SlimCado vs. Avocado.

The SlimCado: Lite on fat - but also flavor.

The other day, I noticed something peculiar at my grocery store. It was a giant green fruit that looked equal parts avocado and dinosaur egg. I was intrigued by the label which read: “SlimCado – half the fat and a third less calories than avocados!”

For people counting calories or concerned with fat, could this be a dream come true? Truth be told, the fat in avocados is good fat – but even so, I’m certain that the fruit’s savvy marketing will resonate with some shoppers. So I decided to purchase a SlimCado to see how it stacks up.

SlimCados are actually a West Indian variety of avocados that are often grown in Florida. Weighing in at up to two pounds, the large fruit has a glossy green skin and looks quite similar to the more traditional Hass varieties (albeit much larger). Despite having 50% less fat and 35% fewer calories than the avocados we know and love, SlimCados aren’t skimpy on other nutritional content; they are a great source of vitamin E, fiber, B-vitamins, potassium, zinc, and monounsaturated fat.

Unfortunately, my praise of the SlimCado must end there. Beyond nutritional content, taste is an important consideration – and that’s exactly where the SlimCado falls short. Instead of being delicious and flavorful, the SlimCado’s flesh tastes watered-down. Not only does it have half the fat, it has half the flavor.

Having said that, the SlimCado may work for recipes wherein avocado isn’t a primary ingredient. Some people enjoy avocados in their smoothies, for example, and the SlimCado may be well-suited for the task. But when it comes to mixing up some guacamole, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

If the fat or calories are important to you, then you’re better off using half a serving of Hass avocado than a full serving of the SlimCado.

Have you ever tried a Slimcado? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. lol @ “Not only does it have half the fat, it has half the flavor.”

    not everything is perfect, isnt it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I couldn’t agree more! I too just purchased one out of curiosity and was very disappointed. I found the fruit to be like you said, watery and it was also sweet! I didn’t think it was terrible it just doesn’t taste like the avocado I know and love! It tasted like a “diet avacodo”…lol, and I liked it about as much as I like other diet foods ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure it is all what you are accustomed to, but for me…I am sticking to the original, no more Slimcado’s for me.

  2. christopher says:

    after reading this-better to pass on the slim one.

    • JuPitter says:

      I grew up in the islands… and as a child the “Slimcado” was always something we grew up knowing and loving. When I moved to Florida I really missed it and hate the other little avocado with the coarse skin that was sold here… I often had to go back home to get “Slimcado” so i am sooo thrilled to have the familiar fruit so widely available now and its even better to know that it has half the bad stuff of the other kind…woo hoo!!!

      • Nora Holmes says:

        Yes I agree with you — almost — really I like both. Each for a different thing/ I would not make guacamole out of a slimcado — but they are good to just eat with a spoon out of the skin. Just like people, we all have our purpose.

      • I also grew up in the islands. This was the avocado of choice. I really like it !!! so much fruitier than the other one (and less fat)

      • I agree the flavor isn’t as strong as haas but I enjoy it and know it still has good fat but less of it makes it wonderful!!

    • Never judge an avocado by another taste bud, lol. I like both slimcado and hass. Yes slimcado is milder and with that in mind be careful not to overpower it with other flavors. I note buying any avocado: creamy texture will depend on the ripeness of the fruit, which is often under ripe when picked for shipping. Also I noted that slimcados have lasted much longer in refrigeration for me than hass but per size the two are of equal pricing at my grocer.

      • Yes it does last much longer once ripe and I agree I have had unripened haas that lacks in flavor. I noticed that they ripen much easier without going bad on the counter. Seems like most haas ripen poorly on the counter. ie. alot of bad spots.

  3. Thanks for the article! Chuckled when I saw this kind of avocado being touted as a “SlimCado,” ’cause to Puerto Ricans like myself & others from the Caribbean, this is the kind of avocado we grew up with. In fact, I MUCH prefer these to the Hass avocados, which aren’t even “real” “aguacates” to me. (In fact, I don’t think I had ever even seen/noticed Hass avocados till relatively late in life; to this day, they always feel inferior & overpriced compared to what I grew up with.)

    • So tired of hearing how much everything is better in PR from everyone thats from there if it was so good why you leave

      • Really? He asked everyone for their opinions… Louis never said everything was better in Puerto Rico..He just said he liked the slimcados better and they were what he grew up with.. Geez buddy lighten up

  4. Once i bought a bunch of this cause the hass were out of season and extremely expensive and these were really cheap (less a dollar the kilo), so took a kilo and made a whole bunch of guacamole the way i always liked it, the first chip to touch my mouth felt really repulsive, out of taste, extremely watered and with a sweet flavor that made me fell nauseous and really didnt liked it, to the point of nevr ever considere it on future shoppings (in that moment understood the price). Ill definetly stick with hass for the creamy salty and buttery flavor. The fact that is a fatty fruit doesnt make it bad, actually is the only fatty food recomended for persons with coronary desease of cardiac illnesses because the oil helps clean arteries and veins, and since its never cooked in any recipe and should never, it keeps the nutrients and healthy spects of this food. FOREVER HASS MY FRIENDS!!!

  5. Hi Davey! Please share your guacamole recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I completely disagree that the tastes is watered down. Wasn’t much of an avocado eater except for the occasional guacamole but these have actually gotten me hooked on this “good fat” both from this variety and the so called traditional Hass. Would and have recommended to many friends.

  7. Lynchie says:

    Just treat them differently. I do put a little slice of Hass avacado into my breakfast smoothie, trying to incorporate all the “super foods” I can into it. But have used the Slimcado in sandwiches with great results. Some oat bread with a slice of good cheese and a thick slice of Slimcado grilled is so delicious. I’m a fan!

  8. I tried one today for the first time. Definitely different, and needed some salt…but I have to say, I would buy it again, but use it in my roll-ups (turkey slices and Slimcado rolled up). Will try it with guacamole and see how that goes. While the Hass are in season, I will still buy those. Any avocado is good for you, any way you slice it!

  9. poopman says:

    Yea slimcoatos suck

  10. Like Louis, these are the avocados I grew up with because my family is from the Caribbean. I don’t even think I had a Haas avocado until college. My parents used to call the pears. I prefer Haas for guacamole, but I love the “slimcado” either sliced in a sandwich, sliced on its own w/ a sprinkle of salt, or my favorite… Cucumber salad. It’s just peeled thinly sliced cucumber, lime juice, salt, scotch bonnet or habanero pepper, and large cubes of avocado. They maintain their firmness well. I just think the name slimcado is ridiculous. I think it gives people the wrong impression.

  11. I agree with your comments about the Slimcado. Hass is more flavorable and easier to prepare. Would love to get some bud/grafting wood for my 30+ Hass seedlings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I made slimcado guacamole last night and it was so disgusting. The blandness could not be conquered no matter how much cilantro, lime, salt, pepper, & cumin I added. Nothing could fix it. The smell and taste were so hideous …the closest I can come to describing its smell is really dirty dish water. And it tastes even worse than it smells. Save yourselves!

  13. It doesn’t really taste like an avocado (which I only like in guac or on sandwiches); it’s sweet, which was unexpected for an avocado. Def. different; ok on sandwiches.

  14. Cavalletta says:

    I tried one today and was a bit disappointed. I will not be buying them again. I love Avocados just like to salt them and eat away. The SlimCado is not replacement thats a fact!

  15. I also tried Slimcado because of the “1/2 the fat, 1/3 the calories” claim. I am a Weight Watchers subscriber and, had I run the numbers, I would have passed because the Slimcado is actually slightly higher in point value than the avacado. I was able to modify my dip recipe, however, to add more lemon juice, spices and a dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce, and it turned out great. I wouldn’t recommend it plain, but in a recipe, spice it up, and it will suffice.

  16. I like them! They don’t have the taste of the avocado,but then, they aren’t an avocado. to me they taste like a cross of a papaya and an avocado. The slight taste of both fruits and the texture of the papaya. It is different and not for every one. I like them!

  17. In Trinidad this is just a regular avocado. It went with almost every dish. Cut the long way lightly salted, it countered the heat of the pepper sauce. Its a slightly different flavor that the Hass Avocado. Both have their place on the table.

  18. I happen to love the “Slimcado”! I don’t feel the need to compare it to the Haas at all. They are just different. I suggest giving it another try without trying to compare them.

  19. Store bought “slimcados” generally are hard & unriped, like many Haas tend to be. If you are fortunate to find a friend who has a FL avocado tree (like I do), you are in for a tasty treat. Ripe from the tree avacados are truly excellent and flavorful compared to the store bought varieties. Unfortunately, their season is short lived & the squirrels enjoy them immensely too.

    • Unfortunately, a “ripe from the tree” avocado cannot exist. Avocados do, indeed, mature on the tree ( and develop their oil content and flavor profile,) but they will ONLY ripen when removed from the tree. The flavor we attribute to Mexican and Central American avocados versus Caribbean avocados is largely due to differences in their oil content….not ripeness.

  20. I love avocados. My first experience, I went to Florida and had a wrap with Tuna and Avocado at the “Lunch Box”. It made me fall in love with Avocado, If I need to watch my fats and calories, I will choose a SlimCado rather than not having to treat myself to Avocado again. It is high in nutrition, why are we afraid to take the risk……..leave out the one pizza, wings, chinese or McDonald’s day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. nothing but propaganda here from the traditional avacado industrial complex. slimcados have the same fresh taste as the others even better. schooled

  22. My family and I love the slimcados!!! We love when we can find them at the grocery store!

  23. why don’t you show the real slimcado instead of avocado

  24. I just tried a Slimcado today and my husband and I both really enjoyed it. We love Hass avocados, too. The Slimcado seemed a tiny bit less rich and was a bit sweeter. Not watery at all. Different than Hass, but still very good. Mine was slightly overripe so I had to cut out some bad spots (we live in Alaska so produce takes longer to get here). This was the first time I saw Slimcados at the store and will probably buy one if we see them again, but Hass avocados are less expensive.

  25. Grammy Of 2 says:

    Not knowing a thing about avocados, I purchased my first one about 6 months ago. My grocer offers both the Florida and Hass variety and I thought the Florida variety looked more appealing. I let the Florida variety ripen at home but found it very messy. Next I used it while still green so handling has been less messy. I’ve kept wondering why does anyone think these are good? They have seem to have no taste that I can tell. Last trip to the store, I found one of the Florida avocados labeled SlimCado. “I’m looking this up on the internet!” Now I know why these avocados have no taste. Thanks so much for your website. I can’t wait to try some Hass avocados in my recipes!

  26. A slimcado os delish!

  27. I just brought my first slimcado.Wow , what a sugar rust I can surely use this fruit for a good wotkout.

  28. I’m relieved to know that this avocado wasn’t genetically modified to contain less fat. That was my first concern.

  29. Bought one today on a whim. Not again. I’d rather have no avocado at all than this watery tasteless thing. For us, there was nothing ‘avocado’ about it at all.

  30. Half Avocado, Half Melon….


  31. It’s an awesome piece of writing for all the internet users;
    they will take benefit from it I am sure.

  32. My husband, daughter and I tried the slimcado for the first time and we all like the taste.they aren’t as creamy but putting them in salads or served sliced along side scrambled eggs is good .just a pinch of salt brings out the flavor. They also last longer in the fridge.

  33. Green avocado has a slight sweet taste. No, it isn’t like sugar sweet, a pleasant taste where your tastebuds are saying “yeah” healthy. Hass has a serious nutty flavor my tastebuds don’t care for, too bland for me.
    I tried the slimcado an it is bitter to me and have a chemically taste, very disgusting.
    I would prefer the green avacodo low in sodium, it is high in vitamin C and fiber, but at 270 calories per cup it is high in calories and carbs.
    I don’t care it just taste oh so good, all i have to do adjust my calorie intake with other foods throughout the day.

  34. I’ve seen this Slimcado in our stores for a couple of months now and finally decided to give it try today. I was pleasantly surprised! Before I read anything about it, I sent a message to my friend on facebook to let her know how it was because she was with me when I bought it. I said…”It’s GOOD! A little less pungent than the regular avocados, but I like it!” It was great with my scrambled egg whites!

  35. denise merchant says:

    Love FL avocados, just got turned onto these. serve chilled with fresh lime juice, & thinly sliced red onion. Grew up in Key West, lots of our trees were lost in storms.
    this is the taste I remember. Lime & salt are all they need.

  36. We tried Slimcado this past w/e! With it’s fruity taste, it’s excellent chopped up in a mixed, fresh fruit bowl. ie. strawberries blueberries, cantaloupe…etc. Fits right in! NO, I don’t imagine it would be good in guacamole! Wrong flavor, wrong texture. A place for everything, I think!

  37. I could never stomach guacamole but I recently just started eating sliced avocado (for health reasons). As several of the above posters, I tried a slimcado out of interest. I must say that I enjoy the sweeter taste immensely and the “watery” texture works well when mixed with drained can tuna with black pepper and tabasco.

  38. I loved it better than an avacado ! It has a sweet taste to me. I definitely will be buying more.


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