How Does Your Food Make You Feel?

While packing for Thailand yesterday (my flight leaves in just a few hours!), I found some time to get lunch with a friend.

We ate at a lovely restaurant in downtown Toronto known for their fresh, healthy ingredients. I had a delicious, homemade veggie burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts. It was sandwiched in a rich, whole grain bun and served with a side of kale salad. The meal was nourishing and the food’s energy livened me right up. I felt fantastic!

On our walk home, we took a detour through Chinatown. Along the way, we stopped at a bubble tea shop. I ordered a milk shake bubble tea and watched – in horror – as the barista added scoop after scoop of colored sugar to my drink. Despite my better judgement, I drank the sugary concoction – and, truth be told, it tasted very good going down.

But then, after about 20 minutes, I really started to feel it. I could sense the sudden spike in my body’s blood sugar – and the subsequent crash a half hour later. Afterwards, I felt sluggish and sleepy – as though I had poisoned my body. It was a stark contrast from the nourishing and energizing meal that I had consumed earlier in the day.

When we eat food, we need to think about more than just the flavor. We must take into consideration the effect of the food on our body. After you eat each meal or snack, examine how your body feels. Bring attention and awareness to it. What messages is your body giving you? Is your body thanking your for the nourishing food choices – or is it signaling otherwise? Lethargy, discomfort, nausea, diarrhea and bloating can be messages that your body doesn’t like what you’re feeding it.

Enjoying your food doesn’t end once you’ve finished chewing. The real trick is to find foods that taste good and that make you feel great!

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  1. How true. You can thnk you’ve eaten a lovely meal and then 30 minutes later start feeling awful. I have IBS and for some reason can’t seem to tolerate rapeseed oil. I can eat a meal and really enjoy it but if it has this oil in it after about 40 minutes I get terrible stomach pains and need to loo fast. Not good. I now avoid anything that says vegetable oil as I don’t know what the oil is and just dont want to take the risk. Its much nicer to know that I can enjoy a meal and continue enjoying it an hour later!

  2. At 8 years old I learned this. It was discovered that I had food alergies and had to track and evaluate everything that I ate. Something that to this day, I live by.
    People think I’m a picky eater. In fact, I know what works and doesn’t work for me

  3. christopher says:

    i learned a lesson a few years ago-half box sugar-free mint chocolates.dont do it.paid frequent restroom stops-for three warned-dont do it.

  4. So true, food really does effect how you feel! I never knew this until I started taking vitamin B12 supplements, and felt great-so now i eat foods high in B vitamins instead ๐Ÿ™‚