New Study: Use Exercise to Shave Off 30 Years.

DILF Alert: Are you my daddy?

Forget skin creams, cosmetic surgery and youth-in-a-bottle gimmicks, a newly published study by Norwegian researchers shows that exercise can shave 30 years off your body’s biological age. Sorta.

As we age, it’s no secret that our bodies transform. Our metabolisms slow down and our muscle mass tends to decrease over time. But, according to research, it doesn’t have to be this way. Phsyical activity – rather than age – is a far more important in determining an individual’s fitness level:

By increasing the intensity of your exercise, you can beat back the risk of metabolic syndrome, the troublesome set of risk factors that can predispose people to type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular problems.

The study compared measures of fitness with cardiovascular risk factors and other assessments of overall health across different ages of sedentary and active individuals. Middle-aged gym bunnies rejoice: Active 50 year-olds were found to be just as healthy and fit as less active 20 year-olds.

Researchers dug deeper into the findings and found that, in terms of effectiveness, the intensity of exercise was far more important than the duration of exercise. Rather than spending countless hours at the gym, it’s wiser to engage in shorter, high intensity workouts. Specifically, the study mentions the effectiveness of interval training (alternating high and low intensity cardio) as a quick way to improve overall fitness.

The bottom line: High intensity workouts do wonders to improve your overall health and fitness – and thus, can shave decades off your body’s biological age.

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  1. Todd Bartle says:

    THANK YOU DAVEY !!! You have made my day. As a gym card carrying 48 year old, it’s really nice to the Browning quote is true … “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be.”

  2. Well, that’s no news. Just look at Gregg Avedon! He’s well into his 40’s if not nearing 50’s and he’s still as hot as ever!

  3. Hi Davey I am living proof of this.Was never in a gym in my life, till 9-23-10.Did not know a rep from a set,bi from a tri ect, U are responsible for my transformation.. Feb 2010 I was 255 lbs 36% BF 45 in waist(i am 6foot 2 )Sept. 2010 172 lbs 19.5 BF 36 in waist..Just finished my 1 year evaulation, results- 186 lbs 16% BF waist 37 to 38 ABS,hips 36 to 33.5!! Gained 3 in. in my arms,4.5 chest,4 in thigs .5 calves.. I am just shy of my 63 birthday.The management at my gym has never sean this kind of transformation at my age They also claim i have the results of a 40-45 year old in excellent shape.Oh I also did the aids life cycle ride June 1—6 545 miles..Thanks again Davey….Peace and love Glenn

  4. christopher says:

    eureka-my working out-losing weight-daily walks/jogs with two dogs is paying off-i indeed am 50-something-feeling 30-something-take that LIFE-im much better for it.i dedicate my next workout to DW.and i benefit.thanx DW.

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