Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Heart?

drinks-595x460Energy drinks are relatively new to the market – and so it will take some time before we fully understand their impact on the body. Nonetheless, a review of recent energy drink research – and its impact on the heart – was presented at the 2013 American Heart Association meeting.

Researchers examined individuals aged 18 – 45 and found that consuming one to three energy drinks per day affects heart rhythm and increases blood pressure. The changes in heart rythm amounted to about 4 percent; systolic blood pressure, on average, jumped 3.5 points. Though these impacts were seemingly small, researchers cautioned that – in some rare instances – these changes could lead to an irregular heartbeat or even sudden cardiac death.

Death? Yes, death.

However, the risk is greatest for individuals with an existing heart condition or family history of heart problems. If you’re active and healthy, the occasional energy drink will probably be fine – just don’t binge and be aware of any side effects like anxiousness, dizziness, racing heart rate or skipping heartbeat. As with anything, moderation is key.

Still, better to stick with water.




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  1. Matthew John Bolton says:

    Thank You so much for this post Davey! I have been waiting for you to cover this for a little while and it’s definitely something of major importance.

    It makes me laugh when people get the “zero calorie” version and think that everything is hunky dory.

    Carry on what you are doing dude – I absolutely ADORE you!

    Love from Matthew (Manchester, England)

  2. Gerald Mosley says:

    Davey – keep up the good work on nutritional and fitness education. I’m so amazed at the lack of knowledge gay guys have when it comes to their own health. In addition guys look great in their early teens and twenties then fall apart shortly afterwards – you would think they would get a clue – better body = better sex. Better sex = more better sex and the cycle repeats. Cheers – Sport I like you.

  3. There ought to be good alternatives to energy drinks as well. For example: apples, I hear, give you the same amount of energy from drinking a cup of coffee.

    What are some other natural energy boosters?