Is Almond Milk Healthier than Soy Milk?

If dairy milk isn’t your thing, then soy and almond milk are popular, lactose-free alternatives. But when it comes to nutrition, is soy or almond milk healthier?

In short, the differences are slight.

Almond milk tends to have fewer calories than soy milk (generally 40% less) and neither soy nor almond milk have trans or saturated fats. Though soy milk has more calories, it also has increased protein content. In fact, almond milk tends to only have a gram or two of protein compared to the 6 or 7 grams per serving in soy milk.

Some people have a strong objection to soy products because they contain phytoestrogens – which have some properties similar to estrogen. Though the preponderance of evidence shows that soy neither lowers testosterone nor raises estrogen levels, there has been some research to suggest that excessive soy consumption can possibly increase the risk for certain types of cancer including breast cancer. Of course, other studies have linked soy consumption to decreased prostate cancer risk and lower blood cholesterol levels. It’s all still very inconclusive and I’d encourage you to not get too caught up in the debate.

I’m a big fan of common sense and moderation. With that in mind, I stock my refrigerator with both soy and almond milk. If I’m interested in increasing my daily protein consumption, then I’ll opt for soy. If I’m just looking to enjoy the milk for taste or flavor, I’ll usually reach for almond milk.

The bottom line: Both soy and almond milk are healthy alternatives to dairy milk and both can be a part of a balanced diet. The big benefit of soy milk is its protein content and the big benefit of almond milk is that it is significantly lower in calories.

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  1. I drink almond milk exclusively. Personally, I find that soy milk just tastes disgusting. I am also wary of the estrogen debates and think it better that soy milk be avoided for those reasons.

  2. I don’t care for almond milk as much as soy. Almond milk for me isnt nearly as thick nor tasteful as soy milk. I don’t really drink either plain very often, but use them constantly in breakfast smoothies.

    • I am allergic to soy but wanted to cut out milk so I decided to go with Oat Milk. I really like the thickness and taste as well. Hemp Milk was also nice. Then I found an ingredient in most alternative milks that was also an allergen. Now I am consuming a store brand rice milk that doesn’t contain the allergen. It’s super thin and fairly tasteless though…. yuck. Luckily I just use it for cereal.

  3. Here in México City almond milk costs 45 pesos And soy milk 16.

  4. I’ve never heard of almond milk, but I know from my own studies in the field that soy milk is made from a toxin in the plant and is quite deadly when used in large quantities over time.

    If you want to reduce all the chemicals that are put into milk then have either fresh milk (as in straight from the animal) or have reduced fat milk or even instead of using bullvine milk (cows) try a different animal such as goats or sheep. Don’t bother with skinny milk as more chemicals are pumped into them than regular full cream milk.

  5. Those phytoestrogens in soy products have also been linked to gynecomastica, a medical condition in which breast tissue grows abnormally in men. Men should not consume soy unless it has been fermented, as in miso, as it can also cause unfortunate sexual side-effects. I know this from personal family experience, as my brother had many complications from soy injestion.

  6. I’m a daily almond milk drinker. I prefer vanilla, unsweetened with my protein shakes, and sweetened when I’m having a bowl of Basmati brown rice, topped off with Stevia – it’s a super sweet dish.

  7. I think almond milk is much healthier. Soy milk contains antinutrients that can hinder the fat-burning process. I’ve avoided soy milk for about 2 years now. It all started when I began researching about losing weight by eating. I found out that keeping my body ‘clean’ (by choosing organic foods and avoiding soy products) speeds up fat loss. Almonds also contain healthy oils that are good for health and losing weight.

  8. Hellstromm says:

    I am quite surprised, and a little unimpressed, that you didn’t mention soy being very high in goitrogens. That, in my opinion, is a much greater concern than mere phytoestrogens alone, particularly considering the health impacts of goitrogens are firmly documented. Replacing bovine milk is indeed a must, for a variety of reasons, but as many people drink bovine milk for the bulk of their water intake, it is an undeniable health risk to replace that level of intake with soy milk that is invariably heavy in goitrogens.

    No, almond milk is a far better alternative replacement and there are almond milk brands providing the same levels of protein as soy or bovine milk. Likewise, you completely ignored the peer-reviewed studies on almond’s cancer-fighting properties. Perhaps your two months of formal fitness education to obtain your AFPA doesn’t qualify you to chime in on nutrition and medical issues. Perhaps, as well, you should research more thoroughly before imposing your ignorance on others whilst under the guide of expertise.


    • Aww, c’mon, his name is DAVEY WAVEY not Doctor Science. He is adorable, and trying to be helpful. And adorable, did I mention that ? And he allows comments like ours to help fill in any blanks. From my understanding of the current science, I too am very much against non-fermented soy products.

  9. Sandy Brown says:

    Ahh! I live off Almond milk now. I even found it in France in the bio section. I feel so healthy drinking it. But the thyroid thing scares me lots! Never knew that one. I knew soy and breast cancer. Hmm i guess everything in moderation. But I love to eat so much I can’t have a sluggish thyroid b/c that= fat and nothing to do about it… Oh man 🙁 ((( xx
    overall wellness

  10. How about oat milk? I have seen it in supermarket many time, but dun know is it a good choice for diet.

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