Is It Okay to Eat Junk Food if You Exercise?

doughnutAre you the type of person who tries to justify unhealthy food choices with twisted rationale?

If so, you may have found yourself saying things like:

  • It’s okay to eat pizza tonight because I went to the gym.
  • Today was really stressful, so I deserve eating a box of chocolates.
  • I’m on vacation, so I’m going to treat myself to an extra piece of dessert.

At face value, it’s easy to see how this logic can be so convincing. And it certainly is okay to occasionally stray away from unhealthy food choices; life is about balance. But over time, these exceptions tend to become more and more frequent – and it’s easy to see how this philosophy can be a recipe for disaster.

Fear not. If you’re a junk food rationalizer, there is an easy fix. Simply untwist your logic.

Let’s look at the example of chocolates after a stressful day. If the intent is to feel better, will a box of chocolates really accomplish that? Will you feel better about yourself and your situation after loading your body with unhealthy fats and unneeded calories? Is there anything about eating chocolates that will leave you less stressed? Of course not. In actuality, you’ll probably feel even worse.

Similarly, people often tell me it’s okay for them to eat junk food because they exercise. For one, burning 300 calories at the gym doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat 1000 calories worth of doughnuts. Second, it really misses the whole point. Exercise is a way to honor your body with movement and sweat. It’s a way to improve your health and extend your longevity. In a nutshell, a healthy lifestyle helps you be the best you. There’s nothing so good about a the way a doughnut tastes that it’s worth undoing all of that.

Remember what you really, truly deserve – and then put logic to work for you.

In the comments below, share some of the ways that you try to justify unhealthy food choices.

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  1. Used to weigh 495 yes I do sometimes eat junkfood but I moderate my intake.

  2. Yeah I love my chocolate, but I do inform myself of the pros and cons. If I eat a piece of cake , I go online and try to get the best calorie count. If the cake slice is 575 calories, I go out to the gym and push myself to work out at least 1000 calories. I don’t think I want to give up sweets any time soon but I have learned how to cut down on them

  3. christopher says:

    junk food?no.a nibble?maybe.

  4. I’ve found a good trick is to replace quantity of junk with quality, to be more specific; if your going to indulge in chocolate for example buy the good quality chocolates then set aside time to savor and enjoy them without distractions, This allows you to satisfy yourself while maintaining control. It’s like focusing on the muscle group you want to build you don’t get pecs by doing squats

  5. What if I we all die tomorrow… I’ll have suffered through resisting that muffin for nothing. (that’s how I justify my unhealthy eating).

  6. i went to the gym today and just ate icecream, then read this blog now i feel sad and i could use some davey wavey snuggle time and burn off these calories; ๐Ÿ™‚

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