Yonanas Product Review.

Yonanas: Worth the hype?

Last week, I made my first infomercial purchase and ordered the dessert-making sensation known as Yonanas.

Basically, it’s supposed to work like this: Put frozen bananas (along with other fruit) in the top of the Yonanas machine, and a soft-serve, ice cream-like substance comes out the bottom. You don’t add any milk, sugar, etc. – it’s an entirely banana-based dessert. And as such, it’s obviously much healthier than the ice cream or frozen yogurt alternatives.

Yesterday, my Yonanas machine arrived and I put it to the test.

While it does look and feel pretty cheap (it is only $50 plus shipping – what do you expect?), it does work. I was a bit surprised to see that an ice cream-like substance was, in fact, produced; I didn’t have high hopes.

I did discover that it takes A LOT of bananas to fill a heaping bowl as shown in the infomercials. It took 2.5 bananas to produce the amount of dessert in the photo attached to this post.

Turns out, unlike ice cream, the banana-based substance produced is very thick and dense. It’s heavy – and a half bowl is more than enough. In fact, I’m feeling something of a banana hangover today.

As far as taste goes, it’s pretty good. It does taste quite a bit like a very thick serving of frozen yogurt. And since you can add other fruits, chocolates, peanut butters, etc., into the mix – the flavor combinations are pretty much endless.

Cleanup wasn’t as simple as they’d like you to believe, but it wasn’t awful either. It took a few minutes to get everything disassembled and cleaned. It’s also dishwasher safe.

The best thing about Yonanas is saying the name. But the product does deliver, and I’m pretty content with my purchase. I won’t be eating Yonanas every night, but I think I’ll be getting some good use out of the machine.

Disclaimer: Davey Wavey was not compensated in any way, shape or form by Yonanas or their affiliates to write this product review.

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  1. GeoRG!e says:

    You should’ve posted this as a video. The disclaimer woulda been hilarious. You could’ve used Chipotle in the shot and done the voice for her.

  2. Davey,

    Reading your posts makes me smile :), like I get irrated by everyone and everything in my life since I have a pretty shitty one (family and acceptance, friends, weight issues, depression) but you just make my day <3

    I hope I one day meet you, give you a hug and say that you are my inspiration. It would be an honour.

    Your BIGGEST fan 🙂


  3. Reminder, one serving of banana (one cup mashed) contains 27.5g of sugars and 200 calories… I wonder how the machine works on ice chips to lighten the dessert?

  4. Love Banana hanghovers…..

  5. it looks like POO in a bowl but the frozen thing sounds good but the look is funny :o)

  6. Boy_wonder says:

    Not for me , unfortunately I am allergic to bananas.
    It’s strange but even if the banana flavor is artificial I still feel sick
    So this machine renders me catatonic by just reading the post. 🙂

    • Hey Davey!If you have time to spare, go to the Provence’s market neabry and bring back some bags of Lavande to put in your closet and some Herbes de Provence to spice your meals. And this is the occasion to see one of the typical side of Provence!Big Kisses from a frenchy.

    • Hi! you can use any other fruit! it dont need to be bananas but it will look just like sorbet! I did one whit berries a fiew minuts ago and I love it!

  7. Baby food maker.. !!! well same concept anyhow. At least we have an honest review of the gadget! my Ex use to always keep bananas in the freezer.. I could never figure out why… yeah he was a personal trainer.. half the time he’d forget about them.. Could be useful in drinks or anything like a shake I guess.. So thanks Davey for the Nifty Gizmo idea.

  8. just put some frozen bananas in a blender. same outcome. i love it. add a little (!) milk or soy milk to make it softer.

  9. I been adding (unfrozen) bananas to my ice cream maker for years. When using skim milk and/or non-fat yogurt in it, they make a lovely creamy product. Yummy with any other fruit and/or chocolate. Add protein powder for after workout treats;With or without sweetener, natural or artificial. I like that iced dessert making is very forgiving of experimentation. The only real failure I’ve had is blueberries; never grind them up the freeze, they end up tasting like sand!

  10. I also have just tried my Yonanas machine and it was terrible. Not worth it! It was disgusting! $50 for a product made in China! Just buy a blender. Trust me.

  11. Buyer beware when it comes to Yonanas. The companys policy is once the box is opened there’s no returns. There’s only one way to find out if you like the way this machine works & that requires opening the box. If you just want to use bananas it does work well but once I added berries there went that creamy texture I desired.It falls short of its clms. If you buy this machine to only use bananas this cheap built machine is only cover for 90 days so use it every day to get your moneys worth.

    • Sheila King says:

      Yes, DO NOT BUY FROM THE YONONAS WEBSITE> Buy from Bed Bath and Beyond or someone with a decent return policy. The Yonanas people are deceptive at best and downright dishonest at worst.

      And when they saw SLIGHTLY DEFROSTED MAKE SURE YOU DO THAT>I have burned out two motors by hitting a frozen spotI didn’t know was there, even though the recipe book conmstantly mentions FROZEN bananas. This makes a good dessert if you can kept it alive. Better to aim for soft serve with more than slightly defrosted fruit, and NOT a FROZEN fruit of any kind. When people start burning out the motors in large numbers this will end up being a flash in a very tasty pan.

      • judi wright says:

        I kept reading that the motor’s were burning out, and on my 1st use thought it happened to me. But I read the little trouble shooter booklet, that said that if the chute is not locked, it will shut off. Sure enough, I tried it again and made sure that the chute did not move from the locked position, and my “ice cream” turned out great. Added some frozen pineapple and mango, it was very tasty. I really enjoy mine

        • Not having the lock in place was not the issue for me in burning out two motors, believe me. (Seeing smoke had a little bit to do with it.) I find that when it works well, I don’t get “mush,” I get a wonderful just-more-than-soft-serve. But when the bananas are a bit not defrosted enough, you get a burned out motor. Too defrosted, mush.

          And those people who sell them directly are dishonest and devious. Buy from Bed Bath and BEyond if you’re going to buy one.

  12. Samuel San says:

    Don’t buy this. Think about it. All it does is turn bananas into a different consistency. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I’m returning it. This machine turns frozen fruit into thick mush.

  13. Mary O'Malley says:

    I’ve had this machine about 2 weeks now and I LOVE it. I agree that you have to get the bananas defrosted just right — about 15-20 minutes. Too defrosted and it’s too watery, too frozen and it’s too chunky. But when it’s just right, it’s fabulous. I put frozen blueberries, cherries, and strawberries, and I love it. As far as the sugar and calories, well, keep processed sugar out of your diet and you have no worries. And bananas is a super food, so I wouldn’t worry about its calories.

    I’m looking forward to trying the spiced pumpkin.

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  16. I absolutely LOVE this machine!If the bananas are frozen just right (not brick hard and not soft in any way) the consistancy is exactly like ice cream. The “mush” problem comes from defrosting the bananas too long. It’s strange but the taste, even when you use all bananas is different from the taste of a banana!!Also is is nothing like using a blender which makes a totally differnt textured product that is tasty but nothing like ice cream. The clean up is a breeze too..if it is cleaned immediately after use under running water…just 2 minutes!

    • I agree with your comments. This machine is wonderful. Those of you who are burning out the motors must be using a maximum amount of force to cause such a disastor. Be kind to Yonanas!!! To be able to use any combination of fruit is great. On the Weight Watchers Program, fruit is a “free” food, so, Weight Watchers clients have to go out and pick up this machine. You will never regret it!!!

  17. E. Henderson says:

    I would like to know if you can use frozen fruit alone and not with bananas in this machine. I have nothing against bananas but wonder if they are essential for a soft serve/yogurt-like texture.

  18. Samantha says:

    Yes you have to use bananas as your soft serve base.

    • E. Henderson says:

      Thanks for answering my question. I began to think no one had read my post.

  19. Made my first batch – Its Mush ! Not soft serve anything ;(

  20. I have found that I also get a burnout motor the couple of times I have used the machine myself… only purchased it about a week ago..thinking of returning it. My end product was ok, however, found that it was not creamy, as the ad claimed,,,felt a bit like icy, was not vey smooth..not sure if i needed to add more bananas,,,i also used berries…not sure>???

  21. and yeah like joe, the modelstated t…there is a lot of leftover product in the machine that you will find when doing the cleanup…

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