Can Too Much Fruit Make You Gain Weight?

Dear Davey,

I love fruit! I eat it several times a day, but I’ve heard that too much fruit isn’t necessarily a good thing. Can eating too much fruit make you gain weight?


Fruit: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Thanks for the great question. Most people are surprised to learn that too much of anything can make you gain weight…. Even steamed broccoli!

Weight gain occurs when you take more calories in than you burn off in a day. Of course, because vegetables like broccoli are less calorie dense than many other foods, you’d probably fill up before achieving a calorie surplus.

Fruits, on the other hand, tend to have several times the calories of non-starchy vegetables when compared ounce for ounce. The higher caloric count in fruit is due to its sugar content; therefore, it’s important to consume fruits in moderation.

It’s worth noting that though fruit is often high in sugar, fruits are packed with many other healthy nutrients and are often rich in fiber. High fiber diets may lower the risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes – and fiber helps normalize bowel movements and lower cholesterol. Fiber even facilitates weight loss by minimizing blood sugar spikes and helping dieters feel full and satisfied. As such, it’s not fair to put apples and ice cream in the same category just by virtue of their sugar content.

Government guidelines recommend 2 cups of fruit per day. Opt for fresh or frozen fruit – and stay away from dried fruits which often contain added sugar. They’re also easier to overeat. Fruit juice, which usually contains very little fiber (and usually very little fruit), doesn’t count. Apples, berries, bananas, papayas, melons, avocados (yup, it’s a fruit!) guavas and kiwis are often regarded as some of the healthiest fruit choices available.

So eat up – just do so in moderation!

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  1. this is really useful, I guess it is much better to eat fruit than processed sugary food such as ice cream. I generally eat a banana and an apple each day, and occasionally an orange. I think I’ll try avocados soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Don’t forget olives ๐Ÿ™‚ they’re a fruit too!

  3. I eat at least 1 banana a day and sometimes an apple as well, if we have them. So I should be in the clear considering fruits then XD

  4. I eat a lot of fresh fruit…. about 2k of my 3-4k daily calories have come from fruit for the past year. There are a lot of myths about fruit having too much sugar, being bad for teeth, causing weight gain, etc. As long as the rest of your diet is healthy (low-fat, whole foods), and you’re not already diabetic, you can eat as much fruit as you want with positive effects. I’m a fit 130lbs (perfect for my body type), I never get sick, and my blood lab results look like someone half my age.

    • I eat around 1000 calories of fruit a day on around 2500 total calories a day, and love it. All the fruit cleans out your body, gives you energy, and is basically impossible to gain weight on.

  5. Scottie Collins says:

    Dear Davey,
    I have a huge question for you. I follow you and just adore you by the way! So, here it is. I am a college educated man in my 30’s and have been in the same career for 17 years. My degree is an art degree and not relevant to my current industry. Now my dilemma is how to I leave my career behind and completely switch gears to become a motivational speaker and also speak out in schools against bullying and tolerance. I want to join the fight for equality and have tried to reach out to some of my local organizations (The Gill foundation, Matthew Shepard foundation and the GLBTQ center here in Denver) to no avail. I need to know where to go, who to talk to, what path to take in order to make my dreams a reality. Any help would be soooo appreciated! Thank you for your time Davey! Much love from D-town!


  6. Tommie Funk says:

    There is never such a thing as too much fruit… Oh, you’re talking about food.

    The people who believe that you can eat all the fruit in the world (once again, the food, and from here on out, that’s all I’m talking about) and not gain a pound are the same dolts that believe a diet consisting of nothing but shakes and pills is good for you. Thank you for dispelling this myth in plain language. I told one of my friends that too much fruit can be a bad thing, and they didn’t believe me. Then I showed them this article, and now they believe me. I guess it’s not true unless the internet tells them so.

    Peace and love from the middle east,

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