Avoid Fats After Your Workout.

Consuming protein and carbs after your workout is a good thing. Eating fat is not.

I love fats. Eating healthy and essential fats is an important part of any diet.

But there is one part of the day, in particular, where consuming these fats should be avoided. And that time of the day is just after your workout.

We know that it’s important to consume both protein and carbohydrates after you complete your workout. And it’s important to get them fast. In fact, the quicker the better. This is why whey protein isolate is so effective and why simple carbohydrates like dextrose are recommended – both get absorbed quickly.

Fat, on the other hand, tends to slow down the digestion process – which means that it takes more time for your body to get the proteins and carbs that it so badly needs. For this reason, most personal trainers and nutritionists will warn against consuming fat with your post-workout recovery shake or meal.

Bottom line: Essential fats are an important part of any diet – just avoid eating them after your workout.

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  1. A great tip (per the usual), but for how long after the workout should these fats be avoided? A corresponding question would also be: since your body can only readily absorb about 25g of protien per serving, how long until the next serving before it’s just a waste?

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  3. Then eat your carbs and protein first then eat the fat but to tell people to not eat any fat after workout seems retarded.

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