7 Ways I’m Making 2011 the Healthiest Year of My Life!

We’re only a few hours days into the new year, but I’m already convinced that 2011 is going to be the healthiest year of my life. This year really will be different, because I’m making not just talking the talk – I’m walking the walk.

Walking the walk requires making changes. And I’m doing just that:

  1. I’m cooking more. And buying fewer prepared foods. Prepared foods are packed with things that aren’t nourishing for our bodies – including huge amounts of sodium. You might not know what goes into a can of Spaghettios. But you do know what goes into a dish of pasta that you cooked yourself. Cooking your own meals is an easy way to cut down on a whole slew of undesirables.
  2. I’m flossing. This time, I mean it. In addition to resulting in cleaner teeth and fresher breath, flossing has also been linked to a reduction in heart disease.
  3. I’m adding more variety to my workout. Our muscles become accustomed to our routines, and thus they can become less challenging over time. By changing up our workout variables (like base of stability, rest time durations, sequencing, intervals in cardio training, exercise type, etc.), we can keep our workouts challenging.
  4. I’m using sea salt instead of table salt. It’s a small step, but equal measurements of sea salt actually have less sodium than table salt because the larger crystals take up more room. There is more air space with sea salt, so it’s an easy way to cut sodium without sacrificing flavor. Having said that, sea and table salt contain equal percentages of sodium by weight – and neither is healthy. Most of us get way too much salt to begin with.
  5. I’m buying more frozen vegetables. And hopefully eating them, too. Flash frozen vegetables are a great addition to anyone’s diet. They are healthy, easy to prepare and super convenient.
  6. I’m washing my hands more. In the past few months, I’ve gotten better at washing my hands more frequently. It’s a simple way to reduce the risk for illness, and it’s especially important after hitting the gym and handling all those dirty weights!
  7. I’m saying “no” to things that will result in overcommitment. And saying yes to enjoying life. It’s not always easy to say no to friends, family or coworkers – but I’m getting pretty good at it. Instead of giving 50% of myself to a whole bunch of things, 2011 will be all about giving 100% of myself to fewer things. In fact, I just realized that this is my belated New Year’s resolution: To give more of myself to fewer things. I love it!

Okay, so those are the 7 things to which I’m now committed. It’s in writing, so it’s official. But what are some other great ways to be healthier that you’d recommend? Let us all know in the comments below!

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  1. I love #7! I think its true that people overcommit to things and people… how about committing to something and following through with it… that gives a rush happiness because something has been completed. I just in the past few days installed a new car stereo and speakers… I never thought I could but I did it and I feel great!

  2. I switched from regular salt to kosher salt a few years ago. Its just better for cooking and has the same irregular shaped crystals that sea salt has.

    • I agree! But because the crystals are large and there is more air space between them, there’s actually less sodium in each measurement – which is just another great benefit!

  3. I’m thinking about that, giving 100% of yourself to fewer things. Maybe I have some re-prioritizing to do.

  4. These fairly simple pointers are in fact HUGE when it comes to taking back more control of your life. I’m really feeling #7 myself and need to do a better job at pulling back the reins and becoming more of a master of my time.

    Good tips for the start of 2011, and clearly ones I need to incorporate into my life if I’m to be able to share in the rewards of a happier, healthier New Years.


  5. well… i consider Dance a really healthy way to work out… depending on what you do.. but ballet, tap, Charleston, hiphop (professional dance), and pop are my new way of working out and believe it… i can breathe better run faster and for longer distances… and my body looks better ! so my resolution for this year is to make it into the New York’s Ballet Company, so wish me luck!!

  6. I love you’re resolutions, they’re great! I have a similar one to number 7 except I am going to spend more time working on myself instead of always putting other people first. I am going to start treating myself right by buying the Underwear Yoga and keeping to it for my physical health, as well as eating healthily and taking time to meditate and face issues instead of sweeping them under the carpet!
    Hurray for new beginnings!!

  7. I’m a huge fan – longtime reader – first time commenter.

    This is a great list – and while the chef in me has to adore #1 – my favorite of the list is #7. Many people preach the “The Power of No.” It really can literally change your life in so many ways. But – think of it as the “The Power of No, Thank You” and it gives it a positive spin. Perspective is really important – meaning – don’t take on “saying no” as a burden but rather take the time to explain the other things in your life you are giving quality time to – and say I’d hate to commit to “x” and not being able give “x” my best. but thanks for asking. ๐Ÿ™‚ “The power of no, thank you” can change YOUR life – and change others perspective as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for all you do Davey!

  8. Number 7 “Iโ€™m saying โ€œnoโ€ to things that will result in overcommitment. And saying yes to enjoying life.” is on my list of things to do in 2011 too!