7 Tricks to Cut Calories.

How-to-Cut-CaloriesWeight loss happens when your body is in a calorie deficit. That is, you take in fewer calories than your body burns. For lasting and sustainable weight loss, the calorie deficit is created by moving more and eating smarter.

Cutting calories sounds like a daunting task. But the truth is, just cutting a few hundred calories per day is enough for most of us to make significant progress toward our weight loss goals. It doesn’t need to be a difficult, expensive or time-consuming process.

For some easy calorie cutting, put these tips to use for you!

  1. Drink your coffee black. You’ll cut out 120 calories without cream and sugar (not to mention 18% of your daily value of saturated fat and 12 grams of sugar).
  2. Leave the cheese off of your sandwich. And don’t use mayo or butter. Guess what? It’ll still taste great. You’ll slim your sandwich by 200 calories – and you’ll still feel just as full!
  3. Order a glass of water in between drinks. If you’re out or enjoying happy hour, remember that many alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories but devoid of nutrition. While eliminating alcohol altogether may seem unrealistic, space out your drinks by having a glass of water in between.
  4. Replace soda with mineral or sparkling water. It will still give you some fizz and flavor, but without any empty calories. A single cup of Coke has more than 180 calories.
  5. Don’t eat the pie… crust. We all need to live a little. Clearly, pie isn’t the healthiest dessert choice – but if you do indulge, do so sensibly. By not eating the crust, you slice nearly 100 calories out of your pie serving. Similarly, if you do have ice cream, get it in a cup instead of a cone. Or top your dessert with a few berries instead of globs of chocolate syrup.
  6. Get a smaller dinner plate. Not only do smaller plates hold less food, which translates to fewer calories, but research shows that smaller plates trick our minds into feeling fuller. By moving from a 9″ dinner plate to an 8″ dinner plate, you can cut an average of 200 calories out of your meal.
  7. Substitute in your recipes. If you’re making meatballs, replace half the meat with brown rice. If you’re baking, substitute avocado or applesauce instead of butter.

While these tips might not apply to all people everywhere, the strategy works and is universal. In your everyday life, it’s very easy to cut a moderate amount of calories while still maintaining the quality of life that you enjoy. Making smarter choices here and there can (and does!) add up over time.

What are some other tips you have for cutting calories? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Instead of pouring dressing all over your salad, dip the tip of your fork into dressing and then your salad! You get the perfect tint of flavor while all at the same time, sacrificing calories

  2. Use regular or Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or mayo. Specifically plain yogurt.

  3. 1. Substitute hummus on sandwiches in place of mayo.
    2. Salad dressings. If you absolutely can’t live without fattening dressings like thousand island, bleu cheese, or ranch dressing, water it down. By replacing 1/3 of your bottle of dressing with water, you are cutting that many calories, and you’re not sacrificing much of the flavor.
    3. You can make home made salad dressings with little to no oil. Purée fresh fruits and cashews with herbs and vinegars for some interesting creations. My favorite: 1T balsamic vinegar, 2 mashed fgs, 4 raspberries, a little white pepper and garlic powder, dried thyme, and a splash of orange juice. Blend together in a blender with 3-5 whole raw cashews.

  4. The crust is the point of pie. Sigh…

    Here is my first rule: if you are going to indulge, select the best of something. Then eat it without guilt.

    Second rule: If you are going to indulge, make it yourself. Do not buy second rate pie at the grocery store.

  5. – Replace the bowl of sweets in the office by a basket of apples
    – Replace the bowl of salted nuts during that tv gathering by a cup of shelled peanuts
    – Demand your fruit smoothie without sugar/sweetener in your favorite coffe chain
    – Go boiled eggs instead of scrambled from that hotel breakfast buffet. You can easily assess how much you eat and decide how much white/yolks you want
    – You like pizzas? I do too! Replace white flour by buckwheat or chickpea flour (IG will plummet and nutrition will increase). Replace deli meat by genuine lean meat. Replace cheese by grated mushroom, sesame and spices (no salt!).
    – BBQ ? Drop sausages and ready to grill meat (often not much meat left), instead get your skinless lean meat and prepare it the best way…replace 1/2 quantity of meat on the grill by zucchinis, eggplants, mushrooms
    I could add many other tricks…

  6. As for pie crust, you can also make it with whole buckwheat flour/plain yoghurt instead of white flour/butter/egg.

  7. Great tips!

  8. Excellent tips, however cheese will never leave my sandwich that is crazy talk. The others I can live with. Have a glass of water between drinks at happy hour is key to not getting dehidrated as well as keeping your alcohol intake down which has other benefits as well as cutting calories. Good post.

  9. Fantastic tips Davey.

    Ive also found that dropping down milk helps. For instance going down from full fat milk to semi-skimmed, or from semi-skimmed to skimmed doesn’t really take that much effort.

    Plus (from what I have read) you still get the same amount of calcium and protein, just less calories.

    The taste difference between semi-skimmed to skimmed isnt really that much, in fact, having been on the latter for a week, ive noticed no difference in taste, but I have noticed a difference in ‘dress sizes’!