Davey Wavey’s Famous Guacamole Recipe.

I think my purpose in life is to make guacamole.

Over the years, I’ve talked a lot about my famous guacamole recipe. Whether served on a romantic dinner for two or a big get-together, my guacamole is always a huge hit. And, believe it or not, I’ve received more than a few emails inquiring about the life-changing recipe.

So, here it is. Food Network, this is not. But I did my best to film the recipe so you can see how it’s done. In less than 10 minutes, you can be enjoying this easy, delicious and healthy treat.

Check out the video and enjoy!

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  1. I didn’t realize you had a shirt on until the end…but what is that nonsense?

  2. Charles says:

    So Guacamole is “good for you” but then you eat it with tortilla chips which is not. What can you eat it with to keep it “good for you”?

    • you can eat it with wholewheat baguette or sun-toasted tortilla chips. sun-toasted tortilla chips are made without any oil

      • Charles says:

        What is a name brand of some sun-toasted tortilla chips? I’m not a big fan of the baked tortillas their taste is kinda bland. On the baguette, you would just spread it like a jam or something?

    • I like to eat it on top of chicken, in sandwiches or on eggs! Yum, yum and yum!

  3. you can eat it with toasted wholewheat baguette to make it more healthier or sun-toasted tortilla chips, and BTW the real mexican recepie dont use red onions but white, mexicans don’t use red onion very often, plus taste better with white onion and you can hold the onion if using white since the flavor is stronger.

  4. charley says:

    Nice guacamole. But if you don’t add lime (or lemon) the avocado will quickly turn brown.

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  5. Davey: great recipe but I have a comment and a question.
    I grew up in Mexico and speak Spanish…you do not pronounce the ‘G’ in guacamole. It’s a ‘w’ sound EG ‘whaka-molay’

    A question: if you don’t put lime in it how do you keep it from turning brown? Eat it quickly? I always feel that the lime and salt go perfectly with a margarita!

  6. To keep the avocado flesh from going brown, you need to either add citric acid, like lemon or lime juice, or store the guacamole with the pit of the avocado in the bowl.

    • Tim, you can use those methods; another way I do it is seal the top of the bowl by pressing aluminum foil down into the bowl so it touches the guacamole. This prevents oxidation as well. But an ascorbic acid, such as lemon juice or lime juice is certainly another way to do it, it just greatly affects the flavor if you do it that way.

  7. until now I had no idead what the hell guacamole was… we dont have such meal here in Brazil..

  8. Oh, Mr. Wavey. If you’re going to do an instructional cooking video, you may want to make good practice of cooking safety. Slicing an avocado in your hand is not a good idea. Think about it.
    But, I can offer you another avocado recipe that is healthier for you than guacamole, though it’s virtually the same thing. It’s an avocado hummus. I’ll let you experiment with the amounts of ingredients on your own, but here’s the idea: 14oz Endamame or no salt added chick peas, 2 cloves garlic, 1tsp white pepper, tahini paste (about 1T), juice of 1 medium lemon, dash of salt, 1tsp olive oil, and 1 avocado. Mash in food processor,adding drops of water until you reach the consistency you like, then toss in fresh chopped cilantro and diced tomato. It’s better for you because it adds more nutrients, and even though we LOVE to have avocadoes in our diet for other reasons, it is high in fat in calories. When mixing with these other ingredients, you’re still getting the flavor and consistency of guacamole without the added calories and fat.

  9. I will try it with the cilantro, I love cilantro but never bothered to add any to my guac. One last thing I like to add is garlic powder ๐Ÿ™‚ So delicious. Also, I’ve seen it done with red-pepper flakes (like the kind you put on pizza) to give it a kick instead of jalapeno, but it really depends on how “chunky” you like your guac.

    Ex’s and oh’s.


  10. I love guacamole too. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. I’m worried my life will have to remain unchanged, because I absolutely abhor the flavor of fresh cilantro.

    is there any substitute?

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