Are Watermelon Seeds Edible And Healthy?

watermelon_with_seedsWe know that watermelons provide some great nutritional and health benefits. In fact, National Geographic lists their top five reasons to chomp down on watermelon as follows:

  1. Soothes sore muscles
  2. It helps heart health
  3. Could reduce male impotence…
  4. Many vitamins and minerals; few calories
  5. Could fight cancer

But what about the seeds? Most of us are accustomed to either spitting out the seeds or removing them before consumption. Alternatively, there are many seedless watermelon options available for purchase. But by cutting the seeds out of the equation, are we selling our watermelon experience short?


Not only are watermelon seeds edible, their packed with nutritional benefits. Loaded with heart-healthy fats, these seeds are rich in minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and copper. Moreover, a one ounce serving has a respectable 8 grams of protein. The only downside to watermelon seeds is that they’re relatively high in calories. But with just a slice or two of watermelon, it won’t be a problem.

I’m not sure who started the watermelon spitting rule, but now is a good time to break tradition. Next time you opt for watermelon, treat yourself to the seeds. Just make sure that you chew them to ensure nutrient absorption.

When it comes to watermelon seeds, don’t spit. Swallow.



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  1. YES! Thankyou for clearing this up for me. I had always eaten them when I was a kid and when I was about 18 it was brought up and someone convinced me they were toxic! eek! glad to finally start swallowing again. 😀

  2. DAVEY,
    You can find more information on
    searching for: Chemicals in a particular plant.
    Anyway, the best of watermelon is citrulline. I take it no increment endurance (swimming long distances). Eating much watermelon brings me the same effect as taking the aminoacid (which I believe is more present in green peel). I usually eat seeds, but I dare not to eat peel. ¿Dou you know how to cook peel?
    and peace out.
    a l e x i s