How to Reduce Carbs.

Instead of sandwiching your meat between a bun, replace the bread with lettuce

I’m absolutely in love with this simple and easy trick to reduce carbohydrate intake.

To make a long story short, I spent the month leading up to the filming of my upcoming “Jock Workout” video series leaning down. To do that, I eliminated a good portion of the carbs – especially simple carbs like sugar, white breads, pasta, rice, etc. – from my diet. It wasn’t anything too dramatic.

But here’s the thing: I love burgers. And eating a burger without a bun is kinda like eating a hunk of meatloaf. It’s just not that exciting. And then my friend Matt told me to try lettuce wraps.

Instead of sandwiching your meat between a bun (pun intended), place it between two slices or two hunks of lettuce. It’s still totally satisfying – and it adds a nice little crunch. I absolutely love it. In fact, I just ate some lettuce wrap sliders for lunch (actual meal pictured above)!

Now that I’m done filming, I’m going to increase my carbohydrate intake. While eating fewer carbs did give my body more definition, I enjoy eating carbohydrates way too much. For me, it’s not worth the tradeoff. But my love for lettuce wraps is here to stay.

Give ’em a try – especially if you’re opting for a low-carb diet.

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  1. I LOVE lettuce wraps. When I discovered this awesome way to reduce carbs my life changed. What’s cool is that most places, if you’re eating out will substitute lettuce for bread no problem!

  2. Really smart idea. I always have wraps with flat bread but now I am going to go green ; p

  3. charley says:

    Vietnamese figured that out a long time ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. An even better trick is to use grilled portobello mushrooms or even roasted eggplant. They are a bit denser and are a better substitute for bread. Plus they taste awesome on their own.

  5. I’m not picking on you, Davey, but I got to say this article warms my heart in the same way watching a baby discover… I don’t know… a spoon or paper does. How the hell are you just now discovering skipping the bun for lettuce? You’re so adorable… I just want to bounce you on my knee and blow a fart on your little tummy.

  6. Couldn’t find a pic of a sexy many eating? I imagine they’re hard to find.

  7. christopher says:

    this is an idea worth trying.

  8. they have this option at in n out
    its called “protein burger”
    oh wait…. i forgot, yalls probably dont know what in n out is… O_O