Ice cream. I love ice cream, and it pains me to include it on this list. But did you know that a serving of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream can contain as much as 30 grams of fat? And who eats just one serving (half a cup)?! There is no saving grace for ice cream, save some calcium. Timing also comes into play – most of us eat ice cream just before bed, which is obviously the worst time possible!

Do you eat any of these foods? Or do you have any other foods to include on the list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Lol. Now I really feel like a fatty. Cause I eat all those things and I just had some mozzarella sticks too….fail. :[

    • Haha – yes, we’ve all had them. Maybe it’s just about having a little less.

      • Hi Dave,

        I love reading on your website and was recently reading the 6 worst foods post you wrote and was wondering about the soda.

        We all know sugary soft drinks are bad. However, i’ve heard recently that the sweeteners added to the sugar free versions, can indeed affect our blood sugar levels in a way. I was wondering if you had heard and would know anything about this. I am diabetic myself and im extremely interested. I drink Diet Coke every once in a while, so this would be interesting and important to know. (Not even my doctor in the UK could answer this!). Many thanks, keep the good work!

        • Hi Lara, Please whatever you do never ever ever drink diet sodas again, it would be better for you to drink regular soda than diet, the main sugar substitute that is used in most diet sodas is aspartame which has been linked to epilepsy, lou gherrigs disease, alzheimers and most forms of cancer among many others, it has been classified as a CUMILITAVE neurotoxin. Out of the hundreds of thousands of drugs the FDA oversees, 85% of the complaints it recieves yearly are against aspartame.
          Look it up.

  2. But I love Aussie cheese fries! πŸ™

  3. .. but I love Aussie cheese fries πŸ™

  4. I indulge in these every once in awhile. But for the most part on my daily diet these have no place.

  5. Luckily I don’t consume any of these things I hate soda and I don’t eat dairy but sometimes corn chips or french fries but not all the time, the one thing that I am addicted to is something quiet healthy called Kombucha but I’m also addicted to Hot Tamales but not so much anymore

    • OMG i used to be addicted to kombucha too, but then they recalled it all πŸ™ alcohol content was too high supposedly, i’ve been trying to grow my own ever since lol and failed every time

      • http://www.carpediem.com that’s the brand I drink its everywhere in europe and you can get it shipped worldwide or something like that , I wish they didn’t ban it lol its obviously gonna have an alcoholic content cause its fermented anything fermented has alcohol

      • I totally feel your pain!! Luckily, my friend’s grandma has been making kombucha for years and years, so I got a mushroom from them, and they help me.

        Try to find an old Russian lady to help you!

  6. I’ll give up my ice cream when, and only when, I know the very next bite will kill me.

    And I’m pretty sure the Aussie Cheese fries are an appetizer…not to be eaten by one person…

    • Luke, with that many calories… unless the single serving of Aussie Cheesefries are being shared as an appetizer by 30 or so people it’s pretty difficult to justify. (even with 29 extra people helping you, there are still loads of better options)

  7. Ummm…yeah…I think we should add deep fried cheese curds…have you ever had them? oh dear Lord they are better than the first time some guy bent me over backwards and…well…anyway, they are REALLY good but come on – fried cheese curds…should be on the list.

    • Agreed! I grew up in from Wisconsin so it’s pretty much treason for me to say this (I live in New York now, a safe distance to be dissing cheese curds.) but deep fried cheese curds are generally made from yello cheddar. Far worse than mozerella!

      … They’re soooo good! πŸ˜‰

      • christopher says:

        ah those cheddar cheese curds-or a combination of white and yellow cheese curds-let me know-i can send you some-like fom Appleton-Monroe-Green Bay-Milwaukee-are you getting hungry?

  8. actually i feel quite good because i eat none of these things :). sometimes soda – but only sugar free and below 8kcal/100ml. so my worst thing would be the aspartame which also is in my sugarfree bubble gums that iΒ΄m addicted to, i guess. and of course the cookies ;).

    • I’ve replaced virtually ALL of my sugar with Stevia… not normal stevia..but a SPECIFIC BRAND!

      So much of it has a bitter aftertaste.. but I FINALLY found one that’s just sweet.. not bitter..

      It’s made by Nu-Naturals.

      I make lemonade with it.. and NO ONE believes that it’s sugar or aspartame free… I use it in my coffe.. I guestimate it for half the sugar in my baking..

      really.. WAY better than fake soda or “diet” drinks with all the chemicals..

  9. Gave up soda when I turned 30. (15 some years ago). Best thing I could have done for my health and teeth. I hate fried foods but ice cream is my weakness but I do not buy it at the store so the temptation is not there. Once in a blue moon a little gelato is about all that sustains my ice cream craving.

  10. yuck, i never could understand the american’s “fat fried in fat” or the southern states, cook in bacon grease, yuck.
    And those Aussie Cheese Fries, c’mon there is no way they got that idea from us, i am an aussie and i have never seen that on a menu anywhere in my life. The only things i eat on that list are chips, donuts, and ice cream, dont eat ice cream unless its summer, i eat a donut everyday :$ lol, and chips i eat sometimes.
    I’ve seen some bizarre eating habits around here though, salt on apples, that can’t be healthy.

    • Agree… as an Aussie the only place i see these cheesey fries things are yanky food chains like tgi Friday or Yank rip offs like lornestar before they went under.

      • Was thinking the same thing guys, but then pretty much the whole menu at “Outback” is not Aussie.. Now if they served meat pies…lol

  11. Another type of food, that I heard was really bad for you, was frozen TV dinners. Apparently most of them are high in sodium, and some are really high in fat.

  12. You so forgot cheesecake and pie! I love pumpkin pie but only in winter time and cheesecake is a luxury food meant only for special occasions like when they are $1 at the Fresh & Easy down the street.
    I like bagels as opposed to donuts, I know not to eat those cheese fries (thanks to Eat This etc). Ice cream I’ll disagree with. There are great alternatives to traditional ice cream. Many are available within the ice cream category. Dryers (I don’t remember the east coast name) makes slow churrned 1/2 fat & calorie ice cream. It’s creamier and just richer tasting.
    Basically, any food that is prepackaged like frozen dinners and such are full of preservatives which are terrible for the body. The fresher, the better, and natural to organic foods are much better. I try to eat more natural. Even natural yogurt.
    You should make a request for peoples alternatives to bad foods. We could give you recipes and such.

  13. Think these are bad? I live in Scotland. Matching our reputation for culinary excellence and healthy living, we have a delicacy called the deep fried mars bar.

    • christopher says:

      dont do that-especially at the Wisconsin State Fair-just like a deep-fried Snickers Bar.Dont do it.

  14. Byrnsy_Sydney says:

    I’m an Aussie, living in Australia and I’ve never heard of Aussie Cheese Fries. It’s definitely not anything we eat but knowing how we’ve followed your eating habits (and subsequent obesity issues), we probably will eventually…

  15. Well I am doing well only thing i have is soft drink every Saturday with my meal plus in Australia never heard of cheese fries.

  16. Kjell-Magne Olsen says:

    I have not touched any of the 6 things you mention the last 5 months and I have lost 47 kg, and then I have not trained any But I feel much better and i slightly better believeng in myself, so now I have to start training…..
    thanks for datt you inspired me so I had the courage to change myself to something better




  17. I am not surprised about any of this.

    And carrots are a terrible substitutes for chips. And salads for my delicious, artery clogging fries.

    I limit myself to something ‘big’ like the aussie fries once a year.

    Ice cream is a 1 tub a month ordeal. 😑

  18. beer… its liquid bread people…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcHP1tWWEvI&feature=more_related actly all mixed drinks, jello shots etc are a step toward obesity… im always amazed at the number of lgbt dudes i see every weekend (includes friday and even thursday) that drink to excess regularly and dont seem to be getting fat, or dont care that they are…. maybe its all the smoking…. i guess dancing is good exercise… hmmm..
    the best food is not in a plastic pkg or freezer box… my mother is way wise and she has always lived her life by this guiding principle… everything in moderation…

    – cheers… david

  19. Well that explains why I’ve had so much trouble gaining weight in my life. xP
    I’ve always had trouble stomaching potatoes and fries, and only eat them about once a week when my mum sees fit to clog me with them.
    Soda I cut out early this year and replaced with water when clubbing. (Alcohol has always been a no-no.)
    Chips or a donut I might have maybe once a week at a push, and ice-cream as much as I love I only eat when ill.

    I feel much healthier now. :]
    *lifts a kilo of chocolate out the cupboard* – It’s weight training. <_<;

  20. I sure love me my ice cream. any time anywhere especially in the middle of winter. but i only like the above average ice cream. and i love deep fried chocolate bars. they are the bomb. i wonder where they came from to be so popular in new zealand. other than that i dont drink soda it burns on the way down. and chips anything is delicious. though im incredibly lazy and often cant be bothered going through the effort of buying any bad food i like. lul. even though i go to the gym five days a week at 5 in the morning.

  21. My understanding is that ice cream is a low GI food and if you have to choose between desserts, its usually one of the better options. Plus there are so many low fat or low sugar options available now!

  22. Regarding ice cream: YOU CAN DO ICE CREAM, but it take s a bit of discipline.
    I buy the single serving containers. I KNOW that if I buy a pint, I’ll eat the whole thing!
    I’m fortunate enough to have a grocery store that has a large variety of single packs, and I’ll usually get 10 of them (10 for 10), and mix it up with sorbet (ciao bella blood orange is the best, with only 70 calories!). I can mix it all up with my regular diet and since I allow myself two items from my snack chest a day (single pack ice cream and sorbets, jell-o fat/sugar free pudding cups, and a few other things) it keeps me from depriving myself but allows me to only have a proper serving.

  23. I’ll eat icecream anyways. You need fat in your diet πŸ˜›

  24. I love ice cream too, but I understand how perilous it can be for us.

    Ever see Fast Food Nation? The interviews with the Baskin-Robbins heir are priceless, and enough to make one *almost* swear off ice cream. You can also just take a look at the list of ingredients on most commercial ice creams. It’s very, very far from how your grandma may have made it. What industrial ice cream makers have done to make it “extra creamy” and last indefinitely in your freezer is literally incomprehensible. Does anyone know what this crap is? Maltodextrin, Caramel Color, Propylene Glycol Monoesters, Cellulose Gum, Mono & Diglycerides, Cellulose Gel, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Vitamin A Palmitate. ?? It’s all a far cry from milk, cream, sugar and a couple of eggs.

    That’s why when I want ice cream, I *really* have to want it because I make my own. Eating it becomes a joy and a treat. You have to have an ice cream maker, but you can get a great one at your local hardware store for $30.

    Our culture is saturated with easy, easy, easy and our access to crappy ice cream is no different. Remember, these treats used to be just that, a treat. We have to keep that in mind.

  25. OK — how about deep-fried twinkies! They MUST be the worst food idea on the planet! This goes along with funnel cakes and probably anything else served at amusement parks these days, with the exception of caramel apples. I LOVE caramel apples, my bi-annual treat.

  26. Like so many other commenters here ice cream is my big weakness. And eating it soon before bed can also create other issues for the somewhat lactose intolerant.

  27. Given I enjoy all of these foods, it’s no wonder I don’t have a Davey Wavey body, despite the amount of gym time I put in…

  28. Reading this made my mouth water just thinking of those foods =(

  29. I eat potatoes a lot, boiled into vegan vichysoise, fried hash browns, baked in a salt crust, steamed in the microwave etc. and also potato chips and tortilla chips with salsa. I drink mexican soda pop, usually Coke, tamarind or apple, when I’m drinking rum or sometimes with other liquor, less than a six pack a month. being vegetarian I have zero arterial plaque, but I’m very overweight, I weigh twice as much as when I was 16 and I’m about as tall as then. (40 years ago)

  30. Ok I get the whole ice-cream thing (as much as it pains me to admit it!) but I still want a little sugary treat every now and then.
    What about this: I take some store-bought fruit juice, dilute half with water, freeze it and eat it as a kind of substitute sorbet? What are your thoughts on that Davet?

  31. Obviously you have never tasted a Krispy Kreme donut…OMG! Put one on top of your head and your tongue will slap your brains out trying to get to it!

    • See?? Exercising while you eat!! Great plan. (I have a Krispy Kreme 1 mile away – it’s on the way to work. So, I found a different way to get to work.)

    • christopher says:

      where i live-every single Krispy Kreme shop has closed-except for one-its now a regional bakery of their products.every outlet opened in Canada has closed-that should tell you something.

  32. How about all of them? Holy jesus.

  33. Like Davey says, there are so many alternatives these days.

    Personally I have been roasting broccoli spears when serving turkey or veggie burgers at the house.

    Like many I was raised to have something sweet at the end of most meals. Locally a supermarket chain has healthier frozen yogurt alternatives, normally around 100 calories and less. One scoop or two usually satisfies me.

  34. I’m slightly proud of myself right now. I actually did pretty good with this list. I substituted soda for juice a few years ago so it’s been years since I’ve had soda. I can only eat french frties if they’re made with corn flower or rice flower so I tend to only eat them at home and I bake them so they’re at least not deap fried. Chips I mostly avoid because I’m alergic to the wheat that tends to be included in the flavored powders, motzerella sticks and donuts are a hugh “no-no” for me because I’m also alergic to dairy, and ice cream is also dairy so I only have sorbet which isn’t nearly as bad as ben & jerry’s.

  35. There’s two things on that list I’m regularly guilty of… Fries and donuts.

    I hardly drink soda (usually diet) I hardly eat potato chips, and I never have… mozzarella sticks? (people eat that straight?)
    I have certain stomach issues with cheese now anyways, and, as much as I love it, I can only eat it in really limited moderation.
    Ice cream is also a rare treat once in a long while – too expensive now! LOL
    My big weaknesses are fries topped with ketchup, and sadly donuts. I live close to too many Tim Hortons! LOL
    A donut coupled with a coffee, double double… no wonder I’m still fat!

    • christopher says:

      ah-dont get me started on Timmies.or Timbits.Tim Hortons Coffee is still the very best.i drink it every morning-heaven on earth-Tim Hortons Coffee.

  36. You can definitely find some healthy alternatives to some of these foods…I’m a chip freak so I like to have chips whenever I can…There are a lot of organic chips that are cooked without oils that you can find in just about any grocery store…Or there’s always carrots like Davey said! I don’t eat dairy so I can’t comment on the whole fried cheese thing but the ice cream addiction I totally get…A pretty great alternative that I’ve found is Almond Dream ice cream…It only comes in three flavors right now I think (vanilla, chocolate, and cappuccino) but it’s gluten free and dairy free…It comes in a pint size and only has 190 calories and 10 g of fat…It tastes so freakin’ good! But, like anything, you have to practice portion control and moderation. Haha Oh and Dreyer’s makes blueberry acai popsicles…Not sure how healthy they are but they’re pretty tasty!

  37. im eating ice cream as we speak… damn.

    i honestly dont think i could give it up, even though this managed to make me pause (impressive)… its like a vice

  38. i use to eat alot of fastfoods when i was younger, but now i have gone off it only eat health foods and regular exercise.
    im only driving when i actually need to.

  39. I have to admit I sometimes have a doughnut, but that would make my intake about 4 a year. And if I make chips they are done in a halogen turbo oven, not fried, with either a light olive oil spray or dipped in egg white. I prefer sweet potato to potatoes, and even parsnips make good chips.

    And I have lived in EVERY Australian State (including Tasmania) and never, EVER, come across that hideous so-called ‘Aussie’ cheese fries. And you won’t find anything like it anywhere in the ‘Outback’ (and the Outback is anywhere regional in the interior of our country).

  40. Conker malik johnson says:

    I am ripped now but i want to have (1) doughnut. can i have 1???????and stay ripped

  41. I live in Australia and have NEVER met or heard of Aussie Cheese Fries!

  42. Bullwinkle says:

    Soda is nasty for you. I was talking to my friend who is studying nutrition just last night and he said that cola can stick to fat cells, which may cause vitamin deficiency. I’ve never heard of this before, but if it’s true, that’s just plain vile.

  43. I replace chips with Smart pop, popcorn. It’s high in fibre, low in calories, Still gives you the great crunch of chips. a little hint of salt. But with out all the fat and calories of Chips.

  44. Aussie Cheese Fries with ranch dressing!Cheese Fries are something I’ve never even heard of here in Melbourne Australia.

  45. Guess this means no more poutine for all your Canadian fans. Gravy, fried potatoes and cheese curds..

    • christopher says:

      ah Poutine-my favourite comfort food-i first had this gut busting heart attack on a plate at a racetrack in Sarnia Ontario-and later in London and Toronto as well.im from the States and took to this Canuck phenomonym-this sensation.this is great snacking food for like the Superbowl or Stanley Cup Playoffs.but beware-the ingedients are—french fries-brown gravy and cheese curds.cheese curds are easily bought in Wisconsin.If you want to blame someone for this-try Quebec-Quebecois-they are trying very hard to kill the rest of Canada-and this Gringo.if you must partake in this snack-do it in extreme moderation.i made this took it to work-i nearly killed everyone.there is a street vendor in City Centre London Ontario-that features Poutine in sizes small medium large extra large.Beware-Mis en garde.

  46. christopher says:

    forget that bloomin onion @Outback Steakhouse.what i see as a big no-no-stay away from pasta and pizza-way too much carbohydrates.Italian cuisine-as it is and is very popular-would be good-but only in moderation.the Italian diet calls for pasta-but as a side dish-not as a main primary dish.with the economic times we are in-its relatively cheap-to load up on pasta-it fills you up-but if you dont work it off-it will add to your waistline-bacause you overload on this food.same goes for rice-its a starch.someone please tell me -that i am right about this.

  47. Kenneth says:

    I don’t know about potatoes themselves being completely bad. But french fries are definitely a weakness. Everytime I go to Wendy’s or Jack-in-box I always order french fries. Even going to steakhouses, I order a side of fries.

  48. Not even GOD herself (Oprah) could get me to give up ice cream. πŸ™‚ But since it’s the only thing on the list I ever consume I’m on the right track.

  49. christopher says:

    what about sugar free ice now and then?i cant consume sugar-but sugar free i always look for-it contains calories-but no sugar-every once in a while.whats bad about that-and only rarely?

  50. i have never even heard of Aussie Cheese Fries! and i live in Australia, we have fast food here as well, but they always come with a salad and are never covered in cheese or mastard etc, gets me thinking, Australia is the fatest countru in the world, except compared to America we have a much more healthy diet. (no offence) weird
    btw, davey wavey, i watch all your youtube vids, their great, i just wish there were more people like you in the world.
    Just wondering, is it strange to be a girl and be atracted to gay men?

  51. Robert Fyrst says:

    I think the real challenge is not necessarily to tell yourself “I can’t eat these foods.” The challenge is to educate yourself about what you are eating. Then you can make better choices. You can eat these foods and maintain, lose, or yes gain weight. But you can’t eat chili cheese fries, fried cheese sticks, drink a 44 oz soda, and top it all off with ice cream for dessert every day and be healthy. But maybe this month, you have a half order of fries and at your niece’s birthday party, you have that double scoop of ice cream. BEING A SIZE HEALTHY SHOULD BE YOUR GOAL.

  52. Thank you fore save my abs:P because in the Menshealth magazine i have read that Soda is better then Milk.

    but know i read from my fitness goeroe.. and yes Davy that is totaly you. Soda is a fat gainer… OMG.. thank you so muche fore notice me that.

    i use Mass tadon to gain dry muscels only. But i was drinking it with Soda… now i understand it all..

    But what can i use instead? low fat milk? ore have full milk.. ore is the best way to get the least of fat… whater..

    thank you fore all the help.

    BTWay your 5 min abs workout works like magic.. again a thank you fore that πŸ™‚

  53. Agreed mostly!! But I have to disagree in saying that ice cream is the worst treat you can reach for. It is high in fat, yes, but dairy fat is actually beneficial, which most people don’t realize. The bigger problem about ice cream is the sugar, but it is free of grains which in my opinion is a worse offender than fat.
    Besides that all those other foods are definitely nasty to munch on.

  54. christopher says:

    Oberweis ice cream in Illinois has two flavour versions of sugar-free ice cream-ice cream guilt-without the sugar-tastes gr8-but still only on special occasions-as in a summer heat wave.got to luv it.


    • christopher says:

      me too-and one of the reasons ive lost over 70lbs-30lbs to go.i eat sushi-3 to 4 times per week.Shinto Sushi-in Naperville-Illinois-my favourite sushi place-high energy music too.i could go on and on about the best sushi places to go-and take-out too.im luving this a lot.

  56. christopher says:

    none of the above mentioned items will i ever eat again-NEVER-in the past yr i lost 70lgs-ive got 30some lbs to go-i work out at the gym-treadmill-3-5 miles per day-free weights and machines-working out is so so much fun-my enthusiasm will never ever fade—-Davey Wavey-i owe you my life.my workout is dedicated to you-and i will benefit by it.be very very damn proud of me.i luv you and myself too-time for me to get busy-i workout tonight-as everyday.Thanx.

  57. I now have a craving for Aussie Cheese Fries.

    I only drink Diet sodas which are probably just as bad, I love a portion of Chips or french fries and eat crisps as well.

    Krispy Kreme doughnuts are an occasional treat

  58. carrots are no substitute to chips

  59. christopher says:

    corn-of any kind-raw-prepared-creamed-on the cob-are empty calories.same with popcorn.its no wonder cattle are fed feedcorn-to fatten them up.same with human consumption.all other vegetables are good to eat-the exception-is corn.

  60. Stephanie says:

    What about beer? That’s one of my bad habits (not alcoholic level I swear!), but I also eat the rest of the stuff you listed πŸ™ not all the time, but some more than others, doughnuts are actually a rarity for me. But beer on the other hand, I’ve heard pros and cons, what is your take Davey? Are there any benefits at all to drinking beer….. maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to continue lol

  61. christopher says:

    in response to an update latest entry to the blog about beer consumption-Mens Fitness-October 2011 edition-Bad Foods Gone Good-Beer-2 Glasses-ok-Dark Chocolate-ok-coffee-potatoes.read from page 74.—-you decide.

  62. I’m from Portland. Doughnuts, especially Voodoo Doughnuts, are godsent. Very popular, everyone eats them. And yet Portland ranks among the top fittest cities in America. Some days, I just gotta have my bacon maple bar with my Stumptown mocha. πŸ˜›

  63. Hey Davey

    I have a request, can you try and come up with a “Eating For Fitness” book tailored to college students? Living in the dorms, I can’t really buy groceries on my little budget, and I already have a meal plan on campus anyway (which includes a dining hall buffet style food, subway, burger king, starbucks etc.).


  64. AGGGHHH!!
    Soda, my father is addicted to soda, i always try tokeep my house 0 soda until my dad comes from work, its too tempting
    French fries, its been so long since i ate any french fries, not to mention (and so do you) that the oil its cooked its not only indrustrial class (alimentary oil designed to last a long time), and that thing is re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-recooked, and some times not reemplaced until 5 months old (believe me, i studied and work in the food buisness)
    CHIPS, almost never eaten in a long while, and those times were banana baked chips XD
    Mozarella stick, come ON! Give me a break, how dould someone make a fried stick out of chesse?, NO, NEVER ATE THOSE
    DOUGHNUTS, mmmmm… nop also a long while since i ate a good sized piece of sweet bread (pan dulce here in mΓ©xico)
    ICECREAM, that was a low hit, i like it and happen to eat it recently, thanks davey to remember me my guilt

    Well thats all, and i liked your christmas video, trully you are a golden boy

  65. Ice cream shouldn’t be on that list… the richest ice creams have less than 20 grams of fat and its fine in moderation as long as its all natural.

  66. I think everyone knows that these are the worst fatty (not the good kind of fatty) foods since they’re so obvious… Then again, its not like its easy to get out of eating them :/

  67. Have you ever been to Brazil? How can I get rid of all this living in Rio de Janeiro? lol

  68. What the eff are cheese fries? I’m Australian and never in my 20 years have I seen cheese fries anywhere! That sounds disgusting, my god the amount of grease in the picture…!! Please don’t judge our cuisine by the Outback Steakhouse menu πŸ˜›

  69. What about red wine? It has FOUR TIMES as many calories as soft drinks!

  70. Fuck u please

  71. …at this very moment when i am eating doughnuts and drinking soda, im fat..lol im 110 pounds:P

  72. T-Baggins415 says:

    You forgot bread (white, whole wheat, etc.)
    1 slice is equivalent to 5 teaspoons of sugar.

  73. T-Baggins415 says:

    And BTW animal fat (mozzarella sticks) isn’t that bad for you. We need animal fat in our diets to keep us healthy. It’s the breading that makes it unhealthy. I’ve been doing Atkins for years now and have lost 50lbs. Cheese is ok and allowed but no more than 4oz. Any more than that and you risk stalling your weight loss for the day. I agree with all the other entries. Sad about ice cream. But if you go to a parlor and get just one scoop in a normal size cone that keeps the serving small.

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    So although I have no trouble with giving up donuts or mozzarella sticks, I have some questions about the others. I am a vegan so I do my best to avoid anything fried in animal fat (giving the trans fat) but let’s say I made my own French fries? Cut up a potato and cooked it on a pan with some vegetable oil (either over or stove). Does this have any nutritional value? It sure does go great with a black bean burger.

    Also, chips and salsa have been a staple for me. I like to convince myself that salsa is all tomatoes and veggies are the chips are corn or tortilla. That MUST be better than fries. But this still offer any nutritional value, lets say, if I had it for a meal?

    Lastly, the ice cream I buy is made with coconut milk and had a much lighter feel. Is consuming this still something to avoid at all costs?


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