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Tips: New Year's Resolution Success! | Davey Wavey Fitness

Tips: New Year’s Resolution Success!

A recent study found that 73% of Americans give up on their fitness-related New Year’s resolutions. In all actuality, the news comes as no surprise. But instead of focusing on the negative, let’s look at the positive: More than a quarter of Americans stuck with their fitness-related resolutions!

So what can we learn from them?

When people gave up, it was for the following reasons:

  • 42 percent said it’s too difficult to follow a diet or workout regimen
  • 38 percent said it’s too hard to get back on track once they fall off
  • 36 percent said it’s hard to find time

Let’s take a closer look at each of these stumbling blocks.

Too Difficult to Follow Diet/Workout

When you’re trying something different, it’s a good idea to ‘lean’ into the change – rather than jump right in with both feet. As humans, we’re creatures of habit; we’re not good at dealing with change. Instead of going from 0 days per week at the gym to 6 days per week, it’s much more sustainable to start small. Go two days a week, and then build up from there. This will prevent burnout.

The same philosophy applies to diet. Instead of trying an extreme and unsustainable diet – like giving up carbs altogether – do something that’s less dramatic. Strive to make one meal a day healthier – or aim to include steamed veggies with most of your dinners. Start small and remember that even small changes add up to big results over time.

Too Hard to Get Back on Track

Everyone falls down. There’s a great proverb that says failure isn’t falling down, but refusing to get back up. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle or anything in between, your journey will almost certainly be paved with obstacles.

I tell my clients to define their obstacles. For example, eating out at restaurants can be a huge challenge for someone looking to lose weight. But once you’ve defined the potential problem, you can create a game plan for dealing with it. You can have the waiter box up half your meal before it arrives at the table. Or you can research restaurants in advance for healthy options.

Know your challenges and create a game plan for dealing with them.

It’s Hard to Find Time

The 27% of people who succeed at their resolution know something very important: No one finds time. You create time.

Our schedules are all very busy and hours aren’t like pennies that you might find on the sidewalk. I’ve never met anyone that said, “Oh, I just found an hour! Let me go work out!” Instead, we need to look at our schedules and prioritize our health over other less-important commitments (like watching TV).

Moreover, keep in mind that regular exercise extends your life – and makes you healthier. In other words, it’s more accurate to say that no one has time NOT to workout.

The bottom line: This year, apply the wisdom of the 27% and stick with your resolution. You deserve it! This is your year!

About Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey is a certified personal trainer and YouTube sensation with more than 250 million video views. For Davey's fitness tips and secrets, sign up for his free monthly newsletter - or download any of his affordable and effective workout programs.


  1. Started your fitness program as part of my resolution. We’re gonna have an AWESOME year!

  2. Thank you for this post, Davey. It is a great reminder of goals in general, not only exercise/food-specific goals. I especially appreciate the last point, regarding “time”. I heard a quote once that said, “If it’s important, you’ll find time.” Thanks, Davey. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. christopher says:

    the last part-time.ive found it mostly.as far as the first two-after two years-ive stuck to a workout regimen-workout at gym 5-6 days per week.ive maintained weight in the 180s-81kg-havent gained back-in over two years-my routine is set.my new years resolution-is to keep going on.

  4. Last year I lost 20 pounds just by changing one thing about my diet. Snacking. It wasn’t something that I set out to do as goal, it was just something that I knew I had to change. I mean, poishing off half a large bag of peanut MM’s in one sitting, yes I really did that, wasn’t something made me feel, phyiscally, good. I knew that I am going to snack and I knew that I was going to eat chocolate. So, I adding nuts, seeds and dried fruit to the chocolate chips and I was only going to snack during my breaks at work. That way the junk food wasn’t easy to get to like at home. Plus it limited my amount of time to snack. Instead of sitting in front of the tv and, what I call blind eating, I only had 15 minutes to shove food into my piehole. Then have a meal during my lunch break. A year later I found out that I went from 183 to 163. Plus, I joined a gym in June that was literally inbetween my two jobs. Some days I have very limited time between jobs. If I can get even 5 minutes on the floor, I get on a treadmill, or something like that, run like a bitch kitty, break a sweat, shower, then get to my other job. If I have more time then I work out with weights or with the other machines. I haven’t lost more weight but I have been getting thinner. All I am trying to do is get fit

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