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Peanut Butter Vs. Almond Butter: Which is Healthier? | Davey Wavey Fitness

Peanut Butter Vs. Almond Butter: Which is Healthier?

Making your own nut butter is remarkably easy!

If there are two staples of my pantry, they are peanut butter and almond butter. I’m obsessed with nut butters – and for good reason! They’re delicious and nutritious.

Rich in heart-healthy fats, nut butters are loaded with protein, fiber and other vitamins and minerals. And there’s plenty of science to back up the health benefits. According to a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, individuals who eat a diet high in foods like peanut butter are more likely to keep weight off than people following a lower-fat diet. Researchers at Purdue University also found that people feel fuller and eat less after snacking on peanut butter than other foods.

In other words, nut butters are totally deserving of our love. In fact, I even made a video with five healthy peanut butter snack ideas.

Though peanut butter is the most popular of the nut butters, it’s not the only game in town; almond butter is quickly gaining popularity. Both nut butters are delicious, and so the question becomes: Is peanut butter or almond butter a healthier choice?

The truth is, there isn’t a huge nutritional difference between the two. When reading the nutrition labels of peanut and almond butters, you’ll see a number of similarities including calories, fat, fiber and protein. The bigger difference occurs in the micro-nutrients wherein almond butter is richer in Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and iron. Almond butter has a slight nutritional edge – and it’s also a great alternative for individuals with peanut allergies.

More importantly, pay attention to the ingredients. Nut butters should only contain nuts as an ingredient. Avoid products with added sugar, salt or hydrogenated oils. Only buy pure nut butter – or, even better, do what I do and grind your own! It’s easy and fun.

Though almond butter is slightly healthier, it’s worth noting that it tends to come with a heftier price tag. A jar of almond butter may be 2 – 3x more expensive, so it’s not always the perfect fit for every budget. Nonetheless, it does make for a delicious and healthy splurge.

Which do you prefer? Peanut butter or almond butter? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I could just imaging every time Davey typed “Nut Butter” he giggled a little

  2. Great to have this confirmed by you. Reading the nutrition label closely I always suspected that peanut butter is much more healthy than calorie numbers and fat might indicate.
    For my breakfast bread I switched from a chocolate cream to peanut butter although the choc cream has actually less calories but also very little nutrional value.

    Only problem: it is relatively hard to get and quite expensive because here in Germany it is not nearly as popular as in the US. Getting some entirely without added sugar and oil is next to impossible – at least for my budget.

    The peanut butter I buy consists of 93% peanuts, so it is not that bad. However it would be great to get some tipps on how to make my own peanut butter. Is it really just putting peanuts in a blender or do you need to add at least some oil, honey or water?
    Good recipees would be much appreciated.

  3. I have the same concern about eggs. I know they’re a good source if protein but also contain a lit of fat and cholesterol. Do you have any advice for eggs in a healthy diet?

  4. I think you mean to ask “peanut butter vs. almond butter: which is more healthful?” If a food isn’t diseased, then it (the food) is healthy. If a food is beneficial for a person to eat, then it is healthful for that person, not healthy for him. Sorry, it’s the English teacher in me – a big pet peeve of mine is seeing the words “healthy” and “healthful” misused.

  5. @Daniel from Germany, I live in Poland so my peanut butter choices are probably similar to yours. I actually have a jar of almond butter in my cupboard right now, I got it at a local organic food store (the brand is actually German) and it cost about 8 Euro per jar. I used to grind my own nut butters in health-food stores in US and if you have a good quality food processor you should be able to make it in it (I think you roast/toast the nuts first, then grind it until the oil starts separating itself, you don’t add anything else). If you eat quite a lot of it (or would like to make it a staple in your diet) check out Internet shops and you should be able to find a small grinder specifically designed for making nut butters. I’ve seen one on a Polish Ebay-like auction site for about 80 Euro. Considering the low price of raw peanuts it would be a good investment.

    • Thank you, and to Pascal too, for the advice.
      I know there are some stores that offer 100% nut butters but I am just not willing to pay thrice the price of my 93% peanut butter.
      But I will try to make some myself. Huge Bags of raw peanuts are cheap, I have a very robust and powerful blender and now knowing that I don’t need to add anything I will give it a try.

  6. Hey Davey, I have peanut, almond, and cashew butter, but your article caused me to wonder: What is the shelf-life of the different butters, and how can you tell if they’re NOT good anymore? I don’t think I’ve gotten to the point where I could tell by sniffing, but nut butters typically don’t last long in my house.

  7. Daniel: There are several sorts of nut butter available for example in the DM stores, you’ll find them on the “Alnatura” shelf. They also sell almond butter, butter, but it will probably be placed more towards the tofu corner than the nut butter corner, as it is intended to be used as a vegan replacement for dairy cream if you want to prepare some “vegan gravy”.

    According to the label, it’s made from 100% sweet almonds (obtained by organic agriculture).

    Almond butter is a lot like Davey: It’s smooth, sweet and awesomely delicious – I guess I wouldn’t be able to stop anymore once I had enjoyed the taste… :>

  8. DP: Seems nut butter is just like mustard: Lasts forever and is virtually unable to spoil:

  9. christopher says:

    ive seen almond butter in the store-it costs more-but i will try it.

  10. can u explain the process of the almond butter?, i don’t know what to add between the second picture and the third one =(

  11. Do you ever use sunflower butter? I discovered it a bit ago and am kinda in love with it. Pretty much operates in the same way as any other “nut” butter, but is uber declicious….. o and….. penis. K I’m done now.

  12. David Dean says:

    still find Peanut butter more tasty


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