12 Words to Avoid on Restaurant Menus (And Healthier Alternatives)!

A moment on the lips... forever on the hips!

The National Restaurant Association claims that Americans eat almost 24% of their meals in restaurants. Those restaurant meals are often loaded with sodium, unhealthy fats, sugary sauces and and an enormous amount of calories.

By making small changes in the ways we order restaurant foods, we can make a big change in our overall health and wellness.

Pay attention to a meal’s description for clues into its possible nutritional value (or lack thereof). It’s generally best to avoid foods described with the following words on a menu:

  1. Alfredo
  2. Pan-fried
  3. Crispy, crunchy
  4. Battered
  5. Au gratin
  6. A la mode (topped with ice cream)
  7. Scalloped
  8. Loaded/covered
  9. Cheesy
  10. Buttered
  11. Creamed
  12. Fried/deep fried

Instead, opt for food items described as:

  1. Steamed
  2. Broiled
  3. Grilled
  4. Baked
  5. Seasoned
  6. Stir-fried
  7. Poached
  8. Roasted

Using these guidelines, you might order steamed dumplings instead of the pan-fried alternative. Or broiled fish instead of a deep fried option. Likewise, seasoned veggies make for a wiser choice than vegetables in a butter or cream sauce. You get the point.

In general, these healthier adjectives can help point conscious restaurant eaters in a better direction.

And remember, lots of little changes add up to big changes over the course of months and years!

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  1. Jack Cutting says:

    Haha. Broiled fish sounds funky! 😉 Yay spelling mistake!

    • Jack Cutting says:

      Ok…I’m thick. I thought it was meant to say boiled. Then I used Google! -_-

  2. Or you can go to Waffle house and read the hash-brown menu for a quick refresher on what other words not to see on your menu. 😛

    However, Scattered-Peppered-Country hashbrowns are amazing as a treat. Those are griddled hashbrowns with jalapeño and sawmill gravy. I only have them once every 6 months or so, maybe less, so I can enjoy them and still be healthy and happy nomming on good food.

    Now that I think about it, I wonder how scrambled eggs with homemade guacamole and pico de gallo would be…

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