Does Fast Food Make You Fat? [Study]

ronaldfcdonaldsmallA few weeks ago, I posted about Subway – and how their menu is deceptively unhealthy. Today, I’m kicking up the rhetoric by sharing a fast food study that was published by the science journal The Lancet.

Following 3,000 young adults for a period of 15 years, researchers found that those participants who ate fast food more than twice per week gained an extra 10 pounds of body weight and were twice as likely to be insulin resistant. Insulin resistance is a risk factor for Type II diabetes. In other words, there’s a strong correlation between fast food and both obesity and diabetes.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you can’t make sensible selections at fast food restaurants. Indeed, McDonald’s has apples on the menu. But this is to say that most of the people who eat fast food aren’t opting for apples – and that healthy selections are difficult to find or far and few between.

I don’t share this study because I’m against fast food. I’m not. I share this study because I’m for nourishing food – and most fast food isn’t that. If your health is a priority (and I hope it is – after all, we only get one body), then focus on eating well instead of eating fast.

Eat well. Feel well. Be well.

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  1. Above all of that, I think the problem is the attitude, not just the food. Is much easier to feed someone’s child with fast food.

  2. Davey, how healthy are the ‘healthy’ options at fast food restaurants? Are the salads actually high in nutritional value? Is Wendy’s chilli a relatively good option? Have they found a way to diminish the nutritional value of oatmeal?

  3. I enterily agree with you, Davey.

  4. Skip the fast food….It is packed full of GMO’s, pesticides, and other ingredient’s that you wouldn’t keep in your pantry.

  5. super-size me! stream it on netflix or red box it.. youll never eat another big mac ever..

  6. christopher says:

    oatmeal at mcdonalds is a healthy option on occasion-but it has twice the sugar and calories that even instant microwave oatmeal has.let the consumer beware.

  7. So, if you work out and eat mostly fast food, are you still at risk to get type II diabetes?

  8. fuck u bitches i love fast food

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