Is Orange Juice With Pulp Better for You?

Dear Davey,

Is there any nutirtional difference between orange juice with pulp versus orange juice without?


Dear Ryan,

We all know that orange juice is a great source of Vitamin C, but it turns out that OJ with pulp provides a slew of additional benefits.

Higher pulp orange juice is more nutritious than no-pulp varieties because of the flavonoids contained in the pulp. Eating foods that contain flavonoids “neutralizes the oxidative and inflammatory stress generated by the unhealthy food and helps prevent blood vessel damage” according to a University at Buffalo study. The study also concluded that orange juice “prevented a significant increase in SOCS-3, an important mediator of insulin resistance, which contributes to development of type 2 diabetes.”

Flavonoids have also been shown to “prevent cancerous cell development, enhance capillaries, [and] work as anti-inflammatories.” In addition, flavonoids are both antiallergenic and antimicrobial – meaning they don’t aggravate allergies and destroy microorganisms that might carry disease. Flavonoid consumption also decreases the risk of cardiac problems and a handful of other disorders.

So, next to eating a fresh ripe orange, orange juice with pulp is the second-best option.


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  1. I was always surprised that oj with pulp doesn’t have any more fiber than the stuff without.

  2. Well I suppose if what this is really about is those labels you see on cans of frozen orange juice. “with pulp or without pulp” I do not think it really makes much difference of that reconstituted stuff you mix with water. Butwhen if come to fresh squeezed orange juice not orange juice from concentrate the best is to hand press your own….. That is the best…which ever way it “comes”.

  3. But you shouldn’t drink too much juice in a day.. It contains so much carbs!

    Ok, I watch out for carbs since I have type 1 diabetes, but no one should eat too many carbs ’cause the body only needs a certain amount of sugar every day and will stock what’s been consumed in lipids (fat).

    Besides, fat tissue can start acting as a gland and produce some hormones and molecules that increase the resistance to insulin leading to type 2 diabetes and other dangerous illnesses.

    But OJ sure is a great way to get your vitamin C every day though! 🙂

  4. christopher says:

    i always thought oj with pulp was better-now i know.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Make sure you don’t buy orange juice from concentrate with pulp. The pulp in there is in most cases not actual pulp 😉

  6. with pulp is LESS nutrious. your body uses all the energy and nutrients from the juice to digest the pulp

    • You WANT the pulp. It makes your blood vessels stronger. That’s like saying don’t eat an orange because your body uses energy to digest it and uses up the nutrients. That’s ridiculous and shows your intelligence level.

      • Ha… if your body uses energy to digest it the way you say it, then it also burns fat. That a good thing then.

  7. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.
    Thank you for providing this info.

  8. Kathryn Lisiak says:

    Hey, I want to know why is low pulp is good for you when you are and is it bad thing to have while drinking if you have braces? I need know quick because I want to yell at my mom soon!!


  1. […] Orange Juice – with PULP!-If you’re going to drink Orange Juice, buy the kind with pulp. Orange Juice from the store isn’t really a whole food, because it has been through processing (you would be better off to squeeze your own). The pulp is what contains the flavanoids which work as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants,  anti-microbial and anti-allergens (that’s a lot of anti’s!!!). More benefits are written in this blog post. […]

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