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Is Milk Actually Good For You? | Davey Wavey Fitness

Is Milk Actually Good For You?

lady-drinking-milk-1We’ve always been taught to drink our milk. In fact, the USDA recommends that adult men and women should get three dairy servings per day. But are these guidelines outdated – or downright wrong?

A number of recent studies have shown that milk might not be so great, after all. Just a few weeks ago, a new study was published in the journal BMJ. Researchers set out to determine if high milk consumption is associated with mortality and fractures in men and women.

More than 100,000 Swedish adults were recruited for the study. Over the course of several decades, mortality rates and fractures were tracked. According to the data, researchers concluded that having three or more glasses of milk per day increased mortality rates for both men and women, and increased fractures in women.

So does drinking three glasses or more of milk really cause you to die earlier?

Researchers advise caution, and feel that more data is needed before making any conclusions. If this link proves to be true, researchers speculate that it could be due to an ominous ingredient in milk called D-galactose. In animal studies, this ingredient led to premature aging in the body and bones and internal inflammation, which can lead to health issues including cancer and heart disease. But all of that is a big ‘if’ at the moment.

Of course, we do know that milk does have some benefits – mainly, that it’s rich in calcium. But there are plenty of other calcium rich foods like kale, oranges, beans, green peas, chickpeas, quinoa and seeds.

Milk also contains a great deal of sugar in the form of lactose. One cup of milk contains 13 grams of naturally occurring sugar… or just over 3 teaspoons. It’s one of the reasons why I always opt for unsweetened almond milk. It’s creamier than milk, but without the sugar or extra calories. Regardless of whether or not these studies prove to be true, I highly recommend making the switch.

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  1. Milk causes me all sorts of problems. For one, acne. It’s not just the bumps on your face that are a problem, or even the ones on your back. Acne is a sign of poor health. Your skin is the window into your internal health. If your skin is full of blemishes, there’s something wrong going on inside. There are hormones in milk that are meant for baby cows to grow. These hormones causes any other organism to consume it a wide array of problems, including but not limited to the ones you have listed above.

    I have also noticed that a lot of young men who lift weights and opt for whey protein seem to have acne all over themselves. I’m sure it can be directly linked to their consumption of whey protein.

    I do not believe nature ever intended for one species to rob another species of its young and consume the milk that it produces. The act of drinking milk is totally unnatural.

    Sadly, there are so many great tasting foods that contain milk; pizza, breads, cakes, etc. It has definitely been difficult to abstain from every single one of these foods. I do try my best, but in rare moments of weakness, I find myself gorging on one of them. It is almost guaranteed that I will find acne somewhere on my body the day after, which makes it more convincing to me that these foods should be completely avoided.

  2. The studies you quote about D-galactose are about (a) mice being injected subcutaneously with D-galactose and (b) fruit flies being fed D-galactose. As far as I’m aware, D-galactose doesn’t form part of the diet of either mice or fruit flies or, if it does, neither mice nor fruit flies tend to inject it subcutaneously.
    Galactose is a component of glycolipids and glycoproteins, compounds that are naturally occurring in the body.

    • I wonder, does lactose-free milk contain that substance?

      • Lactose is composed of two molecules of sugar, glucose and galactose. Lactose-free milk has an enzyme added to it called Lactase which breaks the bond between the sugars.

  3. I really love milk… it’s actually one of my favorite things in life ๐Ÿ™ But I’m concerned about the damages it can do on my health (and not just because of this studies, that are not conclusive yet). I guess I’ll try to switch to almond or soy milk, I just hope the taste is not very different…

  4. I always get ill after drinking milk so I switched to soya first and couple of years ago to almond. I used to be ill every two-three months as the milk even lactose free one caused the production of mucus in my body which responded to it with higher temperature, sore throat etc.

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