Am I Addicted to Chocolate?

Dear Davey,

Of late I’ve been working on dropping fat and building muscle definition but I have a small problem; I like chocolate a lot. I’m eat maybe just 25 grams per day but I still fear that this might be undoing all of my good work. Can you please help or offer some suggestions?


Dear Robbie,

Chocolate, in moderation, can actually be beneficial to the body. Researchers have concluded that the magic number is 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day – which is roughly the equivalent of 1/2 chocolate bar per week. Milk chocolate and white chocolate don’t provide the same benefits, so opt for high quality dark chocolate. In a nutshell, eating 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and helps lower blood pressure.

If you find yourself unable to control your sweet tooth, look elsewhere in your diet. Sugar is addictive; drinking fewer sugary drinks (sodas, fruit punch, etc.), eating fewer desserts, candies and the like will decrease your cravings for sweet foods. Moreover, it’s recommended that you eat foods that are low on the glycemic index. These foods are digested slowly, and they help keep blood sugar levels stable. You have to break the sugar-sugar cycle.

It’s also worth looking at your behaviors. Do you overeat chocolate when you’re bored, lonely or upset? If so, it’s worth examining and resolving any underlying issues (if they exist) that are causing you to binge on chocolate. In other words, chocolate addiction may be the symptom of a deeper and more complex underlying issue.

The bottom line: When it comes to chocolate, less is certainly more.


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  1. I’d do the same lol

  2. But make sure its fair trade or you might be unknowingly supporting child slavery and forced labor.

  3. I have a similar problem, but I control it really well I think, I haven’t had chocolate in several days.

    It definitely isn’t sugar that I’m addicted to, I almost always eat dark chocolate, and never get cravings for sugary treats.

  4. Dennis Oliver says:

    I can’t not have chocolate on any day. I still maintain my weight and stay quite happy.

  5. JEAN HELIOS says:

    I love chocolate.
    In France we tend to think that rather than calories, it’s guilt that gets you fat.
    If you RELISH in eating with pleasure a reasonable amount of good organic dark chocolate, it can only do you good.

  6. My habit is far worse. I’ve always loved peanut butter cookies, whoopie pies, fudge … any kind of peanut butter dessert. My Achilles heel is my sweet tooth. However, a few weeks ago I developed a heightened and intense pregnancy craving for peanut butter. My diet is otherwise pretty healthy and includes oatmeal as a dessert alternative, but I doctor mine up or upgrade it, if you will… I may add a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips, a banana, an orange w/ zest, dates, or like a few weeks ago, peanut butter. I started off adding a few chips, then tablespoons, and then I subtracted the oatmeal altogether. I was snacking on tablespoons from jars that barely lasted two days. I would justify putting it in my basket by telling the jar, “this time you’re going to last at least a week,” and then I’d go home and behave like an addict with a crack cocaine addiction. It’s sad actually. Because even though I don’t care for PB&J sandwiches or bread for that matter, peanut butter is probably the only thing that’s uniquely American that I embrace. Yet I can’t handle having in it in home anymore. I’ll treat myself to an individual PB dessert from a bakery on occasion, but that’s it. The moderation doesn’t work for a hedonist like me.

    And Davey, you better work, goddammit, for finding a photo of a twink drenched in chocolate. Did you Photoshop that? If you come across any peanut butter porn, let me know. It would really make my day. xoxo

  7. christopher says:

    i used to be type2-diabetes-chocolate-dark or milk was taboo-having dropped weight-exercise-walking /running i can honestly say i can imbibe in chocolate-but to a minimum-dark chocolate-whether consumming it plain-or as an in between-particularly in wine tasting-i can do-if youre borderline-take the steps-and you too can taste the food of the Gods-i promise need fortitude and disipline-that is all.this i promise you.

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