Are Energy Drinks Bad for You?

Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster have become increasingly popular – especially among adolescents. You’ll see the high-adrenaline advertisements everywhere – and, since energy drinks are still new to the market, much of the marketing is ahead of the science.

It all begs the question: Are energy drinks bad for you?

The FDA limits the caffeine in a can of soda to 65 mg. The FDA does not, on the other hand, regulate caffeine levels in energy drinks – many of which have as many as 280 mg of caffeine per serving. It’s worth noting that healthy adults are advised to stay below 300 – 500 mg of caffeine per day.

Though caffeine isn’t extremely dangerous in-and-of-itself, it can increase anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, muscle tremors and stomach problems.

Energy drinks also contain generous amounts of sugar – which none of us need.

While the occasional energy drink isn’t terrible, experts warn that these drinks should not be combined with alcohol. The stimulating effects of caffeine combined with the intoxicating effects of alcohol is like driving a car and putting one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

Many experts also advise refraining from energy drinks prior to intensive workouts due to the strain they place on the body.

As energy drinks are still quite new to the market, they are still largely untested and unregulated. Exercise caution when including these drinks in your diet – and please do so in moderation.

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  1. What About Energy Shots? 5 Hour Energy claims to be sugar free and as much caffine as a cup of coffee. They advertise that you can take them daily. I am skeptical.

    • The “Energy Shots” I’ve tried are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, so count me out. Plus they taste quite foul. As for avoiding energy drinks, I’d agree that, just like soda pop, nobody should be considering these in their daily regimen. But as an occasional pick-me-up or (gasp) mixer with vodka, the old adage to follow is “everything in moderation.” Vodka and Red Bull at the right time and place is just too delish for me to quit !

  2. I’ll be the first to admit my diet and exercise regime sucks, but even I stay away from energy drinks. I don’t know exactly which component of them does it, or if it’s all of them, but they make me feel absolutely dreadful after even a few mouthfuls. My husband on the other hand can drink them until the cows come home and that worries me haha…

  3. Joel Grady says:

    I recently overdosed on caffieine at the Mari Gra in Sydney i did not know this was even possible. Look it up it was one of the most terrible experiences in my life. Read the labels and dont over do it especially if you are drinking red bull and vodka out etc.

  4. cup of coffee (black-no sweetener of any kind) 1 hour before work out.. and a snack.. hard cooked egg and an piece of fruit.. results dont lie.. ~ cheers..

  5. christopher says:

    always in moderation.beware-lots of sugar and caffeine.and if you want to save money-just drink coffee/tea-and do vitamins.

  6. “I’ve made the mistake of taking too many energy drinks before in a game and having an out-of-body experience, and that’s not good.For now I learn a lots in taking carefully of energy drinks.


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